When I think of quinine,
What quickly comes
To my mine is its size;
A tiny tablet;
But do you know
What it can do?
What it has done?
Good or bad,
Quinine is
A powerful drug,
Small as it may be;
The rat,
A little rodent
Will keep you awake
If it finds its way
Into your home.
Have I forgotten
The mosquito?
One alone is more than
An army;
It will give you
A sleepless night.
Whereas you can be snoring
While a war is raging
Around your home.
It is not size
That determines strength.
If it were for size,
David would not have
Defeated Goliath.
Forget about size;
Whether big or small,
Huge or tiny,
You can win that race.
Remember quinine.


Dangerous tiny creatures

It was a tiny hole
That sank the mighty ship;
In the very same way
That the tiny bird
Got into the huge elephant’s head
And pushed it to hit its head
Until it died;
Beware of all tiny creatures
That may be more dangerous
Than you think;
Look at the tiny mosquito,
Which millions of people
It has killed.
Even in your marriage,
If that tiny problem is not fixed,
Your marriage could be found
In tiny pieces
Instead of one whole piece.