Hello my good friends!
I am just returning
From a meeting
Of friends;
A meeting of very best
Christian friends;
We believe in God;
That God is all powerful;
That he can do and undo.
We thank Almighty God
For our many blessings,
We are so blessed;
Wonderfully blessed;
And we thank God
For all these blessings.
What about you?
Are you blessed?
And are you thankful to God?
Thankfulness is a good thing;
Is shows a good,
And educated heart.
Always be thankful,
Especially to God.


Today’s morning prayer 42

Dear Father,
Today is another gift
You have given me,
From your divine.heart,
I do not deserve it;
It is out of your own accord,
The fruit of your kindness
And not my worthiness;
What a generous heart you possess!
Give me a thankful heart,
O loving Master,
Let me know how to thank you;
To express my gratitude
To you many times this day,
For your blessings
Too many to count.
Why should I not thank you
A million times today?
May my lips praise
And glorify your holy name!
May my heart dwell on you,
And love you without limit!
May I serve you selflessly,
With a pure and contrite heart
Throughout this blessed day,
And for ever and ever,

If you are reading this

If you are reading this,
You owe God
Immense gratitude;
If you are reading this,
It’s because you are alive;
And that is not by your power;
It’s by God’s divine power;
Not because you merit it;
But by the grace of God;
Your life is a gift from God,
Freely offered to you.
You ought to be thankful
For it;
Most thankful for it;
You ought to be profuse in your gratitude.

Be happy and thankful! (Be inspired today 290 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

All must not be going well
Before you are happy;
All must not be going well
Before you are confident
Of your success;
All must not be going well
Before you thank God;
All must not be going well
Before admit being blessed;
You must not score 100β„…
To be on honour roll;
You must not be very rich
To live a happy life.
You don’t need a mansion
To have a happy home;
Be happy with what you have
And thankful to God for it.