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Are we celebrating together?


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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

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I want, in a very special way, to shout out a big ‘hank you’ to all the sweet friends in this community who have made this site such an amazing one. You are all so wonderful; and we have only just begun.

Seven countries that matter

There are seven countries that matter to me today. Do you like to know them?
They are:

    The United Sates of America;
    United Kingdom;

My friends from these countries visited me today and I am grateful. Thank you dear friends. You visited when I was away from home. I like you to know I appreciate.

I know more friends are on their way to visit me. I am grateful. You will hear from me before the end of the day.

Enjoy the day!

Attract readers to your blog now! No 1

krI promised to start giving you tips on how to attract more visitors to your site.

I want to keep that promise. Do not expect a magic wand or anything extraordinary. Many of the things I will tell you will be reminders. You probably know them already; but reminding you about them is necessary.

There are many important things that you know and forget; and need somebody to remind you about them before you can do them.

Some of the tips are very simple. Do not think that because they are simple they are not effective. They are effective.

Let me get to the first one.

To get more visitors coming to your site:

Be a great visitor to other sites; not be a casual visitor but a serious and responsible visitor. When you visit a site and leave a comment you show that you are serious. If you write meaningful, brilliant  comments, in most cases the concerned will look for your site and visit you.

That is all for today. I like you to try it out at once.Go straight now and visit ten blogs. Make sure you krread, like and comment on what you read. I can bet you that at least five of them will pay back the visit. That will mean growth for your audience.

When you try this and it should be now, kindly let me know how it turns out.

Until tomorrow when I bring you the next tip, feel at home on this blog. Navigate as you like. The place is yours to make home.

Thank you for reading and bye for now.