Excellence your trademark

I implore you young man,
Let excellence be your goal;
Turn your back on mediocrity;
At all times, go in for nothing but the best;
Make excellence your trademark;
And let it follow you
Wherever you go;
Let excellence be seen,
When you are seen;
Let excellence answer
When your name is called;
You shall be richly rewarded;
Indeed, you have what it takes
To be the best;
Make that your destination;
Your trademark.


What is your trademark?

Excellence is my trademark;
What is your trademark?
I go for excellence;
I don’t always get excellence;
But what I want is excellence;
What I go for is excellence;
Excellence should be your trademark;
Go for nothing less than excellence;
You were cut for excellence;
And that is what you should be.
Excellence shines like a star;
Why not resolve now,
To make
Excellence your trademark?

Terms of great works

If the thirst for excellence burns
Hotly in your heart,
Like a piece of red-hot metal in a furnace,
I heartily congratulate you;
For, because of people like you,
We have excellence in the world.
If your heart, for achievement hungers,
Like a wolf that for days has had no morsel to eat,
I heartily congratulate you;
For, because of people like you,
The world advances at the speed of light.
If you want to make the most of your life,
I heartily congratulate you.
You must make excellence your trade mark;
And let its thirst make you a little mad;
You must make the achievement of a big dream
A fire that burns hotly in your heart.
For, on no easier terms are great works
Ever created in this world.