How long?

How long will it take,
Before you know how things
Are done and should not
Be done here?

How long will it take,
Before you understand
That nothing worthwhile
Comes easily in life?

How long will it take
Before you become aware
That hard work pays
And abundantly too?

How long will it take
Before you know
That discipline plays
A key role in life?


Time is a precious gift (Be inspired today 337 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Use your time to the full;
Make use of it all;
Of every minute you have;
It’s a free gift to you,
Generously given by God;
A God many don’t care about;
They think they know it all;
That they are all and all;
Even those who know,
Care not about him;
Talk less of his command.
Taking their gift of life,
Same as their gift of time,
Purely for granted;
Which I daresay is wrong;
For a mighty one like God,
And precious gift like time,
None should lightly take;
God is supreme, almighty;
And time’s value is high;
Make the most of every second
God has put in your hands.
Use it to add good to life.

Don’t squander your time (Be inspired today 320 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t give yourself reason to regret tomorrow. And you will regret if in your old age you realize that you squandered your time when you were young and energetic.

This happens to many people when they find themselves in old age low down the social ladder while their mates are up; and they find the only reason is their mates worked hard and they didn’t. Instead they squandered their time in activities meant to give them temporary satisfaction.

Proper utilisation of your time is very important especially when you are young. Do not spend any second of it on what is not of real benefit to you and humanity.

It is imperative to think of tomorrow. Make sacrifices today and enjoy tomorrow than to go for enjoyment today and suffer tomorrow.

Hard work is sowing good seeds for enjoyment tomorrow.

Laziness is sowing good seeds for suffering tomorrow.

Responsible behavior will prepare the farm for a good harvest. Irresponsible behavior will prepare it for suffering and frustration.

The choice is very clear; and it is yours if you are still young.

Had many of the people who are old and miserable now been wiser and responsible when they were young, they would have been old and happy today.

It takes time (Be inspired today 278 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t forget the time
It takes
To build a mansion;
Maybe not a hut,
But a mansion;
You can build a hut
In one or two days;
In short,
You can build a hut
In a very short time,
But when it comes
To a mansion,
Be ready to be patient;
Be ready to struggle;
Be ready for the discouragement
You will get;
To which you must not succumb;
To give in will mean
No mansion;
It’s like a great life;
You don’t build a great life
In a day or a week or a month;
Not even a year or two;
It takes time and hard work;
A lot of hard work;
Patience, persistence;
A lot of time.

If you hear the bell (Be inspired today 245 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you hear the bell
It rings
To get the people up;
It’s time you rise;
No time to waste in bed;
We sleep when to sleep;
And get up when to do so;
Each thing at its time;
That’s how to run your life.
Do otherwise
And see the days fleet by
And you have nothing
To show.
Life demands wisdom
And a heavy dose of care.
If not you blow it.
Who wants to blow it?
Do you?

Take home today 9 Time heals wounds (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Hello friends!

Our take home today, is Time heals wounds. I hope you believe this.

There is no wound
That time will not heal;
If your wound is not healing,
Give it time to heal.
Apply this to any aspect
Of your life.
Time heals anger.
Time heals wounds of the heart.
Time heals frustrations.
Time heals.
But don’t wait for time alone. Lend a hand to time
And it will heal your wound.

Are you sad ?

Are you sad ?

“Some days are just bad days,that’s all.You have to experience sadness to know happiness,and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day,that’s just the way it is !           Dita Von Teese

“It is popularly believed that sadness is due to certain things that happens to us. The cause of sadness is often traced to misfortune,hardship or humiliation

In truth all sadness is from within.

Sadness is the result of our inner attitude towards outer happenings”.

Dada J P Vaswani

The reasons for sadness are many. And all of you know.

Reaction to sadness varies from person to person and depends on how sensitive the person is.

Sadness can break the person completely and even push into suicidal tendencies.

Some cry to get relief,some indulge in self harming,some manage the show by fake smile,but still many are unable to come out of the feelings.

We all should realise that nothing is permanent in this life. Change is the way of life.

Whether it is sadness or happiness it won’t last forever and comes alternatively and this is nature’s law. Every thing changes over the time and time is the greatest healer!

Whatever may be the reason for sadness…never keep the emotions inside. Remember it’s like a time bomb.

What is the solution ?

Yes solution available.

A sad person needs another person who understands him/her 100%

The sad person just needs this person on whom he/she can lean on and cry their hearts out. Believe me the relief is instant !

Dear friends,please share your thoughts.

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


Credits,inspiration, Pixabay

Your day will come

Your day will come;
Yes, your turn will come;
If others are having it
And you are not having it,
Don’t worry,
Your day will come;
Your turn will come;
To everyone their day;
To everyone, their turn;
Don’t you worry,
Your day will come;
Don’t be sad,
Your turn will come.
Be patient;
Give time a chance
To do its work.
To everyone, their day;
To everyone, their turn.
Your day will come;
Your chance will come.

What Time Is It, Really?

I want to thank my older brother for the outstanding message in today’s blog. In all of my writings, only twice have I found myself in a quandary of perplexing thoughts. Once was an incident which occurred when I arrived home from work and my wife was in a dialog with the “First Lady.” She wanted to speak to me, and for once, I was at a total loss for words. Today is the second time someone dealt me an inspiration where more questions than answers came to mind – so what time is it? We are now in the year 2019 of our Lord, but is this time based on the minute Christ was born?

Non-believers try to address different calendar clocks, but I merely ask as you look at your watches, what timeframe was it before Christ was born? The answer is B.C., which means “Before Christ.” Today, it is A.D. “in the year of our Lord.” So, how in the world can you possibly not believe in God? As explicit as this dating system is to everyone, I’m perplexed because the time on our watches today are based on the original point of origin, or life, created by Christ’s existence. Why are some still doubting there is a God?

Though the B.C./A.D. system was not implemented until many centuries after Jesus’s death, its purpose was to make the life and times of Jesus Christ the dividing point of world history. It is quite ironic… while doing research on the development of our calendars, I found articles with these details from other religious beliefs:

  • The Islamic calendar designates 622 A.D. as year 1 because of a holy journey Prophet Mohammed made in that age
  • In Buddhism, their God, Buddha, died over 400 years before Christ was born.

Upon analyzing the statements above, do you see other religions have important events timed on the birth of Christ?? Even scientists, who desperately try to disprove a God, base their findings on the B.C./A.D. system. How can one question our Lord’s supremacy? There is no doubt the birth of a Savior was significant enough to develop it into a time system!

So, the bigger question is, are you now worried about your relationship with the Lord? Maybe some will be! We all need to take a closer look at where we stand with Christ for he is real and alive. Life is ticking down on our watches every single day. He is coming again, whether you choose to believe it, and it will be in His timing – not according to our time schedule!


Beginning Sunday, February 3rd, Blogging 2 Believers will start YouTube Channel videos discussing our blogs. Would love to have you participate with comments and questions for us! Hope to see you there!

Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time;
Time is the most
Precious thing you have;
Don’t waste your time;
Time is the most
Valuable commodity;
Don’t waste your time;
There are useful things
That you can do with
Your time;
Don’t waste your time;

If you waste it,
You will regret;
You will never have it back;
Don’t waste your time;
If you waste your time
You may not realize
Your dreams.
The achievement of your dream
Is dependent upon
How well you use your time.
Success or failure,
That is the result of how
You spend your time.
Therefore, words of wisdom:
Don’t waste your time.