Learn something amazing

You can learn something amazing today if you want to.

That is what you should actually do.

Ask me why and how?

You need to grow in knowledge and opportunities for this to happen abound.

Did I tell you I had returned to the classroom?

If I didn’t, I do so now. Age is no handicap to me. Sure, it is a setback, but I won’t let it stop me.

I definitely cannot compete with the younger, sharper minds in my class; but I stay much longer after class, while they relax, or kill time, to catch up.

There is an adage in my village which says there are many ways of catching a rat without first cutting it’s tail. Do you know what this means? That there are different ways of getting to the other side of the mountain.

In my class today, I learned something amazing.

It was simple, but transformative, indeed.

After this class, I don’t foresee life being the same for me.

I am convinced we can all do amazing things if only we have someone to teach us the skills we need; and if we have the interest, humility and patience to learn.

Wisdom demands that we take time to learn how to do what we want to do if we want to excel in it.

It is not by magic that excellence is attained. Far from it.

It is by learning how to do what we want to do and working hard to do it that we become excellent in it.

I don’t think it is wrong to say learning is the key to success. It’s an axiom.

It may not be the only key, but it is an important one; an indispensable one, indeed.

Once you learn and know how to do something, you are in a better position to do it, and do it faster, with more confidence and better; because you are sure of yourself.

When it comes to learning, you may either do it on your own or you learn from a teacher.

I enjoy self tuition. Much of our knowledge is acquired through self tuition. But although it is good, my experience is that it is still better when a teacher or coach teaches you. This makes you grow better in confidence and performance.

I do not spare any opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge and new skills from a teacher.

And we must take note that, as many great minds have articulated so aptly, everybody we meet can teach us something. The personality who comes most to my mind each time these words jump to my eyes is Mahatma Gandhi, the universally revered non violent resistance Indian leader.

The world is advancing terrifically; and technology is growing at neck breaking speed. You have to be smart and fast to keep pace; otherwise you are tossed ashore by the roaring waves of the ocean of knowledge afloat.

Sadly, many of us are actually swept off our feet because we cannot cope. That is where courage, willpower and determination come aboard.

What is the long and short of what I have been saying? What am I driving at? That we should never stop learning. That is the bottom line of my discourse.

Learning is a life long process. And teaching even goes beyond life. Your life should continue to teach beyond your human existence.

The teacher in you should outlive you. This means, let your life be a series of lessons that will continue to nourish hearts and minds beyond your earthly existence.


New wine new wineskin

Communication technology,
Are you living or dead?
Tell me if you are modern
Or ancient technology?
I hear you called modern;
Then how comes it
You stand on my way?
How modern are you?
I want a clear path,
That has no obstacles
Blocking me as you do
From reaching
Where I want to go
Without strain;
What I see
Doesn’t make you
Look modern;
Or are you modern
With ancient Managers?
New wine in old wineskin.
That does not work;
New wine, new wineskin.

Lasting world peace (Be inspired today 117 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Humanity is unquestionably making amazing strides in technological development. What we see this digital age is mind blowing.

These confounding achievements have raised the quality of life in the world. But billions of people still wallow in misery.

While we pursue greater heights in science, we must not forget that the end purpose of knowledge is better living for the human race. The human person must remain at the center of all that we do if we do not want to miss our target.

What is the use of having facilities for better enjoyment of life if we cannot have an enabling environment to do so?

Look at the conflicts, the violence, the wars that are tearing us apart and making life unlivable for many.

We talk so much about the need for world peace. Yes, we need world peace.

There is no doubt that a lot of appreciable effort is being made to enhance world peace. Unfortunately, many of us are still to understand what we need for lasting world peace.

It is not peace keeping forces , military weapons or sanctions that will give us world peace. It is principally three things -love, justice and the ability to communicate in a way that will bring about or enhance understanding, peace, and harmony among us.

The last point underscores the power of language. Let me affirm loudly and clearly that language is a formidable weapon for world peace.

We use language to communicate with others; to make them know us; understand us; know what we want or what we expect of them. Without this tool, we can only use force to get what we want. Of course, as we so often say, or hear, violence begets violence.

Indisputably, language is an indispensable tool for peace and harmonious living. The more we master it, the better we use it to put across our ideas to others as well as understand what others want from us. Without this tool, it would have been hard for the people of the world to live together.

This is my proposal for long term lasting world peace – that we institute a world wide program whereby we equip every child born into this world with language and communication skills that will enhance peaceful and harmonious living with others. Of course, in addition to instilling in them the universal values of love and justice.

Where there is love, there is justice; and where there is justice, there is love. Where you find the two, you will find peace. And we can only have these two where we are communicating rightly to one another.

As our take-home, we say world peace is a possibility if we go about it the right way.

