Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings;
I am happy,
And I am sad;
Some beautiful things
Some ugly things
Happened as well;
I smiled;
I laughed;
But also, I pushed back
Some tears;
Good things
And bad things;
And sadness;
But after everything,
I want to end the day happy;
I choose happiness;
And dump sadness;
Happiness stands talk;
Happiness is the winner.
So no more mixed feelings.
I say no to
Mixed feelings.


With smiles, let us play the band,
As we hold each other’s hand;
With love, let’s make today
A very special day;
It is gold too dear,
For anyone to tear;
If we work as a solid team,
Like actors shooting a film;
We’ll be full of joy today
Like no other day;
Which we’ll never forget;
And there will be no room for regret;
It will not be a day colored with red,
But the day the Lord has made;
A real memorable day
Though for now we simply call it today.

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Tearing or building?

They that tear down,
They shall be torn down;
They that build up,
They shall be built up;
Are you tearing down
Or building up;
Tearing down,
You tear yourself;
Building up,
You build yourself.
To tear down or to build up,
The choice is yours;
The fruits, you will reap.

With inspiration from Michael Medlen

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