Tough road (Be inspired today 364 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Welcome rough road;
And shun you smooth road;
The rougher the road
You travel,
The tougher you become
At the end
Of your journey;
And the more precious
The trophy
You will carry home.
Tough roads produce
Tough people;
Smooth roads weak people.
Show me your choice.


Be tough

You have to be tough;
I encourage you
To be tough;
Things are not easy;
Things have not been easy;
Things will not be easy;
Things are tough;
And will be tougher.
And what do you do
When things are tough?
You have to be tough also;
You have to be tough
To meet tough times;
Unless you are tough,
You will be swept off
Your feet.
Therefore, be tough;
Be very tough;
Be very, very tough;
Be as tough as a lion;
Strong and courageous.

Ready determined resolved

What a day I find so tough!
The path to travel so rough;
Potholes here and there;
My heart beats with fear
As I toil to make it work;
Yet, I crow like a cock;
Of one thing, I am happy;
Hence I jump like a puppy;
How right now I feel,
I feel as strong as steel;
Also, in my heart I am brave;
Enough courage I have;
The odds, I am ready to face;
Determined to run the race;
Big, I am resolved to make it
Whatever challenges I hit;
Nothing will put me down;
Elsewhere or in this town;
Here and now I take a vow;
No stumbling-block will I allow
To stand on my way
Or to destroy my day;
I will turn it into a backbone;
And will call it a stepping-stone;
Whatever the odds, I will ensure
I make my success sure.

How tough are you?

How tough are you?
You have to be tough;
There’s a time to be soft,
And a time to be tough;
We live in a tough world;
We must be tough to survive;
Tough times, tough people;
Tough problems, tough solutions;
Tough questions; tough answers;
Therefore, be tough!
Unless you’re tough,
You’ll be swept off your feet;
Or simply swallowed by the world.

This poem was inspired by a comment on one of my posts by Jacqueline Obyikocha who is a wonderful blogger at Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales’ blog.. Please, visit her.


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Forget about size.

It is not the size of medication
That matters;
It is its quality.
It is not your size that matters.
It is the stuff with which you are made.
A tough person is a tough person
Of their size.
Forget about your size and toughen
If you are small and tough,
Others will respect you.
If you are huge but a vegetable,
Others will eat you up.

Of what stuff are you?

Are you made of weak stuff
Or tough stuff?
Are you of stuff that gives up
Or stuff that hangs on to the end?
Shall you give up and never reach
The winning point?
Or hold tight till you win?
If you’re made of weak stuff,
You’ll give up;
If you’re made of tough stuff,
You’ll hang on
Till you reach the winning point;
You decide!
Of what stuff are you?

The toughest journey

Which is your toughest journey?
My toughest journey, I am on;
My journey on the web;
Moving from where I am to where
I want to be;
This is a journey many people
Want to make;
In this android generation age;
To move from where they are
To reach thousands and why
Not millions of readers;
I can assure you,
It is a tough journey indeed;
There are billions of people
In the world,
And a good many of them hooked
To the web everyday;
But to get to just one hundred
Of them is a tough journey;
Especially if you are not android;
But for all I know it can be done.
Some are getting to millions
Of readers everyday;
It can be done;it is being done;
If it can be done;and being done,
You can do it.
Do not stop until you have done it.

Be strong and courageous!

Are you crying all over the place
Because you have not achieved
Something you ardently desired
to achieve?
Are you crying all over the place
Because your sweetheart
Has jilted you
In favor of your rival
Or gone for another?
Are you crying all over the place
Because your marriage
Has ended in the gutter
Or hit the rocks and shattered?
Never forget life is tough;
And demands that we be
strong and courageous.
It is not for the weak.
It is not for cry-babies.
You have to be strong to face
The challenges of the day.
Be strong and courageous friend;
Life’s for the strong and courageous.