Which gold shines alone?

Let’s shine together;
Gold does not shine on its own;
Someone has to polish it;
No one shines alone;
In wanting to shine alone
You end up not shining;
Let’s join together
On Success Inspirers’ World
And shine together;
You help me to shine
And I help you to shine;
Team work makes it easy
Team work makes it possible;
We get on the train when it’s still standing
Not when it’s speeding;
Join the team now;
It will be hard to do so tomorrow.
Welcome to Team membership
On Success Inspirers’ World;
No one shines alone;
Gold does not shine on its own.
Are you ready to join?
Are you ready to get more exposure
And make more impact on the web?
Come on board
Success Inspirers’ World plane.


Get our community support

If you are in our community, you will enjoy our community support. No General, it is said, no matter how great, can fight and win a war alone. Do not try to go it all alone on the blogosphere. All over the world, people are grouping together to draw strength from one another and achieve their dreams.

What people can do working together, none of them can do alone. The vision of Success Inspirers’ World is to be a platform where all inspirers come together and not only make their voices heard but support one another and realize their dreams. If your blog is out to help people achieve their dreams or become better, this is where you belong.

We have one instrument working very well in this community:the Solidarity Bloggers’ Society. These are people who are participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge. If you are not yet in, please, join.

Another instrument of support in the Success Inspirers’ World is the Happy Birthday Club. Club members visit members on their birthday and wish them a happy birthday. That is a way to drive more traffic to their sites. It is really good.
If you are not yet a member, join for free. Give the following information in the comment box:
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Happy blogging!

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The unstoppable

Unstoppable again?
I saw this before;
No problem with that any way;
I love the word:
The unstoppable;
Because I am unstoppable;
I know someone who’s unstoppable;
And whose unstoppable train
Is already on the move;
Guess who that is;
An unstoppable individual;
In an unstoppable train;
On an unstoppable journey;
You know who that is?
Tell me!
And do you know?
I want you to be unstoppable;
To be the unstoppable;
I want you to keep going until you land.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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Solidarity blogging

What is Solidarity blogging?
It’s winning blogging;
Who can succeed alone?
Working as a team is better
Than working individually.
What each person can achieve
Working in a team cannot be
Achieved if each person
Worked individually.
Be part of a vibrant team;
Become a solidarity blogger;
Go for solidarity blogging;
Go for a blogging strategy
That wins – solidarity blogging.

Solidarity support challenge day 13

Welcome to our new participants.  We thank those of you who visited them and welcomed them. Some of them have already started participating and informed me about it. To refresh your memories, these are:

1. http://Www.seekingyoufirst.com

2. meloheart

3. Katie

We mistakenly listed an old participant when we first published this list. Well, it does not hurt.

Let’s move on to our bloggers of the day.


1. lifehelps
2. zwesto
3. AnecdotesOfSuccess
4.Mliae site url:
5. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

All participants are required to visit all the bloggers or blogs of the day, like and comment on their posts. Bloggers of the day return the visit; the like and the comment (support me, I support you). We believe in the integrity of our participants.

If you are new, you can participate but make sure you sign in here so as to be enlisted as a blogger of the day at an appropriate time.

Participants are encouraged to freely visit the other participants and make friends. At the end of the day, you may like to share your day with fellow participants. Walk over to How was your day today no 10.If you hit this link and it does not work, come back. It means it has not been activate and will be done later.

If you feel like encouraging the host of this challenge that I am, like this page or comment. No obligation; but it will make me happy.

Please, let’s communicate. If you are enjoying it, let us know, otherwise we think of how to make it better. We love that you have fun blogging and see your stats go up.

Have a great day blogging!

How was your day today? No.8

This is your chat forum.
You are free to say whatever is in your mind at this moment here.
Share what you did today.
Talk to other bloggers.
Tell how some posts touched you.
Say how someone impacted you.
Say the challenges and thrills of the day.
Are you happy or sad?
Say something to somebody.

Answer this question: Have you ever participated in team project? Did it help you?

Membership badge – international friendship blogging forum

We are amazed by the interest all of you have shown in coming together as international friends to blog as a team. Immense thanks to all of you. You are all sweet souls.

Of course, we shall maintain our individual blogs and continue to blog as individuals while supporting one another, and showing love to one another.

We shall permanently be searching our minds for better ways of working together. If you have some ideas to share on this, please, go ahead and do so. Meanwhile, to take us a step forward, we are calling on those of you with artistic minds to propose a badge that can identify us as members of the International Friendship Blogging Forum – a community of bloggers from all over the world blogging together as a team in love, friendship and solidarity.

If many proposals come in, we shall study them together and decide which to select as our official badge. This shall be used to identify us in the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, those who can share and reblog this original post are requested to do it so that we may get more members in our group.

With love to all members of the International friendship blogging forum.