Annoying things 2 littering

There is one annoying thing I see everyday in my town. It’s the habit of littering the town.

Do you have littering in your town? People throw pieces of paper on the streets or they throw banana and groundnut peelings, or wrapping of sweets just anywhere.

Littering makes the town dirty and nasty. I find this very annoying.

What do you find annoying in your locality? And what do you think can be done about it?


Tell me about city life

I don’t live in a city;
I live in a small town;
Do you live in a city?
How is city life?
Tell me about city life;
I imagine city life is good;
But it can also be bad;
Perhaps you live in a village.
I would love to live in a city;
Not just any kind of city;
A clean and beautiful city;
I like clean and beautiful cities;
I see them on television;
And they look very nice.
My daughter lives in a big city;
She tells me it is a lovely city;
I encourage my people
All the times, to work hard
So that our city may become a big
And beautiful city some day;
If you live in a city,
Tell me about city life.

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