Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #43

How wonderful to see children full of excitement and going to school.  School should be a happy experience.  However this is not the full picture because there are some children who are not so happy at school because of bullying.  Having to suffer in later years for things that happened during this time, having life prospects, physical and mental health derailed is a terrible thing.

The onus is still on parents to  notice the effects of bullying while it is happening.  Sometimes we put tensions and occurrences at school and home down to teenage angst, when the child is actually going through intense humiliation from name calling, hunger from pocket money being taken and emotional and physical abuse. So let’s be quick to  only to observe and save our children but to secure their future happiness. Cover them with prayers too.

Let’s also push for governments, education authorities and schools to put some policies of Zero-Tolerance to Bullying in place.

A simple but good Elevenses meal of Cereal, with Almond Milk, Toasted Wholemeal with Apricot Jam, some Fruits and Water.