If you want to arrive

If you want to arrive, you have to know your destination.

Know where you are going. Is it the mountain top? Remove your mind from how far away it is. Think of the thrills of your journey and enjoy every step you take.

If it is challenging, enjoy facing each challenge.

You will be surprised that before you know it, you have arrived.

But, if you keep looking at the mountain top, fearing and wondering how you will ever get there, you might be discouraged; and that might push you to give up.

How do you stop worrying?

Have you solved the problem of worry as far as your life is concerned?
It is not a small problem;
Or should I say an easy problem?
Many people face the problem
of worrying. They
Worry about their health;
Worry about finances;
Worry about bills to pay;
Worry about food for their families;
Worry about rents;
Worry about safety;
Worry about marital issues;
The list is long;
A lot has been said and written
About why we don’t need to worry;
I wonder if there’s anybody
Who can stand up and say
“I have conquered worry.”
And tell us how it was done;
Sharing is empowering, you know;
If there are some steps,
Or some biblical verses
Or famous quotes that have helped you
In your struggle with worry,
Why not share with us?
For me,
The way I have handled it is,
I have decided
I will always do my best
And then leave the results to God.
He alone grants results;
You may work like a horse,
He is the one who determines
What happens;
Whatever results come,
I know it is his will;
I accept and life continues.
I know, of course,
It’s easier said than done,
But who says life is meant
To be easy?
It is a continuous struggle;
I have to make a deliberate effort;
I have to fan my determination;
And fight for it every blessed day.
What about you?
Even if you cannot share your story,
Share any advice that you have
On this issue,
Or that you have learned
About how to handle worry.
Take today,
What are your worries?
And how are you facing and managing them?
Someone says a lot of times we worry for nothing;
That at the end of the day,
We find that the problem has been
So easily solved;
That you did not have any reason
To worry;
Such are experiences to share.
Let’s hear if you motivated;