Today’s Morning Prayer 7

As I start this day,
I place all my cares
In your hands, O Lord;
And pray you to:
Direct me;
Guide me;
And show me
The right way
To go.
Left to myself,
I will miss my way;
I will run into trouble;
But with you
On my side,
I am confident
That things will work out
As they should;
Thank you
For being there for me.


Today’s Morning prayer 2

O God our loving maker,
Father in heaven,
Maker of the world,
And everything in the world,
Source of everything good;
May you bless this day
For us,
And bless us also;
That we may do nothing
But your will,
As nothing is greater
To do than your will.
Shatter every evil plan
That is out to stop us
From doing what
You like us to do for you.
This humble prayer to you
We make, Amen!

A day like no other day

A day like no other,
Is this day,
You may call it today;
Yes, it is;
In many ways different;
If bad things are happening,
May good things are too;
If it is a gooday,
It has given birth
To a future even more promising;
When I look at today,
I find many reasons to smile,
If not laugh loudly;
My spirits are on their wings;
How high will they fly?
It’s simply hard to say;
What I know,
And very well know,
Is today is a great day;
A day like no other day.
A day to enjoy;
Enjoy today!

Come today!

You are needed today;
To come right away;
Your services required;
To teach the People;
To help them out;
They are hurting;
Hunger eating them up;
Worries and fears;
And doubts.
The future is precarious;
Uncertainty reigns.
Thus, you have to come in;
Your services are needed.
Come this way;
Come today;
Come right away if you can.

What do you like today?

Today is the day the Lord has made;
Today is a gift from God;
I like you to feel nice today;
I like you to be great today;
I like you to succeed today;
I like you to be happy today;
I like you to enjoy sun today;
I like you to be bright today;
I like you to stay warm today;
I like you to eat well today.
I like you to be active today;
I like you to be smart today;
I like you to shine today;
I like you to blessed today;
I like you to enjoy today.
What about you?
What do you like for yourself today?
Do you like to enjoy today?
Put God first and enjoy today.

Today is the greatest blessing

Today, you may take for granted;
Are you aware of your doing?
A great error it is;
Today is your greatest blessing;
Imagine you were refused today!
Would you be here?
Not at all;
Having today is having life;
Had God not given you today,
You would be in the next world;
Today is a gift to be valued,
And well utilized;
So easy it is for this gift
To be refused anyone;
Many are those who were here
With you Yesterday,
But do not have today;
And here you are my friend,
Freely enjoying this gift;
It’s a priceless gift;
Thank the author of your life,
The one who controls
The heaven and the earth,
The Almighty, all powerful God,
For the wonderful gift of today.
The greatest blessing
We all have everyday.

Tomorrow…. Real or just a perception ??

Tomorrow...Real or just perception ?

“This to-day of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday”Diva

Note-We all Live in Hope, but as you know Hope can have  either positive or negative outcome.Instead why can’t we just pray  that everything will end well and complete the day with a positive note?I request the readers to read the following with a positive orientation.

Don’t  we all live in permanent illusion of ‘Tomorrow’ ?

Is not your mind telling lies constantly about your tomorrow ?

Is it not a fact that you can’t see tomorrow,and none of us know or sure of its existence or even how it looks !

Then why you say ,tomorrow…I do this..I do that.. etc ?

Since none of us know anything about this extraordinary tomorrow, is it not meaningful to spend time today, to the best of our ability,living in every second,helping each other whatever way it is possible.

Now that you realized that there is no ‘tomorrow’,you can stop demanding things from God and start having faith in GOD and just start the day (ie today) by saying  ‘what ever happens to-day is for my good and rest God will take care’ and develop the philosophy ‘there is no other time better than this moment’. By this thought don’t you think you are liberated from all your tensions,anxieties and worries forever ?

Are we depriving the joy of  ‘today’ for the sake of ‘tomorrow’? Think that to-day belongs to you and you are  here to spread your faith & love.

Listen to some of the wise thoughts.

“There is no tomorrow.There is only a planet turning on its axis,and a creature given to optimistic fancies”. Robert Brault,


“Tomorrow may never come to us. We do not live in tomorrow. We cannot find it in any of our title-deeds. The man who owns whole blocks of real estate, and great ships on the sea, does not own a single minute of tomorrow. Tomorrow! It is a mysterious possibility, not yet born. It lies under the seal of midnight–behind the veil of glittering constellations”.  E.H.Chaplin,Living words,


“This day was yesterday tomorrow nam’d:
Tomorrow shall be yesterday proclaimed:
Tomorrow not yet come, not far away,
What shall tomorrow then be call’d? Today”.      Robert Owen,Today and Tomorrow,


“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasn’t getting ready for them. It didn’t even know they were there”.    Cormac Mccarthy,The road,  

What are your thoughts ?

Thank you.Philosophy Through Photography

Be strong in faith in him

Be strong in faith in the Lord in heaven;
And nothing will touch you;
Be strong in your faith;
And all will work for your good;
Difficult was this day;
Movement was restricted;
Could not go to where one desired;
And those who ignored restriction order
Paid a high price;
Yet many remained safe;
Not by their own power,
But by his mighty grace;
Thank God for those who stay strong
In their trust in his protective hand,
Even when the going is hard;
In him you have to place your trust;
That fully he will take control;
And his will alone
Will be done;
When your faith is strong in Him,
Nothing happens that is not for your good;
Even what may seem against you,
In the final analysis will be for you.

Today is our last day on earth

Today is our last day
On earth this year;
We will never have
This day again;
Today is the last day
We are having this day
This year;
We will never have
it again;
We will think of
The good
And the bad things
That happened this day;
This year;
And feel happy, sad
Or indifferent.
But that will be all
We can do;
A chapter of this day
Is closed;
A book has been written.
The final full stop put.
The writing of a new book
How it will go,
How it will end,
God alone
In his almighty wisdom
Come, let us celebrate
Our last day
On earth this year
Before tomorrow.