At our individual level, we can make a contribution. Let each of us resolve to enhance peace in our environment, be it our home, our workplace, our community, or our country through our language; by the way we communicate. Our communication should carry love, harmony, a sense of fairness and justice to others and respect for the other person.

While we pursue technological advancement to enhance the quality if life on planet earth, we must always have at the back of our minds that a conducive environment for happy living is a must otherwise our efforts will be in vain.

How long online friendship lasts ?

How long online friendship lasts ?

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

It’s a 4.5 minute read,if you have patience proceed..

Before we proceed further let us understand ‘friendship’.

“Friendship is a best ship which can lead you on world tour”   unknown

It takes roughly 200 hours to become best friends with someone,    according to science. Can you sustain it afterwards ?

Say 6 months ? 1 yr…..3 yrs…..7 yrs…. Or till one of them decides to knock the Heavens door ?

Don’t you think… friendship is a complicated relationship among people ?

It can last from one day to…. life long !

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…it’s about who came, and never left your side” unknown.

It is said that true friendship is possible,having similar wavelengths,and  the two sharing their true feelings, whether a happy or sad situation in an honest way,at the same time maintaining the confidentiality,helpful to each other whenever possible and not interfering unnecessarily into their personal matters.

with the invention of internet and followed by online chat facilities…..both distant & near friendship became ONLINE

What is online friendship ?( Unknown to each other initially )

It is communication between two unknown friends exclusively via internet.With the advent of social media,video chats etc,it became easier, simpler and importantly faster to develop online friendship.

What is great about online friendship ?

1.You can develop confidence in yourself.  2. Get support in times of depression (morally). 3.Emotional bond.  4.Can add value to your life.

Is it necessary for online friends to interact face to face  ?

Depends on the parties concerned. It is said that for friendship to be real,better they have face to face interaction and be honest with each other.

Can one trust online friendship ?

How sure are you that the other side person is true to what he or she,as they describe themselves ?

But remember,It is not all that easy to find right kind of person and probably you should think twiceand must be lucky !

Initially it may be touch and go ,but make sure you listen to your sixth sense.Suspicions apart,I think if both of them are on the same wavelengths,the friendship can boost and lasts longer.

Can online friendship between man and woman possible ?

If the friends happens to be man and woman,it all the more imperative that they know their limits and keep things cool.We also come across many examples of people falling in love and taking the friendship to next level and break up later.Ultimately it is up to them to decide how to maintain the relationship to be long-lasting.

If both parties intend to have fun ( online ),share the moments,having jokes,exchanging the ideas,making recommendations,suggestions, even helping each other’s in difficult situations,(need not be financial),and may or may not be serious in taking the friendship to next level…..it can still be a lot of fun!

What about age factor?

I  am not sure.For teenagers the relationship is obvious. For Middle aged people it can be different meaning.For older people they are in need of affection & some body to talk to.

What if friends happen to be young & aged?

It is up to the individuals concerned to continue or stop depending upon the individual feelings and priorities.I am not able to guess really and internet search giving different opinions.

And the secret of lasting online friendship ?

In order to achieve lasting friendship,I think a continuous communication is important.I feel it should be on a daily basis at regular intervals.

The beauty of online friendship is that you don’t know the other person, personally and your imaginations run wild !( if you are not into video mode the fun is much greater)You are in your own virtual world,enjoying every minute ! The discussion can even be a deep personal conversation !

My take…long-lasting online friendship is possible, provided

1.If the parties develop mutual TRUST and be HONEST (not exploiting).Don’t overdo  chats or get addicted.

2.Be frank and have an open communication.Have a regular chat schedule  ( timing is important,both the parties must allot mutually convenient time) and keep in touch,know each other even better.

3. Be a good listener and appreciate the other party when the person deserves the same.

4.Give importance to the common bond.

5.Don’t be possessive.Tune down your ego to ZERO

6.If possible turn online friend into a real life True friend.

What is your experience with unknown online friends ?

Would you like to add any more suggestions ? please go ahead.

Thank you . Philosophy Through Photography

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Modern social communication technology a real blessing to me

Many people find 
Modern social communication technology
a blessing
But not everybody finds it so;
To some, it is a curse, you can't believe;
Untold suffering it has brought them;
Whether blessing or curse,
It is here to stay.

Hear why it is a wonderful blessing
To me;
It is a blessing to me;
Thanks to it,
I met you;
And you are precious to me;
More precious than you are aware.
How would I ever have met you otherwise?
You are indeed, a treasure to me.
When engrossed
In writing to you,
Or reading from you,
All my worries or fears
And concerns
Are left behind;
And I get more joy out of life.

Yes, there is a negative side
Of this whole stuff.
We have to look for ways
To stop the mess it causes;
But all in all,
It is a gift far beyond compare;
Which we must use to good end;
And make the world
A sweet place for all.

