Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #52

The Youth Clubs has always fascinated me both in Ghana and England, not having attended one myself because by eighteen I was in training to be a nurse, I wondered how much fun the children had.  It always looked like they were having fun.  In reality being in clubs at school was sufficient enough for me therefore I only wanted to read and spend time with my family when on holidays.  Of course I spent time seeing my friends too.

With more and more parents working and doing shift hours too, children need well supervised places like Youth Clubs where through games and socialising they can learn skills of communication, organisation, leadership, creativity, IT, physical and mental dexterity.  A Youth Club in London was celebrating 150 years and I thought, Wow! I didn’t realise how long some had been going.

Did you go to a Youth Club and what was it like?

Today I had Porridge, Pumpkin seeds, Orange and a glass of Water.