Waste not a moment

How do you feel this moment?
How are you living this moment?
It matters what you do this moment;
Do not waste this moment;
It is impossible to regain a wasted moment;
Your life can change in a moment;
It can also disappear in a moment;
You need to value every moment;
And make the most of every moment;
And waste not a moment.


Watch your seconds

Christmas and New Year celebrations
Have come and gone;
The celebration mood is now left behind;
And the agenda for this year engaged;
What we get out of the year,
Depends on how we use our time;
Every second counts;
Sixty of them add up to a minute;
Sixty minutes add up to an hour;
Twenty-four hours make a day;
And on and on we go,
Till a year is made.
Therefore, watch your seconds;
If you want a good balance sheet
At the end of the year;
Make the most of your time;
And you make the most of your life.

How much time left?

Many people who are above sixty and still have dreams to accomplish, often become anxious about how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams. Some just give up saying it is late.

Are they right or wrong?

It all depends on who is your Senior Partner on your journey of life. Let me talk about those who make God their Senior Partner.

If you give up on your dreams on the grounds that it’s too late, you miss one point. Your dreams are put in you by Him; and He never does unfinished work. He will accomplish that which he has so beautifully started.

Have no fear; have no doubt; have no worry. With Him, time is on your side no matter how old you may be.

He will grant you the grace to accomplish that which He put you here for before He calls you home, not before.

A call to youth

Young people of the world;
Give no room for regret tomorrow;
Do  not leave  your future behind you;
Make the most of your time today;
It’s a precious commodity;
More than money;
Call it silver and gold;
And use it while you have it;
It will not always be there;
It will not always be on your side;
It’s running out; and running fast;
It has never waited for anyone;
Do not think you will always
Be young and strong;
Hence, so that you do not regret tomorrow,
Make the most of your time.
This is a call
To the youth of the world.

The king of all trees

IMG_20151021_073652You are anxious to succeed, aren’t you? Many people are; and this anxiety makes them IMG_20151025_120947want things to happen fast. In other words, they are in a hurry to succeed. They want it to happen today. They do not want to wait.

What do such people miss out?

That nature is never in a hurry. As the first “Scroll for Success” in the “The Greatest Salesman in the World” states, “To create the olive, king of all trees, a hundred years is required. An onion plant is old in nine weeks.”

If your success is an onion plant, give it nine weeks at most. If is ‘the olive, king of all trees,’  it needs years. You have to accord time to it to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, as you wait, you have to keep doing what is necessary for it to grow – water it; weed the grass around it. fertilize it; mulch it, trim it if necessary; then wait for it to grow and deliver; and as you wait, keep on keeping an eye on it to make sure what should be done is done.

Now tell me: is the success you seek an olive tree or an onion plant.

Wait for your moment

Who can stop the clock from ticking?
When that moment comes
It comes;
Whether for good or for bad,
It has come.
All you do is keep on going;
And waiting for your moment to come;
Each one at their own special time;
So well designed by the author of life.
You can’t hurry;
You can’t stop;
You can’t change what has been designed;.
It has to be as he desires.
Do just your part;
And wait when your moment comes.

Last minute winning goal

If you’ve crossed the half century line in age,
And someone tells you you’re too old
To still score a goal,
Tell them they know not what they say;
That you have a last minute
Winning goal to score.
Having said that,
Go ahead and score it and win.
A lot of outstanding victories
In the world are won
Through a last minute
Let no one say
It’s too late for you to score
The winning goal of the match;
As you’ve always dreamed to do;
If you keep on doing as you are doing.
That golden winning goal,
You will score in a spectacular way;
Of that, I am sure.