Put on a smile

Where is your smile?
I don’t like
What I see you
On your face;
Why are you wearing
Those tears
Instead of a smile?
Smile to me, my love;
Don’t cry to me;
Put off your tears,
And put on a smile.
Let your smile shine
Like the sun.
And give light to all.


If I try a thing (Be inspired today 269 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If I try a thing
And it doesn’t go,
I waste no time in tears;
Tears help no one;
And I don’t get angry
As well;
Anger isnt better;
It makes things worse;
What I do,
I try again;
And try again;
And I keep on trying,
Until I succeed.
That is the success secret
I was taught;
The success secret
That I know.
And that I recommend to you.

Such is life

How was your day?
Was it a day well spent?
Or a day of regrets
And tears;
My heart goes to you
If your day was filled
By years;
I pray God may comfort you.
And if your day was full
Of joy
Don’t forget those who
Had it hard.
Pray that the rays
of the sun may shine
on them but too;
As they did on you;
By the way,
Not all days can be good.
Some days will be good;
Some days will be bad.
Bad days and good days;
Such is life.

Friendship vs Love…which triumps ?


It’s 2.2 minute read

“Sometimes,in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken.

Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what.

May be you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding.

But there’s also the chance that the person you can count on for a life time, the person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself, is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along”.      Bride wars

Let us see who triumphs at the end.


L is the 12 th letter of alphabets

O is the 15 th letter of alphabets

V is the 22 nd letter of alphabets

E is the 05 th  letter  of alphabets

Total of Love is = 54.


F is the 06 th letter of alphabets

R is the 18 th letter of alphabets

I is the 09 th letter of alphabets

E is the 05 th letter of alphabets

N is the 14 th letter of alphabets

D is the 04 th letter of alphabets

S is the 19 th letter of alphabets

H is the 08 th letter of alphabets

I is the   09 th letter of alphabets

P is the 16 th letter of alphabets

Total of Friendship is = 108

Exactly twice of 54

So the FRIENDSHIP is twice the value of LOVE.

Do you agree ??

Now time for some fun

One day Love met Friendship.Love asked,why did you exist when I already exist?

Friendship replied..to put a smile where you’ve left tears.


“There are friends,there is family,And then there are friends that become family.”

What is your take ? Friendship or Love ? Check this link

Wife & Husband-can’t they be best friends for life ?

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

Pixabay derivative,gapbagap.com,pinterest

Look at my tears

Look at my eyes;
Look at my tears;
Do you know why I am crying?
They are tears of love;
Or do I say tears of joy?
Really, they are tears of love;
I feel so loved I cannot hold my tears;
Don't wonder who loves me so much
Until I am crying;
But it's not another person;
It's you;
You will be surprised if you don't know
What I understand love to mean.
If you are so nice to me as you are,
What do you call that?
It's love at its best;
You make me happy;
You don't hurt me;
You make me have a sense of self worth;
You make me enjoy the joy of success;
What is that if not love at its best?
You are so sweet to me;
You taste so nice;
You deserve all the superlatives;
You are a honey; a sweetie; a dearest;
Because you bring me only joy;
You give me what everybody desires and needs;
You give me what I want;
You really give me love.
So don't be surprised to see me in tears;
Take up your eyes and look at my eyes;
You will see them;
Tears of love.

You must be blind, true.

I think you are blind;
I truly think you are blind;
You look but you don’t see;
You ask me why I am crying?
I cannot believe it;
Is it you asking me why
I am crying?
Yes, I am crying;
If you see well,
I am crying and badly crying;
I am emptying my eyes
Of its content;
All the liquid in my eyes
Is flowing out like a river;
And this will be so
For a long time;
And until my tank of tears
Is empty;
I have good reason to cry;
Why would I not cry,
When you’ve so pierced
My heart
With a weapon so deadly
As a dagger?
The tears in my heart
Cannot fail to ooze out;
What you see
Is but a little sign
Of what is going on
In me;
My heart is bleeding
Tears of love for you.
So badly I want you;
I can’t imagine myself
Living without you.
You are all I need
In this world;
You are the sole cause
Of the fire raging
Violently in me;
If God refuses me air
To breathe,
But gives me you,
He has given me everything;
You are my air;
My coffee;
Honey in my coffee;
And if I am crying
It is because
You are so indifferent;
So lukewarm about me;
It’s hard to understand
And to imagine
That I am not your number one;
Do you see?
Or you are blind?
I think you are blind;
I think you don’t see;
That is why you don’t know
What is happening with me;
Yes, I think you are blind;
You are blind.
I think you are blind.
You don’t see;
That is the consolation I have;
You don’t see.
I think you don’t see.

Tears of love

Do you see these tears?
They are tears of love;
They are flowing for you;
You are the apple of my eyes,
Have you ever known
How sweet you are?
You taste so sweet,
Honey is not your match;
If you were a fruit,
I would devour you
Skin, fruit and seeds;
You are simply amazing
And I don’t want
To ever be without you.
Promise you will be mine
Now and for as long as
You live.
See my eyes flowing
With tears of love;
Hold me;
Wipe them with your fingers;
And your touch will thrill me.

Genuine? Fake tears?

Which tears fill your eyes
My love?
Genuine or fake tears?
Are you sincerely crying
Or pretending to be crying?
Do you want to have your way by faking tears?
If those tears are fake,
You may pay dearly for them;
If the truth is uncovered;
Your hypocrisy will be exposed;
A penalty, you will pay.
Tears may flow,
But let them be genuine tears;
Not fake tears;
Let them flow from the heart;
Having nothing fake about them;
Don’t shed tears as a public show
To get what you want;
Such would be fake tears;
Which is unacceptable.
In marriage, no fake tears,
My love.
Always shed genuine tears.

No more unending tears

man crying on field

Photo by Jim De Ramos on Pexels.com

If the continuous pang of pain
You have known for eternity,
And have cried to him in vain,
He challenges you to turn
Once more to him for your miracle.
The time has come
That He will turn your agony
To joy;
He that heals all wounds of
Body, heart, and soul;
Will give thee relief;
No more shall you cry in affliction;
No more shall you writhe in pain;
No more unending tears to shed;
No more shall sighs of frustration
And despair be your stock-in-trade;
Your suffering has, to its end come;
In place of sorrow, you will know
A season of happiness.
By the will of He That is mighty,
No more shall your heart irk with dstress.