Expectations for day

Today is loaded with promise;
My yesterday was thrilling;
I think of it with joy;
I met an irresistible person,
Who significantly impacted my life;
A gem of inspiration;
I also read an impactful book;
Which lifted my spirits beyond the ordinary;
And stimulated and energized me;
My expectations for today are high;
I anticipate much fun.


Someone asked me to inspire someone today

Someone just asked me,
To inspire someone today;
I like to do it;
And do it right away,
I want someone now,
To inspire today;
You are the one
I have met;
Would you like me
To inspire you today?
I would love to do it;
But I can only do it
If you allow me to do it;
No one is inspired
Unless they accept
To be inspired;
Tell me you’re ready,
And I’ll jump on board
To pour my heavy load
Of inspiration on you;
Or do I say joyful load?
It shall be for me,
A whole lot of pleasure.
I really like to
Inspire someone today.

Today’s morning prayer 43

I pray O Lord
For your protection;
I will soon step out
And you know evil men
Are all over the place;
Blind their eyes
As I pass
So they do not see me;
Or take them away;
Protect all my loved ones;
All my neighbours;
All my friends;
And all those who are out
Going about their work.
You have the power;
On you we count
For our protection;
Thank you for hearing
Our prayer,

The best day ever

Today is the best day ever;
And that for many reasons;
Can you guess the reasons?
May be hard for you to guess.
But it is the best day ever;
And I am so happy about it;
If you see me laughing;
It is because of the joy
I have in my heart;
Not everything is going
The way I want,
But I am satisfied
As never before
The way many things
Are going.
Thank God today’s what it is:
The best day of my life.

Today’s Morning Prayer 18

We thank you, O Lord,
For getting all of us
Who are reafing this
Up this morning,
Thus, making us see
A new day;
Bless us
As we pursue
Our various activities;
Equip us;
To live today
As you want;
Protect us
From all our enemies,
And evil people;
Remove evil
From every heart
That we shall meet today,
And fill it
With love and kindness.
As you fill ours as well.
Through Christ our Lord,

Today’s Morning prayer 2

O God our loving maker,
Father in heaven,
Maker of the world,
And everything in the world,
Source of everything good;
May you bless this day
For us,
And bless us also;
That we may do nothing
But your will,
As nothing is greater
To do than your will.
Shatter every evil plan
That is out to stop us
From doing what
You like us to do for you.
This humble prayer to you
We make, Amen!