Today’s Morning Prayer 10

Dear Father God,
Good morning to you;
Yesterday, you made me
Very happy;
What about today?
You made things easy
For me;
I did not strain;
I saw things moving;
I pray that you do same
For me today,
If not more;
Take full control;
And push them as you like.
Let your will
Not mine prevail;
Thank you for your goodness
To me always;


You are so good

Almighty God
And loving Father,
Always so good;
I thank you
It is thanks to you,
That I am what I am;
If not of you,
I would not
Have been here today;
You created me;
And have provided for me
All along;
Protecting me
From all the evil men
Of the world;
And they are all over;
Full of evil plans;
You are so good;
A fatherly provider,
And protector.
Thank you for everything!

Thanking God for the journey

At the start of this journey
Almighty God and father,
We begged you
To help us have a safe journey;
Here we are at the end
Of our journey,
It’s been safe;
And I thank you O God,
For your kindness;
Many people who set out
To travel like me
At the same time,
Have not arrived;
We have not done anything
To merit your favour;
But you have been so kind
To us.
Thank you, O God!
Thank you a million times.
May your name be glorified!

Thank God you met me

Make sure you thank God
With all your heart;
Thank God for the day
You met me;
Your loneliness is gone;
You shall never again
Be starved of love;
You shall have company;
The company you like;
I am there to love you;
To shower you with love
As you have never had;
I shall bathe you
In a pool of warm water of love;
From morning till night,
Everyday of the week
Love shall be you breakfast,
Your lunch your super;
You shall be well nourished.

Because of you

I will remember you
My Lord,
Your ways are good;
It is because of you
That I am here,
Breathing free fresh air,
Without paying a single mite;
It is because of you,
That the sun shines on us;
And because of you
Crops grow in our farms;
What would we have be en
Had it not been for you?
We wouldn’t even be here;
It is because of you,
That we are alive;
Yes, because of you,
We have everything.
Many thanks to you;
Many, thanks, indeed, to you.