Make marriage work

Marriage is super complex;
Though, it can be thrilling;
You can make it sweet;
If you don’t fold your arms
And wait for it to work,
You deceive yourself;
It’s really difficult;
Like the stone cutters job;
If you keep hammering,
You will shatter the rock;
There are tools to use;
To make success easy;
Communication tops the list;
You have to dialogue;
Talk to each other;
Talk with an open mind;
But don’t only talk,
You also have to listen;
And listen attentively;
With an open heart as well;
Choose words with care;
And be the first to love;
Make your relatiobship a priority;
And speak to your spouse
In their language of love;
To actually guarantee success,
Put God at the center;
Make him your senior partner;
And after you have done all,
Let patience play its part.


You have enough tools (Be inspired today 348 by Ngobesing Suh dude Romanus)

Let today be better
Than yesterday;
If today is better
Than yesterday,
It means you are
If today is worse
Than yesterday,
It means you are
You must watch out;
We don’t want
To retrogress;
We want to progress;
Each day ought to be
Better than the day
Each day out to bring
That will depend,
Of course,
On God
The Master Architect;
But also
On how hard, and,
How wisely you work.
Don’t wait on God
He already played
His part.
He gave you
A brain to think;
Hands to work;
Feet to take you
To wherever you want
To go.
As Master Architect,
He endorses
How you use the tools
He has given you.

Heal the wounds of your marriage

The wounds of your marriage
Can be healed;
Even the deepest wounds
Of your marriage
Can be healed;
It’s not easy, though;
They are sometimes too deep
And hard to heal;
Some heal too slowly;
Some never at all;
Instead, the infection spreads
All over the body and makes it
All rotten; and a waste;
But if you have the tools to heal,
And use them rightly,
You will enjoy the gift of healing;
And your marriage will be saved.
It all depends on the tools;
The secret is to get the right tools
And use them Rightly;
You will be fine;
Your wounds will be healed.

Happy couples

Couples must equip themselves with the tools for a successful, happy marriage if they want their marriage to be so. More than thirty couples assembled at the Paul VI Memorial, Pastoral Center in my city to ground themselves with these tools. Emilia and I are not of the formation team this time, but as marriage leaders, we are in the organization.