Let us do our best with it;
And make the world an excellent place;
With this formidable tool.
Sure, we can.


Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Wolfgang Pauli Walk Into A Bar (Part One)

Jung Quote

Synchronicity is a concept introduced by the Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung in the early 1920s, full extrapolation in the 1950s, which states seemingly random events of one’s life, the “coincidences,” may have meaning even if there is no causality to those events.  Causality meaning it broad terms everything has a cause. Nothing can happening without being cause.  Synchronicity says X,Y,Z happened and it is all related even if it does not seem  to have a connection at all.

This concept is not limited to Psychology. There are parallel theories in Quantum Physics and Mathematics. Chaos Theory, brought into the mainstream partly by the character of Ian Malcolm in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, discusses how there is inherent order in a system of what appears to be complete chaos. Butterfly Effect, besides being a bad movie starring Ashton Kutcher, is an aspect of Chaos Theory. The famous line quoted to sum up the idea, “A Butterfly flaps its wings in China, a rainstorm hits in St. Louis, Missouri.” (Use of St. Louis, Missouri is ambiguous.)

What seems to be a random occurrence somehow affects something else completely unrelated half a world away.

The brain categorizes automatically everyday. It is one of the defense or regulatory mechanisms the mind deploys to use and store data and stimuli without becoming overwhelmed. Finding patterns helps us make sense of the world.  When the brain cannot find a pattern or a reason behind something happening there is a momentary confusion, glitch.

When a person has a slight glitch in the information their brain receives, as to where it comes from or what it might mean, the person chooses to ignore it, writes it off as coincidence, or reads it as a sign from a High Power or Intuition. Most confused moments are not a big enough break in the mundane routine to cause much thought. Some claim the need to find causation or meaning or reasoning behind daily phenomenon is how Deities were created. Regardless, in order for the brain to function and people to continue to work, eat, breath everyday the glitches had to be minimized.

Beyond the divine, paranormal or psychology connectivity our brains need there is physical evidence of actually connectivity outside of our minds.  Ecosystems, civilizations, humans and non humans are connected in many ways. We affect each other, share the same air, water, dirt. Genetically, structurally, chemically all things, living and non, share degrees.

So there is truth to patterns.  There is truth to chaos and order. There is truth in connectivity.

Now, as for the acceptance or belief if Synchronicity the person’s belief systems come into play.

In the next part I will talk about my own experiences which have lead me to believe in Synchronicity. I also believe Synchronicity continues to work in my life to this day.

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Technology

I’ve made another observation lately. (I know, an observation by the blogger of Wordsmith Observations? So surprising)!

But this, my friends, was an observation I’m not entirely proud of. The observation? That the very first thing that happens in the morning is my arm reaches out, like a pre-programmed robot for my phone. The sad thing? I’ve only recently realized that’s a big problem.

In the morning, I don’t jump up and go to the window to see the refreshed morning landscape, I don’t twirl in a wildflower field like Anne of Green Gables…I don’t stretch, I don’t read, I don’t pray. No, instead I reach for something to numb the sweet morning light, and later I’m left wondering why the feeling of emptiness crowds in all around me so intrusively, no matter how many blessings I know I have in my life.

So, yesterday I chose out of necessity to ignore the screens. The moments I normally would be staring at a YouTube video, I picked up a book; and the moments I normally would be scrolling endlessly through social media feeds, I cleaned the house. I took time to think and I took time to write.

It’s funny how much time I had to be productive and get things done, when normally I’d just shrug and reason that I was just too “busy” to do this or that. As a result, of this newfound productivity, I felt less…awful. Honestly, less useless.

I mean, it’s sad to think that the creations that we were meant to use to our advantage have started to control more of our everyday life than it has given substance. So, I challenge you- and me, from this point on to be conscious of the uses of these screens and…

Place the people in your life before social media.

People are valuable and people need your support. You never know what another human may be going through, so that’s all the reason you need to give your full and undivided attention to your family members, your friends, anyone that comes along your path in life.

And…unfortunately, people are temporary. We are here today and gone tomorrow. So, enjoy every precious moment with those you love.

Take necessary precautions to remind yourself of the importance of real life.

If you’re noticing screens controlling you more than you it, there’s a problem, my friend. One precaution I’ve started to do is charging my phone in a place that is not directly next to my bed. It usually gives you time to choose real life over the virtual first thing in the morning.

Be patient with yourself.

Just because you had a day controlled by social media, doesn’t mean you should get discouraged and let the bad habit continue. Nope! We aren’t giver-uppers like that!

Old habits die hard, they say. But consciousness about a problem is key.

Realize too much screen usage encourages apathy.

What is apathy? Good ol’ Merriam Webster describes it as, “a lack of feeling or emotion, impassiveness.” or “a lack of interest or concern, indifference.”

