Get on board

Do not be left behind;
Do not let the train go
Without you inside;
Get on board;
And in good time,
To get a good seat,
And enjoy the trip;
You will reap benefits,
That will put smiles
On your face.
Dont afford to be absent;
Absentees have themselves
To blame;
Absentees are always wrong.
Your rightful place
Is on board;
Get on board;
Get right on board.
The train is already moving.

Back on the rails (Be inspired today 161 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The train was on
The rails;
The train got derailed;
The train is back
On the rails;
The place
Of the train
Is on the rails;
If ever your train
Leaves the raills,
Get it back there;
You are a kind
Of train
As you journey through
This world;
The railroad on
Which you are traveling
Has been constructed
By God himself;
It is normal
From time to time,
To run off those rails.
Make sure you get back
On them;
So that you continue
Because you don’t have
To stop till you
Reach your destination.

Gaining skills

Every game demands that you acquire certain skills to play it well. If you master the skills, you will shine in the game. Take business. If you acquire excellent business skills, you will shine in business. If you acquire good speaking skills, you will shine as a speaker. If you acquire good writing skills, you will be an excellent writer.

Hence, skills are important. But while some people easily gain the skills they need to shine in their chosen game, others take time to do so.

My discovery is the more time you spend training to play a game, the better your chances of gaining the skills that you need.

Training is the key factor in acquiring skills. If you find an excellent football player, that would be someone who has spent many years training to acquire better skills in the game.

A skilled writer or blogger would be someone who is dedicated and has spent a good length of time learning, practising and exploring new ways of doing things.

Skills are hardly gained overnight. Even if you are naturally talented, you will still need time to polish your talent.

Therefore, those who want to shine in their field, have to bear in mind that they have to train to acquire the needed skills to shine. If you are a blogger and want to make it in the world of blogging, you have to gain the skills and practice until you become proficient.

How brightly you shine, will depend on the size of your dream, how much time you are willing to put in, and how determined you are to face and overcome the challenges on your way.

In SIWO’s Online Directory 11,  I talk about Ramit Sethi and Josh Kaufman and their amazing post in second place on that page, that can help you quickly learn a new skill.

At this train station

At the train station
Of life,
There are two trains
Ready to go;
And Satan-train;
God-train looks
So ordinary;
Satan-train looks modern
And sophisticated;
In which train
Would you like to travel?
Feel free
To choose your train.
But know what lies
Of the choice you make.
One transports good people;
The other, evil people.