That is what matters

Look at my speed count!
You tell me:
How are things moving?
If progress is slow,
My hope is high;
We will soon get
Into higher gear;
My mind is not fixed
On the beginning,
Or the obstacles on my way;
My mind is fixed
On where I am going;
My target;
My destination;
And my opportunities;
Whatever stands on my way,
Is not my target;
It must be bypassed;
I have to get to my target;
My destinstion.
That is what matters.


Quote (missile)

” Look at yourself as a missile and your goal as a target that the missile is set to hit. Accuracy is a prerequisite for the missile to hit its target. In the pursuit of your goal accuracy is equally important. Know your goal and then take aim, and be as accurate as possible. The more accurate you are, the more your chances of hitting your target.” (Romilia Quotes)

How to handle a below- expectation performance

What do I mean by your
Below-expectation performance?
I mean that time when
You perform is below
What you set as your target.
If your target views per day
Are 1000 views,
But you only reach 500,
It means you have underperformed.
That is below expectation;
How do you handle that?
There are two ways this can be handled;
By either being discouraged
And giving up,
Which is the way of the losers,
Or taking the challenge
And making a greater effort
To get to your destination;
Even if the road is rough,
And your vehicle is old.
I always go for the second option Because it is the winning spirit, And I want to be a winner.
Who likes this second option like me?
Who likes to be a winner like me? What about you?
How do you handle
Your below expectation performances?
The right way is to look
For a way to reach your target;
You work harder;
Work longer,


If you are like the leaders in our Church,
You will not leave your followers in a lurch;
Blunders, many leaders make;
They tell lies like eating a cake.
How do you get up first thing in the morning,
And do a thing that sends people mourning?
Yet, that is what everyday we see,
By leaders who make their followers unhappy;
If success is your target;
The rules of success you must not forget.
You must not lurch from one blunder to another,
Otherwise, you will never be a winner.


Stop wandering aimlessly

If you get to a big city
Be it for the first time,
Or not,
You cannot be so unwise
As to move aimlessly about;
The price to pay may be too high;
If you do not have a map to follow,
You may not find your way back.
What this means is;
You may simply get missing;
It is like moving aimlessly in life;
How can you aim aimlessly
And hope to hit target?
Life is not aimlessly chasing
What we want;
Life is knowing what we want
And going for it.
Knowing our destination;
Then we set out for the journey;
So you must stop wandering
Know where you want to go,
And get out and get there.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Where your eye is fixed

Show me
Where your eye is fixed;
At the bottom
Or at the top;
And I will tell you
How far you will go;
How high you will rise;
How low you will remain.
No one rises higher
Than where their eye is fixed;
Where your eye is fixed,
There your heart is fixed;
Where your heart is fixed;
There do you focus your might;
Where you focus your might,
There you arrive.

Off target

I failed to hit my mark;
And far off the target, I shot;
Ask me:
Was I distraught?
Yes, for sure, I was.
What about you?
If you miss a hit,
And far off you target
You strike
It’s but normal to be nuts;
Yet, if you’re wise,
You’ll be up on your feet
Aiming again;
Missing is part of life;
But don’t remain muddled;
Picking up your spear
And shooting again,
Is the way you
Hit the mark.