Let’s hold hands

Let’s journey together;
Let’s be in one team;
I am stretching a hand to you;
Let’s hold hands and walk;
You hold my hand, and I hold
Your hand:
We walk;
Don’t you see the journey
Will be lighter?
It’s not a journey for me alone;
It’s not for you alone;
It’s for us;
That is you, me and others.
That is what I mean;
That is what I am talking about.
No more going solo;
Who will lift you up
When you fall?
Who will support you
When your feet are weary?
Who will chat with you
And lighten your journey?
In our present times,
We journey together
So that we may go far;
And so that we may go
With ease.
Come, let’s journey together;
Let’s hold hands and walk.


Teaming up is a must for bloggers

It has been revealed that there are 440 million blogs on the web. Amazing, isn’t it?

To make it in an arena where you are competing with 440 million people cannot be chocolate to eat.

The secret I believe, lies in people teaming up. What we can do together, we will hardly do if we are each working separately.

Can you imagine my gratitude to God who inspired us to start setting up a team for SIWO?

I don’t advise anyone to go solo in this game of blogging. If you cannot set up a team, join one. We are ready to welcome you into our team. Just let us know you are interested.


With smiles, let us play the band,
As we hold each other’s hand;
With love, let’s make today
A very special day;
It is gold too dear,
For anyone to tear;
If we work as a solid team,
Like actors shooting a film;
We’ll be full of joy today
Like no other day;
Which we’ll never forget;
And there will be no room for regret;
It will not be a day colored with red,
But the day the Lord has made;
A real memorable day
Though for now we simply call it today.

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Why I appreciate you

I appreciate you;
I appreciate you for paying attention to me;
I appreciate you for being here for me;
I appreciate you for being good to me;
I appreciate you for being here;
I appreciate you for giving me your time;
I appreciate you for having a generous heart towards me;
I appreciate you for many things indeed.
I appreciate you for liking my posts;
Do you appreciate anybody? For what?


Are you a nice person?

If you believe you are a nice person, please, join us. Blog here. Make this your daily blogging ground just like your football field where you play Football. You will find other nice people to support you to grow.

We want all the nice people of the world to come together in this forum and work together. We will see how working together we will not succeed; and how good will not overcome evil. 

We will smile together, laugh together, cry together, play together, sing and dance together. We will journey together and support one another.

Please, all nice people, share this post to get the message far and wide.

A hearty welcome!

Hello friends!

On your behalf, I very heartily welcome Peter Adewumi into the Editorial team of Success Inspirers’ World. Peter joined us today with a thrilling post which you can find here. We thank Peter for joining the team and wish him joy as he journeys in this community.

Peter is a very inspiring blogger whose company you surely will enjoy.

You may be surprised that we are welcoming him, a thing we did not do with others. Don’t forget we are on the move on this site, learning and growing tougher and tougher everyday. From now on we will welcome all our new team members.

I call on all of you of this community to like this post and congratulate Peter on taking the wise decision to join this lively team.

Thanks to you all and plenty of love.