On our knees in prayer

Almighty, most high God,
Fully I count on you
O my most loving Father,
For all that I desire.

I know from you alone
Hail my blessings;
I rely not on humans,
For whatever I need.

I know at any time
Fellow humans can fail me,
I depend totally on you,
Whom I trust.

You never fail anyone;
You are both my creator
And provider of my needs;
In you, full is my trust.

I thank you O Father,
For loving me as you do;
It’s never ending love
You have for me.

May you always be so kind
As you are, to me,
Despite my unworthiness.
Glory be your name.

Now and for ever,
May your name be hailed
And praise and glorified
For ever and ever, amen!

The Lord is good

The rays of the sun
Have fallen on me,
And now I shine
Like a star;
This is my day;
The day
The Lord promised me;
It has come faster
Than I ever imagined;
How can I thank him
For his amazing grace?
0You are so good, my God.
You are wonderful;
You are amazing.
Thanks for amazing grace!
All the tim0e dear people,
The Lord is good.

I am thanking you

I am thanking you, God,
In a spcial way;
I don’t need to say why,
You know more than me;
You know what you have done;
Blessings too many
To count;
Who can thank you enough?
Look at the wonderful favour
Of bringing me here;
Choosing me out of thousands;
You are amazing;
Who can be like you?
I๐Ÿ’—you with all my heart;
I am sincerely,
I am thanking you.

Thank you my friend! (Be inspired today 255 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Thank you my friend,
I thank you for your love;
Thank you for your friendship;
You may think I do not see;
I see;
You may think I take it
For granted;
I don’t;
You my think I don’t
I do appreciate;
You are a real friend;
You are one to count on;
Once again I say,
“Thank you my friend!

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, O Master;
I know that ‘thank you’
Is not enough;
But that is all I have;
So, please, Lord God,
Accept my empty thanks.
Thank you for this day;
That I am here present;
Thank you for last night.
Thank you for all my
many blessings;
Including those that I am
Not aware of.
I am also begging you
O Heavenly Father,
Not to be tired of me;
I know how unworthy I am;
I don’t merit any of
The wonderful things
You are doing for me;
But you are doing them
All the same;
Help me to have a heart
That appreciates;
A heart that loves you
More than earthly things.
And ever dwells in you,

Straight from my heart

What I am telling you
Is coming from my heart;
To those of you who
Have ever put a smile
On my face
I thank you from my heart;
You are a treasure to me;
Some people delight
In putting tears
In the eyes of others;
You put smiles
On my face;
You can see what you mean
To me;
I am grateful;
And pray for you;
May the God who blessed you
With a kind heart,
Shower you with the things
You need to live a sweet life!
This is straight from my heart.

We prayed before going to bed

Everyday, as a family we end our day by coming together to pray before separating to go to bed.

This was our family prayer before I write this post:

Almighty Father, thank you for our so many blessings today. You abundantly blessed us this day and we enjoyed peace in our home and vicinity.

Thank you for all the blessings of this day to us and our neighbors.

You provided our needs. First of all, you gave each of us good health. No one fell sick.

You provided us enough food to eat and stay healthy and strong.

Thank you for taking care of our family members wherever they are.

We pray O Lord for more of these so many blessings.

You know what we are going through in our country. We pray O Lord, that you give us a lasting solution to this problem that is rocking us. Touch the hearts of our leaders and all the principal actors in this matter. Grant them the wisdom they need to solve this problem in a way that all will be happy.

As we go to bed, kindly send your angels to come and guard us while we sleep so that we may sleep soundly throughout the night.

Bless and protect all our family members wherever they are, and bless and protect our neighbors and everyone in this community.

This our humble prayer, to you we pray, Amen!

A Personal Note

A Personal Note cover

To all my friends and followers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce my first book in the inspirational series, “There In God’s Grace” will be released for Pre-Sales next week. It is my goal to share the gift God graciously gave me. For me, it isn’t even so much about the content but more importantly, I conquered, against all odds, my dyslexia to write it. My disabilities, editing problems, and even a publishing company who went defunct before it could hit the store shelf were just some of the obstacles I had to overcome to get me here today.

But the most amazing part of my trials and tribulations was God making me wait for my wife. She came back into my life after a mere friendship thirty years ago. It’s incredible how God planned “us” all along, since 1985! About the same time I was anointed to be God’s writer, my wife, Anne, was accepted to work for a publishing company 1,500 miles away, unbeknownst to either of us. This whole synopsis is nothing short of a miracle. So, I pray you will get the opportunity to read our book.

With all of our growing pains, we outgrew our original website/blog format and it needed to be remodeled. When the blog was created in June 2017, we had zero followers. By December 2017, we jumped to 860,000 followers and now we have an influx of 20.6 million readers. Our website was not originally designed to handle that much traffic, so we are continuing to improve the speed and agility of it.

It was suggested to eliminate our blogs on some of the Facebook and internet platforms (13 in total) my wife has worked so hard on to spread my words. But because it was YOU who put me in this incredible position, my only way to thank you is to turn a deaf ear. I owe everything to you, my friends and followers, regardless of what platform you are reading my blogs!

I promise to continue our blog as my sweet wife starts to edit the second book in this series. My prayers go out to each and every person reading, liking, and sharing my narratives. God bless you and thank you so much! As children of God, we all need each other —

In God’s love,