I don’t know about you, but that is the last way I want to live my life. I want my life to be spent being a light and encouragement to all around me. That, in and of itself, demands a higher level of feeling and emotional intelligence, (not to mention motivation) unlike any other!

Being mindful of the effects of our choices is extremely important. I’ve noticed social media getting in the way of things I love the most. My faith, my family, my writing, my art. I feel like I don’t “have time” for anything, when really I would have plenty if I would place what is most important first.

Another thing apathy does is wiggle its way in front of the goals we want to accomplish in life. Or, it could be preventing goal-making to begin with! I mean, with all this time on screens who even has time to think about what they really want to be doing in life? Apathy is a pro at doing its best to prevent fulfillment and feelings of fulfillment in what we do, what we create, and who we are. It’s a pretty well-rounded villain.

A lot of the times when we wonder, “why am I feeling this empty?” it is because we are choosing what is empty.

Instead, become intrigued with life again. Start seeing the beauty in the little, in the flowers you see randomly while you are walking the streets, in the kind words exchanged by people around you, in the art of the world, and the words that poetic souls come up with.

Which leads us to our another tip to overcome this unbalanced view of media…

Use screens to your advantage, not disadvantage. 

By all means, I am not telling you that media is altogether the antagonist to your protagonist, but it will be that that way if you allow it to be!

We spend hours and hours on things that are virtually useless to us, in the long run.

And as a result of doing this, we neglect the fact that we are in an age that has a remarkable amount of resources at its fingertips. We have the freedom to grow in our knowledge or artistic capabilities, by the availability of countless videos showing tips and tricks.

If we wish to be better writers, we can go online to study vocabulary and poetic forms..If we want to become better painters, we have access to millions of videos of talented artists that give perspective on ways they’ve grown in their art! If you want to learn about history, about carpentry, about architecture…newsflash: you can.

It’s proven that some of the BEST learning is indeed done by our own want to learn, outside the classroom. So, why are we not taking advantage of this? This should be making us jump out of our seats, and yell, “YES!” But that apathy has kicked in, hasn’t it?

See, we humans are very prone to simply wanting the entertainment side of media. We are a nation seeking amusement. Amuse literally meaning to “not think” or to “distract”. That is something we have to make a distinct effort to unlearn.

So, now that we are informed of a well-rounded approach to the technology bombarding us in everyday life…

I wish for you to be in control of your screens, not the other way around.

Search for substance, my friend, even in your screen usage. Find documentaries you think would intrigue you. Search for knowledge. Write! Read! Use all these resources for your creativity. But never let the incessant media presence cloud your mind of what really matters.

Not saying there aren’t times for memes, or cat videos, or Netflix shows…but it’s always a temptation for us to ONLY view these things, losing sight of the real purpose of this life we live. Make the time you do spend on screens less frequent and more useful by viewing it as a tool to grow you as an individual, not to hinder you from any real human connection or growth.

Thanks for listening to my little observations.

Until next time,



P.S. If you want to check out the snazzy lil’ blog that this post came from, go ahead! Here’s a link


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My First Blog Anniversary :-)

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Today 30th March 2017 is my first Blog Anniversary.
And boy Am I happy…?
Yes, I am happy… very very happy 🙂


I was about to publish my Book ‘Mann Ki आरज़ू’ (online you’ll find it as ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’). I had started this blog because people told me that to bring my book to the public I must have social media accounts… like Instagram. Whatsapp, twitter, Fb page etc etc etc. so I went ahead and created this account not knowing what was here initially I was lost…had no one to teach me, the I followed community pool, The Daily Post and followed. So many of my questions were answered there by veteran bloggers. Daily post kept my brain from rusting by giving me new prompts to write on. Today I have 826 followers and I hope to complete my 1000 soon J  I have learnt so much from them. So many have come fwd to help me learn to blog in an effective way. Constructive criticism I have got here, made new friends, interacted with new bloggers, conducted interviews for my guest posts, and basically grown. I have made good friends here to name just a few will be an injustice to others… as each has helped me grow, some by their constructive criticism, others by their support, reflecting back on what I write, teaching me helping me when I have got stuck, basically helping me grow as a blogger.Keep your love pouring in as that is an elixir and motivation for me to write. My tag here has been..’Like, Comment, Share And Inspire.’  being a part of the  Success Inspirers’ World. Being a part of SIWO has been the best experience in the past one year. Thanks to Mr.Ngobesing Romanus I have been able to spread some smiles and send and all bloggers of SIWO  warm and happy birthday wishes.









Attaching only 1/9 pages containing 9 screenshots

Not wanting to bore you more I shall close with a poem on the orange dot on the bell that we all love so much. It has already been published here once but posting it again here. Do keep your love pouring in.


200 (1)

To Myself


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