They are life changing

A noble lady just told me,
A book had changed her life;
Can you guess
How I felt hearing that?
I was so elated;
Has a book done that to you?
I love books;
Or do I say
I adore books?
Books change lives;
Many good books are life changing;
They are a gold mine;
But not everybody
Knows this;
Lucky, those who do;
Books are a treasure;
And good books are
The best treasure;
One good book, I say,
Can transform your life;
If you like me to advice,
I will tell you:
Value books;
And give them a chance
To change your life.
Read as many books as you can;
And why not write yours?


Treasure’s hideout

I love the storehouse
Of knowledge called books;
And wonder if anyone doesn’t;
And why they wouldn’t;
Except from ignorance;
What books have done for me,
Is hard to tell;
No human being has done;
And I know it’s same
for many.
Books are more than
A gold mine.
And nothing can be compared
To a good book.
Some books have magical power;
Or let me say
Something like magical power;
They can transform someone;
Some books can take you
From the bottom of the ladder
To the top;
From the foot of the mountain
To its summit.
That is how powerful
Books can be.
Books are treasure’s hideout;
A store house of everything good.

Turning darkness into light

His stumbling-block
He turned into
A stepping-stone;
Putting a broad smile
On so many faces;
Starting, of course, as charity would dictate,
At home;
This is a blessing
That is no common commodity;
It’s the preserve of a few
Who possess the transformative know-how
To get to the bright side
of darkness;
Turning darkness into light;
Resultantly, they look like
A rare specie;
If you can boast of this ability, call it skill,
Count yourself lucky;
Stumbling blocks
Are a daily reality,
Galore in everyone’s life;
Their ugly faces always
Show up in annoying doses,
Without prior warning;
Justifying the raison d’être
Of the management skills
To turn them into
Stepping stones
To facilitate instead of impede progress
To your destination.

Before I kick the bucket

If you want to know my bucket list,
What I’d want to do
Before I kick the bucket,
It’s no difficulty for me to tell you.
Though I never thought of this before,
Let me tell you right away;
See my kids well settled,
And be sure they and their mum
Will be fine;
Publish many books
That will live for long,
Touch many hearts
And transform many lives.
Make some good money
And see a bit of the world;
See my blog become a website
That will, millions of lives, transform;
And help make the world an excellent place
For all to enjoy.

Kick It
What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?