A permanent struggle

How easy is it for you
To do what you know
Is right?
How easy is it for you
To stick to
What you know is
When temptation’s hand
Is being stretched
To you,
How easy is it to resist?
Isn’t it so hard
To be pure in a world
That is full of sinners?
We live in a world of sin,
Where great is anyone
Who lives above sin;
And scarce, are such
To find;
Yet, we must not throw in
the towel in our struggle;
We must continue
To climb to the top
Of the ladder of purity;
Where sainthood dwells;
And each time we fall,
As many times we will do;
Many times we must get up,
Dust ourselves
And continue;
It is a permanent struggle.


Don’t fall into temptation!

I know I love you;
Even if temptation
distracts me;
In love temptation
Is normal;
None can ever stop
From coming;
But you can stop
From falling
Into temptation;
And that should be
Your main concern;
Do what you can,
Not to fall into
Whenever it knocks.
As for me,
The trap is wide open;
The devil’s dragnet.
Try not to fall.

You will be tempted

You will be tempted;
You will face many
in life;
True or false?
Already, you face many
You will face many more.
They will come knocking
On your door,
To let you in.

You will be tempted
To believe you are
Not good enough;
Many are tempted
To believe so.
Don’t fall into that temptation.
You are good enough;
You are better than
You think;
You are better than
Many people whom you
Think are better
Than you.

You will be tempted
To try to reap
Where you did not sow;
Do not fall into that
It is a dangerous thing
To do.
Only reap
From your farm.
Don’t reap where
You did not sow.

You will be tempted
To fall into
Base behaviour;
Do not give in to such
This temptation
Can be very strong;
And you think
You cannot resist.
You better resist
It is better for you.

You will be tempted
To say what
You should not say;
Don’t fall into that
You cannot retract
What you have said.
And words can build,
And can also destroy.
One wrong word
Can destroy a nation.

The temptations that
can come your way
Cannot be counted;
They are on all sides;
Do not fall into those
They are the highway
To sin, crime, destruction
Avoid them to pave
Your way to success;
To fall into them
Is to walk straight
Into failure.

A strongly worded letter on Temptation

Dear lovely people of the world,
Are you aware of how dangerous Temptation is?
Are you aware of the immensity
Of destruction
That this fellow has caused
In the world?
Do you know
That the world would have been
A far better place for all
Without Temptation?
Please, beware of Temptation!
Wherever you are, and whoever you are,
If you see temptation approaching,
Take flight;
Take to your heels;
Run for your dear life;
Temptation never moves
Without a secret agenda;
And his agenda is always,
And I mean always,
A destructive agenda;
Temptation is thirsty to destroy;
To pull down.
Beware my friend,!
Beware of Temptation;
Temptation is not to be trusted.


There are many temptations in marriage. One of the commonest of them is the temptation to be angry. It often comes at unexpected moments. The relationship between husband and wife may be at its peak when all of a sudden, temptation will drop like a bomb from nowhere. Something may just happen or be said that will make you angry. If you are not careful, you may explode.

You need a mature and balanced personality, built on a foundation of faith in God, so that instead of losing your temper or composure at such moments, you may respond with love and consideration in the manner of Jesus Christ. (Mark 8:11-13)

How best friends became worst enemies

Do you know some best friends
Who have become the worst enemies?
And do you know how it happened?
They opened the door of their
Hearts, leading to their relationship;
And allowed the devil to come in;
He came in and took full control;
With his powerful weapons of desire,
Greed, lust, passion and temptation;
He pulled them down;
They could not withstand his force;
So headlong they crashed landed;
Today, they are not best friends
But worst enemies.
You have to guard your heart;
Lock the door and safely keep the keys;
The devil is always at work;
Searching for good to turn to bad;
Looking for light to transform
Into darkness;
Hunting for best friends to make enemies;
That is how those best friends
Became the worst enemies.

To make things snappy

To make things snappy;
Will make us happy;
You are lucky
To know your duty;
It is a pity;
That people are so itchy.
Exercise patience;
If your dream is excellence
I thank my daddy;
He taught me to be steady He also made me aware,
That I must beware;
The danger of distraction
And that of temptation,
They slip in unannounced;
And also unnoticed.

Discouragement like temptation

It’s very easy to be discouraged;
Discouragement is like temptation;
As it is easy to fall into temptation,
It is easy to fall to discouragement.
Like temptation, it slips in
Unnoticed through the back door;
You have to be vigilant;
And flex your muscles;
Or else you are carried away
Before you know;
Remember this when next discouragement shows its ugly face at your door.


How do you soar so high just to sink so low? How do you live in an ivory tower just to end up sitting in mud? How do you fight so hard to become king just to end your life as a beggar?

In life, where we start may matter; but even more important is where we end. Some people start with nothing and end with much. Some people start with much and end with nothing.

Life is full of challenges and temptations that can make you lose what you have worked so hard to earn in a twinkling of an eye. If you are not smart, challenges and temptations will sink you.

Have you ever been gripped by a burning desire to do something which you knew was wrong? Such a desire is temptation. Temptation is one of the most dangerous forces in the world. It has ruined many. You have to watch out lest it ruins you.

When temptation grips you, it does not easily leave you. The more you want to shirk it off, the firmer it grips you. You have to be strong to get out of its grip. Those who are not strong enough end up being engulfed by it.

Beware of temptation! Let it not ruin you. Do not work so hard to rise so high and then end up in mud.This has happened to many under our watchful eyes. How tragic indeed when this happens! Let it not happen to you. A word to a wise person is sufficient.