Who can thank him enough?

As you see me laughing
From jaw to jaw,
As you see my face beaming
With smiles,
That is exactly how
My heart glowing;
There is joy in me,
Overflowing in my heart;
Like water above its banks;
Today is a day of joy;
I shall beat my drum;
And dance to a frenzy;
With joy in my bosom;
For today is a day of joy.
No reason do I have
To complain;
And I don’t think you have;
You may say things are bad;
And carry gloom all over;
And really they could be;
But don’t you know
They could have been worse?
Let us celebrate this day;
It’s a lovely day;
A beautiful day
The Lord has given us;
You can’t thank him enough;
Who can thank him enough?
So when you hear the drum;
Get up and dig it out madly.

You are blessed

You are blessed;
You are blessed
By your belief;
You are blessed
If you have faith;
You are blessed
Beyond imagination;
You are doubly blessed;
You must thank God,
For your blessings;
God loves gratitude;
A grateful heart;
It is not every body
Who is so blessed;
Hence, you must
Be most thankful;
And bless others.
You are blessed
To bless.
Blessed so that you
May bless.

Thanks a million times

Father in heaven,
Thank you a million times;
Thank you for blessing me!
You have blessed me
With another day
In this world;
It is a difficult world;
But I am happy to be
A part of it;
I pray you, O High God,
To grant me wisdom
To live as you want;
Provide my needs;
I cannot help myself;
I depend on you;
And trust you will help me;
You always help
Those who put their trust
In you.
I put my trust in you;
I will put again and again;
Thank you a million times.

You have not disappointed me

Many thanks to you,
My people;
You have not disappointed me;
You could have failed me;
You have not failed me;
At first, it appeared
You were failing me;
My support came
From outside my continent:
From across the oceans;
America, India, what have you?
And I asked myself;
“Where are my own people?”
I felt disappointed;
Though I did not give up;
I felt you had not discovered
What your own was doing;
I continuef to have faith
In you;
Hence, I kept on digging
And hoping;
And I was right;
As expected,
The time has come;
This is that time;
You have discovered,
What your own is doing;
And this is your weight
All behind me;
And it is so clear
For all to see;
Silently eloquent;
Thank you and thank you
And thank you, my people;
Great, indeed, you are;
Greater than anyone can imagine;
Greatness I find in you!
Great people support their own,
To take greater strides;
To run and not fall;
And when they fall,
They hold their hand
And lift them up;
To continue
Their hard, sinuous journey.
Thank God
You have not disappointed me.

Today’s daily prayer for a good day 63

Thank you O loving God,
Thank you our dear father,
Thank you for this week,
Thank you for our lives;
Thank you for our children;
Thank you for grandchildren ;
Thank you for our family;
Thank you for our neighbours;
Thank you for our friends;
Thank you for our coworkers;
Thank you for our partners; Thank you for our teachers;
Thank you for out students.

Help us to think rightly;
Help us to see rightly;
Help us to act rightly,
Help us to love rightly;
Help us to pray rightly;
Help us to desire rightly;
Help us to admire rightly. Help us to be right.

Make us get the right results.
As we go out into the world,
Which has become so complex,
Only you can protect us;
We know we are not alone;
Strengthen us in our faith;
Strengthen us in our trust;
Strengtben us in our love;
Strengtben us in our focus.

Make this day for us all
Exactly as you designed it.
Be at the center of our thoughts
Be our light;
Be in our spirit;
Be our source of confidence;
Be our reason to be bold.
You are our everything;
We make our prayer through
Christ our Lord, Amen!

Today’s daily prayer (thanking God) 58

Good Lord, heavenly Father, Honour and glory be yours;
We praise and appreciate you;
We worship you for your great glory and honour,
As we start another day;
We recognize you
As our comfort and our joy;
We know that we are not alone as your army of angels is journeying with us;
Thank you for yesterday;
That you made it such a huge success as you have done for each day for years;
Thank you that such an amazing day has come and gone,
And we are still alive;
Thank you for the blessings
you keep pouring on us;

You always make us happy;

Your heart is full of kindness;
You have blessed us with many gifts and talents;
And you want us to use them for your glory;
Thank you for the gift of prayer through which we can connect with you;
Thank you for our families
And the blessings that each one of us has had;
Thank you
For all our friends who are far and near and for the different ways you have blessed them;
Thank you for the peace
that some of us enjoyed yesterday;
It is only by your grace,
That we have roofs over our heads;
Some among us are living
On hills
and in forests having escaped from their homes because of fear for their lives;
You can see, O king of kings,
That life is not easy for them;
We thank you for protecting them under such harsh conditions,
We thank you that some of our fears about our security have been allayed;
Thank you for our neighbours and our cordial relationship which makes us live together in peace.
Thank you for those who are fighting in anyway to ensure that we are protected and our interest is secured;
You know our needs and the desires of our hearts;
We pray you to look into them;
Keep on blessing us;
Let your warehouse of blessings always be well stocked as you continue to release them to pour on us.
Make this day the greatest in our lives.
Let us see more miracles,
Why not touch them with our bare fingers. Keep making us happy.
Help us in our various efforts to be holy so that when our candle burns out
We will come to You
To live in the splendour of your glory.
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

More than enough reasons

Do you have reasons today
To thank God?
What are you thanking God
Today for?
I have many reasons
To thank God this day;
In fact, I am thanking God
For many blessings;
Starting with my life;
God is the author of my life;
And it’s only by his grace
That I am alive;
That alone, is reason enough
For me to spend
The rest of my life
Thanking God.
Should you be any different?
You have more than enough
Reason to thank God.

Today’s morning prayer 35

O Lord, our God,
As I start a new day,
I thank you for such
A wonderful blessing;
I pray you to look into
The difficulties
I am facing
At this moment;
And that I will face
Throughout this day;
I put all my plans
In your hands;
Lead me to the right decisions;
Take me down
The right path;
Equip me with the wisdom
I need to deliver
Excellent goods
In your vineyard
As it is your wish
That I do;
I said ‘Yes!’ to you
On my baptism day;
I remain committed
To that pledge;
Tell me where to go
To do your will,
And I will;
I am ready at all times,
To do as you please;
Dear loving father,
I thank you!
You are so kind to me;
Always so good;
May you be ever so,

Keep thanking him!

We take the gift of life
For granted,
Which is not correct.
Can you imagine
How many people
Have departed
From this world this day!
Hard to guess.
But they are many;
And through no fault of theirs;
They would have loved
To be here like you and me.
And so you can see
The immense thanks
You owe
To Almighty God;
He has given you all
By giving you life.
Do not stop thanking him.
Keep thanking him;
Thank him until
You can thank no more.