Soft, gentle hands of love

If you have been tortured
By love,
You may hate to hear
The word mentioned;
Many people have suffered
In the cruel hands of love;
And today,
They are most suspicious
Of love;
We all want to be touched
By the soft hands of love;
But more often than not,
It’s with the cruel ones
Love touches us.
Thus, pits us againt love.
Have you been touched
By the soft hands of love
Or the cruel hands of love?
May the cruel hands of love
Never touch you!
May you everyday be caressed
By the soft, gentle hands
Of love!


I hate to see

I hate to see people
Wasting their lives;
I hate to see young people
Just idling around,
Doing nothing;
I hate to see lazy people;
I hate to see talent
Being wasted;
Or somebody with enormous
Potential wasting it.
I hate to see failure.
I hate to see someone killed:
Orsomeone maltreated;
Or brutalized;
Or tortured;
I hate to see it.
What about you?
What do you hate to see?

Worst and best scenarios

I think my death or that of a close one can be the worst thing to happen. Of course, death at times can be better than some physical torture that one can experience.

It would also be a terrible thing if men and women of the underworld visited our home tonight and threatened us with guns?

I am also imagining a scenario where I got out and returned home to find a letter by my wife telling me she’s left me for another man.

The best thing that can happen to me today is for one of my posts to go viral. I don’t know what this can lead to, but I think it can be a great leap forward in my blogging dreams.

Jan 9, 2016
Worst Case Scenario
Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

What a shame!

Crime against humanity


It’s called child needs

I was horrified; shocked; stunned; I was dumbfounded.

I wonder how many women would stand the sight. Had I only been told, I would not have believed it.

I saw it with my own eyes. A despicable house help got the baby she was supposed to be taking care of and flung from the seat on which they were sitting on the floor. I screamed and turned my eyes away. So did those with whom I watched the horrible act.

Yet, the worst was still to come. The unfeeling girl went on to kick the innocent baby several times.  Then as if possessed, jumped on her twice while the little one screamed and wailed helplessly.  It was hair-raising when the witch-nurse  whisked her off into a dark corner. The worst must have happened there.

I have never known that someone could be so cruel to an innocent baby.

Can there be a worse case of child abuse?

Both parents of this baby were working and got this baby-sitter to care for their child while they went in search of money.

To say what happened was horrifying is to say the least.That this girl deserves maximum punishment is unquestionable.  But what type of punishment? For those who have seen this on Facebook, can there be a worse case of child abuse?child abuseLet us know what you think about this story