Good night Father

Good night, loving Father,
You made the day for me;
You made it such a day;
Great in all dimensions;
I am about to go to bed,
And couldn’t go
Without letting you know
How much I love you;
And appreciate you;
Thank you good God,
For all that you do daily
For me;
In a very special way,
Thank you for what you
Have done for me today;
Thank you for the food:
For the protection;
Making me close to you;
Thank you for my family;
You are always for me;
And I thank you
Thank you for your angels, Appointed
To keep watch over me this night.
Help me to think of you
And talk to you
First thing tomorrow
When I get out of bed;
I love you wholeheartly;
Good night!

Thank you Lord, for what you have done

Thank you Lord, for what you have done;
Thank you for your kindness;
Thank you for always being there for us;
Thank you a thousand times;
You are most loving;
What can anyone be without you?
You are the author
Of all blessings;
I pray you O Lord,
To continue;
You are
The source
Of all the success
That I enjoy
The source of my joy;
The source of all blessings.
Thank you
For your protection;
Without you
I wouldn’t be alive today;
For everything I thank you.

A father’s Father’s Day

Messages, messages!
They keep pouring in;
Making me more and more confused;
For sure,
It is Father’s Day;
And I am a father,
But hardly did I know
What my eyes see;
I never expected a down pour;
You know what I mean;
Truly, I never did;
Didn’t know anyone cared;
Are you a father?
And does anyone care;
That you are a father?
I am highly impressed;
And deeply.touched;
To see someone cares;
No one but many people care;
Care is the word;
It’s so profound;
I know what their bosom has;
What my progeny has in their hearts;
Such tender words
That touch my heart;
Yes, we do the best we can;
But are we always understood?
Thank God when you are;
Yes, I am happy;
Thank you for making my day;
A happy father, indeed.
That’s my Father’s Day.
A fathers Father’s Day.

Today’s daily prayer 66

O Loving Father,
Great is your holy name;
O Mighty God,
I give you all the glory,
I praise your name,
I honour you;
I am happy and thankful
To you;
Thank you for keeping me
Under your protection,
I am committing this day
Into your hands
As all my other days;
I bow before your throne,
And pray you to turn your eye
On me;
Today, many of your children will travel on dangerous roads,
Protect them, O Mighty Father,
There are many people
who are not safe at home,
They need your protection;
Protect them, Father;
Send your angels to protect them,
We all have our heart’s desires;
And on our own we cannot achieve them,
But with you, difficulties
Become easy;
Great God, great Master,
You have great plans for us;
You have a plan
To make us victorious;
You are caring and faithful;
Thank you!
May all the workd hail your,
Now and forever!

Today’s daily prayer for the night 59

Heavenly Father,
As we sit down to pray,
We have received the homily
Of the Bishop of Sokoto
At the funeral Mass of
Seminarian Michael Nnadi,
Brutally killed by enemies of light in Nigeria;
Father, we commit the soul of this brave servant into your hands;
You children are crying in Nigeria;
Christians are dying in Nigeria;
Father, in our land, we are not better;
We are dying,
We are suffering;
We are in tears;
Mass is being said in forests
And on hills
Because the Christians have run away for their dear lives;
Father, help us
We are suffering;
Thank you for your love
Throughout this day,
Thank you for your blessings;
You empowered us to face
And overcome the challenges
Of today;
You gave us the strength
We needed even those on the hills to cope;
You removed doubt from our hearts;
Even though we are in tears,
Our trust in you remains strong;
We feared the day would be stormy as other days
You made it calm and peaceful;
We did not go hungry;
But some of us went without food;
Mighty Father,
You accompanied us throughout this day,
And we felt your presence;
Without you we would not have done much;
Thank you, for sending your angels to be with us;
Send your angels to protect those on the hills;
We love and trust you,
We believe in you with all our hearts;
As we end this day,
We pray for sound sleep;
As you always do, circle us;
Make the night hitch free,
For us, and our Christian brothers of Nigeria,
Our fellow Christians on the hills and in the forests.
Protect them O Lord,
And protect us;
We make our prayer. Through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Thank you again

If I haven’t said
“Thank you!”
To Almighty God today,
I will call that
The peak of ingratitude;
I ought to have said it
Many times;
And I think I have;
But let me say it again;
The many times before
Are still not enough;
I never can say it enough;
Because what He’s done ,
What He does everyday,
Never can anyone
Thank Him enough.
Thank you, Lord, I say;
Thank you for your goodness. again!

Thank you! ( today’s morning prayer 28)

Lord God,
You are the reason
I am confident
That success
Is on my side;
Without you,
I am nothing;
With you,
I can be anything;
Thank you for this,
For this precious gift
Of another day
To me
And all of us
Who are here today;
We trust you
And count on you
For everything;
Thank you
For always being there
For us,

Goodbye 2019

Last night I told my mom. when she said she was grateful 2019 was almost over, there were good things which happened in 2019.

Be grateful for the good things in 2019 and leave behind the rest.


Going further, be grateful for the lessons learned from the bad things that happened in 2019.

Overall, move in 2020 with a grateful heart. Forgive the events, people, and perhaps most importantly, yourself. Gratitude for the what was and gratitude for what will be. This is the best way to progress into the next decade.

I end with my favorite Scripture. Philippians 4:4-9:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Today’s morning prayer 24

Two miles away
From destination
When our journey ends
And automatically,
We begin a new journey,
I thank you, O Lord,
From the bottom
Of my heart,
For bringing me this far;
Many who set off with me,
Have fallen on the way;
Many who entered after me,
Have fallen on the way,
But by your decree,
And grace, I am still on,
And about to finish
The last lap of the race,
Ready to cross the river,
To explore a new territory.
I thank you so much, Lord;
May you stay with me,
And grant me more journey’s
As I finish this short distance that is left;
Thank you for hearing
My prayer.