Frustrated bitter sad

I am frustrated;
I am bitter;
I am sad;
I come from the village;
I am a village boy;
I want to go to the city;
I want to live in the city;
I want to be rich;
I want to live in luxury;
I wonder if I have a chance;
I wonder where to begin;
I have no job;
I have no education;
I know nothing but poverty;
I was born in poverty;
I have grown in poverty;
I swim in poverty;
I bathe in poverty;
I live in poverty;
I see people living in opulence;
I see them in mansions;
I see some in ivory towers;
I admire them;
I wish I could be like them;
I think everyday about my life;
I cry every night;
I know not what lies ahead;
I see no light ahead;
I really want to succeed;
I am worried;
I am frustrated,
I am bitter;
I am sad.
I want to succeed;
I want to shine as others;
I want someone to help me.



Peasant becomes king

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Is it possible
To rise from a peasant
To become a king?
Is it possible
To rise from a peasant
To become a president?
Is it possible
To go from a hut
To an ivory tower?
Is it possible
To go from the foot
Of the mountain
To the top
Of the mountain?
I hear you say
“Yes, it is possible.”
And if you say so,
Can you give
Some examples?
Do you know anyone
Who was a peasant
And became a king?
Who was a servant
And became a master?
Who was a was born
In a hut
Ans ended up living
In an ivory tower?
Tell us
That we may know,
That if it happened
To them,
It can happen to us;
That if they did it,
We can do it too.
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Yadingo makes it

Yadingo was poor; but refused to let poverty put him down.

He had a dream, and was determined to fight for it come true.

He had read many’from- rags-to-riches’ stories which narrated how people with very poor backgrounds found their way to ivory towers.

inspired by such thrilling stories, Yadingo decided that he would, someday, be somebody in his country to reckon with; why not beyond?

(To be continued)

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