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Quote (missile)

” Look at yourself as a missile and your goal as a target that the missile is set to hit. Accuracy is a prerequisite for the missile to hit its target. In the pursuit of your goal accuracy is equally important. Know your goal and then take aim, and be as accurate as possible. The…

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Quote (marriage)

“It looks like marriage is always missing its target. It is meant to bring happiness to the couple. But what I see is, it brings the opposite to many couples – sorrow, bitterness, and stress.” (Romilia Quotes)

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If you are like the leaders in our Church, You will not leave your followers in a lurch; Blunders, many leaders make; They tell lies like eating a cake. How do you get up first thing in the morning, And do a thing that sends people mourning? Yet, that is what everyday we see, By…

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Stop wandering aimlessly

If you get to a big city Be it for the first time, Or not, You cannot be so unwise As to move aimlessly about; The price to pay may be too high; If you do not have a map to follow, You may not find your way back. What this means is; You may…

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What I am hoping for

I have a plan I have a target; I have a goal; That’s what I am shooting for. Nothing will I allow to stop me. I have no choice But to step forward; Boldly and confidently, And take home my coveted prize; A shot for the stars; That is what I am bent on doing.

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Where your eye is fixed

Show me Where your eye is fixed; At the bottom Or at the top; And I will tell you How far you will go; How high you will rise; How low you will remain. No one rises higher Than where their eye is fixed; Where your eye is fixed, There your heart is fixed; Where…

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