Build a good team

Team is better than solo;
If you want to succeed,
I encourage you
To build a team;
You will find it better;
Train it to perform well
When you are present,
And when you are absent,
Then you can tell yourself:
“Well done!”
That is a real sign
Of success.
Let your team
Not perform well
Only when you’re present;
Let it perform well,
Even when you are absent.
Such is a good team.

We team up!(Be inspired today 386 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When all hands are on deck,
Clearly, you see the results;
And when only a few are,
The result is also very clear;
The truth is teamwork pays;
Working together, surely,
We achieve more than
For each to go individually;
We must always team up
And fight;
Team up and face the challenge;
What can be done
By one person in a day,
Could be done in an hour
By many people
Working together
As a team,
Team is strength;
Team is power;
Team is success.
And since success is what
We want,
We team up and make it big.

Solidarity Bloggers’ Forum 3

Do you like a sweet love poem to beautify your day? You have Secretly Gazing. I love it. Find it in Rose Girl’s World, the author, Marieke Schreuder alias Rose Girl. Marieke is a writer, poet, story teller, song writer and much more, who writes from the heart.

She has a curious motto which you find in her ‘About page.’

Let me pick some if her live poems randomly

Poem 1

Poem 2

There are many more heart touching poems.

Bravo Marieke!

Dear friend, we invite you to support this forum by reading and leaving a comment. Keep the conversation going.

Lots of love from us!

Don’t go alone!

Join a team;
Join a great team;
Together, we are stronger;
You never become strong enough alone;
What you can do alone,
Multiply by 10
If you work in a good team;
And we are an excellent team;
You said it yourself;
You know it, don’t you?
You see it, don’t you?
We like to be enjoyed;
Be part of us and enjoy us.
We’ll enjoy you too.
Email us:
Happy blogging!
Don’t procrastinate!
Joining a team is humility;
Humility is for great ones like you.
Humility says, “We are better together.
Let me not single myself out.
I am unique;
But we are better together. “

10-member success team that always wins

There is a success team that never fails. It has 10 players. They win all their matches.

Make this your team and it will bring you all the trophies.

Who are the players in this team?

  1. Passion for the goal you want to achieve.
  2. Hard work.
  3. Faith in God’s guidance
  4. Belief in your own abilities.
  5. Determination to succeed.
  6. Persistence when the going is hard.
  7. Prayers – praying cont
  8. Patience
  9. Hope.
  10. Positive attitude which turns all stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

If victory is what you want, this is the team that brings victory. It will bring home all the trophies.

Good luck!

We need your support

Are you ready to support us?
We need your support;
With your generous support,
We will realize our dreams
To the joy of many;
And if we are what we dream,
Many people will benefit;
SIWO is conceived to be
A meeting place for all inspirers;
We want that if you are
An inspirer, motivator
Or encourager,
You stop by here
From time to time,
As often as you can,
To meet, interact, support
And draw strength
From other inspirers like you.
Our belief is that
The more we meet and interact,
As people who share
The same values,
The stronger we each become;
And the greater our impact
On the world.
The inspirers, motivators, educators, and encouragers
Are those who have the mindset
To change the world.
But working in isolation,
Our impact cannot be strong enough;
Coming together,
Our impact will be tremendous;
And as individuals,
We will be stronger.
Hence, we created SIWO
A world for all success inspirers.
Do I have a point?
If you see I do,
Why not jump in?
It doesn’t disturb
What you are doing on
Your own site;
Instead, it enhances your site.
I have mustered the courage
To put this to you;
Will you muster the courage
To tell me what you think?

I am waiting.