What to pray for

What must you pray for?

Pray that the Lord may grant you the grace to maximize the talents he has endowed you with to glorify his holy name.

Glory and honour to God

God loves you;
God put you here
For a purpose;
And places opportunities
In front of you;
You must not waste
Your opportunities;
He has given you wings,
Don’t waste your wings;
He has given you talents;
Don’t waste your talents;
God did not give them
To you for nothing;
He did not give them
To you to waste;
God gave them to you
To use for your good
And that of others.
Make sure you do that;
Be encouraged
To use your blessings
For the right purpose
And you will bring glory
And honour
To God, the most High.

Don’t use it and lose it (Be inspired today 368 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you park your car for a long time and you don’t use it, it will depreciate.

If you abandon your house for long and nobody lives in it, it will depreciate.

It goes same for your muscle, and brain power.

If you possess a good character trait like courage, and you don’t use it, you will lose it.

A driver who doesn’t drive will find, on starting again, that the skill has dwindled.

It is similar for other skills like cooking, hair dressing, etc.

You have to keep using your talents, your skills, and your physical and intellectual attributes to keep them strong.

You will realize, if you go off blogging for a long time that you will have to put in quite some effort to regain your skills.

All this underscores the importance of permanently using the brain, the talents , the skills and qualities that God has given us or that we have acquired, otherwise, we lose them.

Knowledge is not meant to be stored away on a shelf but to be used to do things.

Use your knowledge and whatever skills and talents you have to get the results that you desire.

Stand out with your talent (Be inspired today 48, Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It doesn't suffice to have a talent;
You have to use it to stand out;
And before you use it,
You have to stand out;
Do you know what to do to sand out?
If you do, good;
If you don't, don't worry;
Follow these 13 key choices;
They will make your talent stand out.
A great post by CMDA magazine, OMNI.

I am amazed

I am amazed, truly amazed;
Amazed by what I see;
Amazed by what I hear;
Amazed by what I read;
Amazed by the people I meet;
By the many talents
I come across everyday;
There must be billions of talents
In the world;
It seems there are as many talents
As the world has people;
Everybody has a talent;
And everybody is doing something
Amazing in their own way
With their talent.

Top of the Elevensys/Brunch #5

Hello Everyone and most of you are well into your Elevensys by now. I’m just starting mine of Natural yogurt with Honey, lightly pan-roasted Walnuts, a slice of  Bakewell Tart and a glass of Water.  All went for well with my eye tests and the pressures are fine.  Thank you Lord for all of us, as  we trust you not only for healing but every needs.   Even when you clearly show us a path to take and our hearts desire lie somewhere else.  I met a colleague who gave me a Big Smile and  Bear Hug with words of, “You are looking so well” lifted my spirits up.  However, whose subtle message of not to even think of putting myself in a 12 hour high intensity shift, confirmed to me that my thoughts of part-time in midwifery because the bills have to be paid even in retirement.  The Lord has given me other talents, which someone once said of, ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’  Listen to the positive people and cancel out the negative ones is what I say.  Remember too that, no matter the good planning and strategies for retirement we do curve balls happen, so let’s be like the strong mental and physical athletes and work those curve balls to our favour.

Earlier in the day I was ‘up with the larks’ as the saying goes, reading through my some of my mail that I hadn’t caught up with.  Most days I try to do some because there are blogs that are still new to me.  I went back to sleep after a couple of hours of reading some interesting posts and as Brunch goes on to 3 pm ( encroaching on Afternoon Tea in UK) I reckon it’s fine.  And so are all of us inspiring and motivating blogsphere people.


Legendary talents

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESCan your boy or girl become a legendary  talent? Can you become a legendary talent yourself? Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2014/2015 world best footballer, Lionel Messi, and many others are legendary talents.

There are legendary talents in almost every field of human endeavor. Michael Jackson immediately comes to my mind.

Our topic of the week is on talents. How does it happen that some people become so talented? Where does talent come from? Does everybody have a talent? What can someone do to become a great talent. Why are some peoplephotos from scholarship[ (1) so wonderfully talented when others are not? What would you tell a group of young people you are called upon to advise on what to do to shine like great talents. If it is possible, formulate short quotable thoughts on talents that can inspire people to become great talents.

Comments, proposed quotable quotes shall be received until Friday morning. The same morning those that are selected shall be published as great quotable quotes by contemporary writers.

DSC_0000152Let us put together the great ideas of this generation that shall be quoted by tomorrow’s generation.