I am upbeat (Be inspired today 382 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you look at my appearance
And conclude that I am finished,
Too bad for you;
It means you can’t decipher
The writing on the wall;
Who tells you
It’s over for me?
Am I not gathering momentum
To commence?
Galvanizing my resources;
You have to learn to read
Between the lines;
I am upbeat;
I am bound for the top.
You don’t say I am finished.
I am far from finished.

What I can tell you about getting to the top

Did somebody say
You could not reach
The top
How far away
Is the top
That you cannot
Why should anyone think
You cannot reach
The top?
Who are those reaching
The top?
And show me one thing
That they have
That you do not have.
I don’t mean two things;
I mean one single thing;
That those at the top have
That you don’t have.
I have never understood
Why you sell yourself
So short,
As you are doing;
You sell yourself too cheap;
You place yourself too low down;
You think you cannot do
What others are doing;
But I see you can do it
Even better;
You have already done it better;
And you will still do it better
Than many of your mates.
I can assure you
If you want
To get to the top,
You will do that;
You are capable;
You have what it takes.
That is what I can tell you.

If you are still at the bottom

If you are still at the bottom
Of the ladder of life,
And you look up
And feel awed by those at the top,
The best thing to do is to start
Your own journey to the top;
Don't be frightened;
Nor intimidated;
Nor discouraged;
Those at the top were once
At the bottom
Just like you;
But day by day, they made progress;
Till they got to where they are;
Make sure you make progress
Day by day;
Keep your heart fixed on where
You are going,
But look only at the step ahead;
Keep faith and hope alive;
And to discouraging messages,
Close your ears.
Rest assured
It won't be long
Before you stand on the last rung
Of the ladder,
And look down
With amazement at where
You have come from;
Which is where you now stand.

Why give up so easily?

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Why do you give up so easily?
Why do you so easily quit?
That is not what winners do;
If you do, you will lose;
You can never win by quitting;
This is my advice:
No matter how steep the mountain,
Look for a way;
And if you cannot go straight,
Go round;
There is a way to get to the top
You want to reach;
Search for it, you will find.

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand right now
On the ladder of success?
At the top?
In the middle ?
Or at the bottom?
Are you where you like to be?
If you are not,
Where do you like to be?
I know people at the top;
I know people at the bottom;
I know people in the middle.
Let me say where you should be;
Your place is at the top;
If you are not yet there,
Go fast to arrive;
Your place isn’t at the bottom;
Neither is it in the middle;
Your place is in one place;
And one place alone: the top.

I have a feeling

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I have a feeling
You will make it big today.

I have a feeling
Things will go well for you.

I have a feeling
Your spirits will be high up.

I have a feeling
You will have a breakthrough.

I have a feeling
You will have a turning point.

I have a feeling
You need to begin to thank God.

I have a feeling
God has much in stock for you.

I have a feeling
the best is yet to come.

I have a feeling
You future is in an ivory tower.

I have a feeling
You will reach the mountain top.

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Quote ( limit )

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“When I look at where I stand right now, and at where I am coming from, I agree with those who say it is possible to go from rags to riches or from the bottom to the top. Instead of letting where you are born hold you down, let where you want to go pull you up. Do not limit yourself.” Romilia Quotes.