Don’t Rush

Have you ever seen a flower grow? Take a step back…

Part of what makes a flower grow out looking so beautiful is how long it took to grow and the gradual process it went through.

Rush no one and most importantly, let no one rush you. Everyone has their way of emerging victorious.

Everybody mustn’t be like you or do what you did to succeed, everyone has their uniqueness.

Understand this and we’d all be happy at the end of the day.

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 CEV

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Do what you can do

Always be positive;
Make the most
Of whatever time you have;
Your remaining time
May not be much,
Or you may still have
Much time left;
But don’t forget,
It’s never too late,
To do something great
With the time
In your hands,
Even if it’s not much,
Do what you can.
No matter your age,
Strive for the best.
Expect the best;
And believe you will
Get the best;
No doubt,
The best, you will have.

The best time

God’s timing is the best;
It’s the perfect timing;
God makes things happen
Exactly when they should;
Things that don’t happen
Do not happen because
Their time has not come;
Things that are delayed
Are delayed
So their time may come;
And when it does come,
They happen.
Hence, we say God’s time
Is the best.
And will forever remain
The best.

2020 right ahead

2020 is not far from now;
2020 is right ahead;
2020 will soon be here;
And my wish for you is,
That nothing stands
Between you and 2020.
That 2020 meets you
Strong and kicking.
That your flowers bloom
In 2020;
That the sun may shine
For you in 2020;
That the air is fresh
For you in 2020;
That 2020 be your break through year.
May it be so in 2020!

Precious gift of time

Time goes on and on;
Full circle it daily runs,
Thus, reminding us:
Time waits not,
Time keeps the forward march;
It never rests;
And never gets tired;
It ticks;
And speeds on,
Minding its business;
Nothing more,
And nothing less;
What a great lesson, indeed,
We are taught!
If you wait for time,
Time leaves you behind;
As it keeps moving;
Never waiting for anyone;
And anything.
So precious is time;
You go for it;
It won’t come to you;
Do your best every time;
Every minute counts so dear;
Every second you have;
Is a gift so precious;
If you use it well,
You will abundantly
Reap the fruits.
That is the way;
Precious gift of time.

It can never be bought

Day by day,
The week goes by;
And week by week
So goes the month;
Month by month
Soon the year is over;
That’s why we say time flies
Faster than a bird
In the sky
An aeroplane,
Or a ship in the sea;
As the seconds tick,
The minutes go;
And soon they grow
Into hours
And mature into days.
Do not squander your time;
It can never be bought.

I am happy I know you

Happy today is Tuesday;
What a great gift to me;
Tuesday or Today;
That’s you, Tuesday;
That’s your family name;
You have been given
Directly to me by God;
Nobody else
Could have done it;
That is why I must
Handle you like an egg;
You are more than egg;
Do you know an egg?
A real delicacy;
A super delicacy;
But you are much more;
You are more than silver;
More than gold;
You are life;
If I hadn’t known you,
I would have missed;
In fact, knowing you
Is all that was needed
To be here, alive;
Thank God for it!
He made it possible;
To know you;
And now you see;
I am happy I know you.
But that cannot be all;
What do I do with
This wonderful gift?
Which is you?
I will maximize it.