Talk with love and respect

The world will be
A better place to live in,
If we learn
To talk to each other
With love and respect;
What does this mean?
That we must talk,
Not to hurt
But to sweeten the heart;
That we must talk,
Not to destroy
But to build;
That we must talk,
Not to scatter
But to gather;
That we must talk
Not like antagonists
But like friends.
If we can do this,
We will make the home
A better place for all;
Let us learn to talk
With love and respect
No matter who
We are talking to.
Let us strive to talk
To everyone we know,
Everyone we come across
Everyone with whom
We are dealing,
With love and respect,
And the world will be
An excellent place
For all of us to live in.


Let’s talk love

Let’s talk love today;
Lets spend our day
Talking love;
It will be a day
Well spent;
The love we’ll talk about
Is our love;
It’s not other people’s love;
Our love;
Let’s talk about
How we love each other;
You tell me
How you love me;
And I tell you
How I love you;
And then we hold
Our hands,
And stare at each other,
And get transported
By love
To a land we never imagined!
What do you think?
And what do you say?

The way we talk matters

The way we talk
Matters more than
Many people are aware;
That is why
Many people talk
Without weighing
Their words;
They don’t give
Careful thought
To what they say;
When you throw words
At random,
Get ready
For the consequences.
Most likely,
You will say
The wrong thing,
Hurt someone,
And create conflict,
Which you could have
Easily avoided.
God has given us language
To use to interact,
Build relationship,
And make the world enjoyable
For all;
But, unfortunately,
We use it to tear down
One another;
To hurt
One another,
To humiliate,
Discourage instead of
To demoralize instead of
We have to be careful
How we use language;
Be careful
How we talk;
We have to take time
To choose our words;
Our language has to be
And show that we have
Educated minds.
Mind your language;
Take time
To choose your words;
Choose words
That build,
That encourage,
That motivate;
That inspire,
And with them
You will move people
To give you
What you want.
That is why I say
The way you talk matters.

Pray for others

God asks us to pray. He asks us to pray without ceasing. But he does not ask us to pray for ourselves alone.

God likes when we pray for others as Jesus Christ did when he was on earth. Jesus Christ never prayed for himself alone. He prayed for himself quite, but also and mostly for others. Can’t we follow this example?

It is important to pray for others because the world is full of problems. People are facing enormous difficulties. Many people are suffering in many ways. And on their own, they are helpless. They need the divine hand of God. And it is prayer that will move God to help.

Unfortunately, many of those who need to pray the most don’t prayer. Either they don’t know about prayer or they don’t believe in prayer.

Some believe in prayer but are too lazy to pray.

Prayer is the strongest force that moves God. He is ready to turn to us and help us if we call on him. And the way to call on him is through prayer.

God is prepared to hear us when we pray for ourselves. He is equally ready to hear us when we pray for others.

If we pray that God may be generous to us, we must be ready to show generosity to others; and praying for others is a sign of generosity.

Therefore, in your prayers today, do not leave out others. Pray that God may listen to their cries, pay attention to their suffering and give them relief.

Challenges of employment and unemployment

What are the challenges of unemployment in your country?
Why is employment so important in every country?
Why do many countries find it hard
to handle unemployment?
Is it because many leaders have departed from God that they are unable to handle unemployment?
Would getting close to God
By loving him and obeying him
Help world leaders solve the problem of unemployment
In their countries?
Let us talk. Say something.

Remove us from this mess

When shall you heed our cry O Lord,
And grant us what we need;
Shall we cry out Loud?
Or silently moan
To get to thy fatherly ear?
Don’t you see how desperate we are?
How long shall this go on?
How long can we stand this?
Forgive us our sins
And heed our humble plea.
We don’t want to perish;
We don’t want our children
To continue to die;
Neither should our parents;
We don’t want anybody to die.
On you alone we depend;
Help us dear God;
Remove us from this mess
In which we find ourselves.

Give peace a chance

Once, I was told how
Cat and dog
Were once friends;
A thing I thought
Was impossible to do;
But if it has happened
That they become friends,
Why don’t
The warriors throw
Their weapons away
And sit down at table
And talk?
Shouldn’t we
Give peace a chance?
Give peace a chance;
Give peace a chance
To grow; to thrive.
Give peace a chance
Dear friends;
The cost of warring
Is so high,
We’ll pay with our heads;
We give peace a chance.
If cat and dog
Can become friends,
We can give peace
A chance
And it will work.

Talk less listen more

If you do talk too much,
That is not a very good
You must talk less
And listen more;
You will learn so much
From others who speak;
Talking more than you
Should talk,
Will make you say what
You should not say;
Gossip will become your
Stock in trade;
Which is sure not good
For you and me;
Neither for anyone at all;
Talk less;listen more;
Look at what the wise
Ones do;
They do talk;
But talk less,
And listen more.
In the likes of these ones,
Talk less and listen more.