Heart broken

Tragedy has stormed our station;
We have been visited by shock o;
He was young, dynamic and talented and bustling with energy;
Nobody could have predicted he was destined but for a short life; but he was. He left us for ever within the early hours of Wednesday August, 23, 2017.
The shocking news stormed the station just when it started broadcast at 5 am. Fellow colleagues were inconsolable almost weeping out their lungs.
George Tim was one of the Pioneer technicians of the station. He was a good man; a lovable soul who loved and was committed to his work.
It will take long for the station to come to terms with this demise. We are praying for the grace to give George a befitting burial. Adieu lovely George!


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Butchered for love

Have you ever heard that someone is butchered to death for love? It’s common where I live.

Once a young man butchered the girl he had been pinning his hopes on for marriage. He had invested in her education since her parents were too poor to sponsor her in school. Thus, the young girl was lifted from grass to grace.

The tragedy began when she obtained the certificates that she wanted.She no longer considered the young man good enough for her. As she openly boasted, she had found his betters and their plans could no longer stand. She would marry someone of her educational standing.

At first, the boy thought it momentary insanity. But soon, it became clear she meant every word she said.

Unable to control his anger, the young man in question found himself hatching a plan to do away with her life and his. It did not take long when the fateful day came and his diabolic plan was execute to the shock and consternation of the public.

Stunning tragedies like this abound. The question that begs for an answer is should a boy kill a girl and take away his own life because she has disappointed him and preferred another boy?

What is your take on this?

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How do you soar so high just to sink so low? How do you live in an ivory tower just to end up sitting in mud? How do you fight so hard to become king just to end your life as a beggar?

In life, where we start may matter; but even more important is where we end. Some people start with nothing and end with much. Some people start with much and end with nothing.

Life is full of challenges and temptations that can make you lose what you have worked so hard to earn in a twinkling of an eye. If you are not smart, challenges and temptations will sink you.

Have you ever been gripped by a burning desire to do something which you knew was wrong? Such a desire is temptation. Temptation is one of the most dangerous forces in the world. It has ruined many. You have to watch out lest it ruins you.

When temptation grips you, it does not easily leave you. The more you want to shirk it off, the firmer it grips you. You have to be strong to get out of its grip. Those who are not strong enough end up being engulfed by it.

Beware of temptation! Let it not ruin you. Do not work so hard to rise so high and then end up in mud.This has happened to many under our watchful eyes. How tragic indeed when this happens! Let it not happen to you. A word to a wise person is sufficient.

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She died before her time


DSCN0479The people of my city got up one morning to the shocking news of the tragic death of a young girl, brutally murdered by her jilted fiancé, a taxi-driver by name, Che Ndi. Lum Ambe,  a young, beautiful University student, was butchered to death in broad daylight just a few meters away from her room in the students’ residential area.

She hailed from a very wretched family. Her parents had been unable to sponsor her in school. At ten, she agreed to marry Che Ndi, a school dropout and taxi-driver. Taxi-drivers are not well paid where I live but are highly valued by girls because of the taxi at their disposal. With it they can take their girlfriend to wherever she wants to go.

In addition, more than half of the income from the taxi business goes into the driver’s pocket. Thus, he Ndi had enough money to take full care of a girlfriend or fiance.  He provided her all her needs and sponsored her through secondary school, High school and was sponsoring her in University when the tragedy occurred.

The two young people were very close and looked forward to the day they would get married and live like husband and wife. Everything seemed perfect for them. Their parents supported their plan and it was just a question of time before.

He was proud of her and boasted to his friends that his wife would soon be a graduate. He spared no effort to keep her up and she always dressed very well. As the days went by, she became more and more beautiful.

More and more men began to admire her. One of them was one of her professors. At first, she refused and said she was already committed to someone else. The young professor, who was in dire need of a wife, would not leave her alone. To him, she was the ideal woman he had been waiting for. He put enormous pressure on her and enticed her in different ways such as giving her high marks she did not deserve, showering her with presents; and making promises that got into her head.

He did not stop at that. He went to the girl’s mother and won her heart. Her father was against but found himself helpless under the pressure of his wife.

In the end, the girl gave in and started behaving strangely to her fiancé who did not take long to notice that something had gone wrong. When he faced her about the matter, she pretended that all was well. Yet, as the days rolled by, they became more and more estranged from each other.

In the end there was no way she could continue to play hide and seek. The truth had to come out: she would no longer marry him.

When a quarrel erupted, she told him what she thought of him; “a poor illiterate fellow; a wretch, a mere taxi-driver with no future.”

Of course, the boy’s anger became uncontrollable. Feeling stranded, he decided to meet the parents of the girl to intervene. The man was more understanding; the woman was not ready to listen. She did not see how a “mere taxi-driver” should want to marry her daughter, a whole university student.

The young man had never been so angry. All his effort to bring the girl and her family to reason bore no fruit. When he saw that all doors had been closed to him, he took the decision that he executed on that fateful day.

Early that morning, he got up; got his machete well sharpened; went and took cover in a bush on the road that he knew the girl would take to go to class, and waited for her. It did not take long when she appeared; and at once, he jumped out and started butchering her.

Her screams brought a crowd to the scene; but it was too late. She had been deadly wounded. She gave up the ghost on the way as she was being rushed to hospital.

The whole city was stunned by the incident.

I brought this story so that we may advise our young people and even parents not to fall victim to this type of thing. In fact, this is not the first time this has happened.

When I was in University myself, a young man was treated by a girl he had sponsored in a similar way. He locked her in the house and set it on fire. She lost her life.

What d you say about this?

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