May she travel safely

May she travel safely O Lord,
Protected from all dangers;
As you take control
Of their bus;
Be their driver;
Accompany their them every step
Of their journey;
Turn all her traveling partners
Into the best of friends;
Keep them hooked to you;
So that their hearts may know
Not fear but trust in you;
May your name be glorified
When their journey is through!
We make our humble prayer
Through Christ
Your son our Lord, Amen!


My Hunger For Crazy Led Me To Iceland

Northern Light in Iceland.

There I was, on the plane to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. An island of fire and ice with endless tales and myths waiting for me to discover.

I went to Iceland for my internship, because a lecturer introduced Iceland as crazy, cold and weird. It’s not a typical way to describe a country, but he got me at “crazy.” I wanted to escape from my daily life in the Netherlands — in search of something new, an adventure, and way out of my comfort zone.

Iceland came along my path and I had no idea where it would lead me, but I knew I needed to go there. That was my inspiration to travel it.

“I don’t know what my path is yet. I’m just walking on it.” — Olivia Newton-John

Back then, I haven’t been travelling to many places. So, when I arrived in Iceland, it felt as if I entered another world. As if I was transported to a fantasy novel — a story that took me far away from my safe home to a mystical land full of adventure and uniqueness, which was exactly what I wanted.

If I would describe this whole experience in one word, it would be “uncomfortable”. Cold wind, heavy snow, unending rain, rare moments of sun, and sometimes having workdays of 17 hours. Nothing was good and yet everything was perfect. Here is why:

1. A Chance To Be A Beginner Again

The step I took into the unknown combined with the anxiety of the unexpected, made me feel like a beginner all over again, and there was nothing more humbling. Around every corner, I found amazing scenery where my eyes wander for whatever might be beyond there. The very newness of my surrounding lit up my fire as I approached it with a sense of wonder and admiration.

This was exactly the place where I wanted to escape to, and I left my daily life behind in the Netherlands. As days come and go, so did the sensation in its turn. It was a matter of time until I created a daily life for myself in Iceland as well. However, it’s those days when I let myself to be a beginner again and wanting to learn something new is what kept my sensation alive. I realised I could do this here in Iceland, why can’t I do this In the Netherlands?

Here is the thing: I thought being a beginner was time bound, but it was my own mindset to blame. I could approach any daily activity with complete openness and curiosity, with the desire to learn. Of course, it’s easier to be an actual beginner, but I could approach my daily life in both Iceland and the Netherlands with a beginner’s mindset and make life new again. And that was exactly what I planned to do when my internship ended. Sometimes, it’s all about finding newness in the old.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” — Shunryu Suzuki

2. Found Places To Get Lost

Sometimes it was all too much, especially the long workdays of 17 hours, and I longed for some down time for myself. Iceland was perfect whenever I was seeking for quietness or wanted to distance myself from everything. It’s a habit of mine to get lost in order to organise ideas and thoughts, and to escape from the reality surrounding me for a while.

With getting lost, I didn’t mean with straying from my life path. Not at all. This is more related to rediscovering myself. The idea is to take a step back from everything around me to create an opportunity to learn new things. This helped me access inspiring situations where I could discover more about myself and who I am.

Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be one.” — Robin S. Sharma

3. It Made Me A Storyteller

Travelling is more than just transportation, it’s about transformation. It taught me how to navigate in unknown situations, be independent, and occasionally to go with the flow. Never had I ever come back home and said, “Traveling sucks!”. Yes, I came across challenges as well. I had to manage myself in all different situations which is how I learned to rely on myself.

I could tell infinite stories about how everything went well, but it’s those hard times that emerge into really memorable stories. Travelling in Iceland had placed me in the middle of infinite unfolding dramas and it made me the storyteller that I am today. I got to experience other cultures, which changed my perception of the world. It taught me about the commonality people around the world share. I learned that we’re not so different after all.


The day I waved goodbye to my daily life in the Netherlands, I also waved goodbye to the simple-minded boy who didn’t enjoy life.

It’s true what they say: “Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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  • Have you ever travelled to Iceland?
  • What were your most memorable experiences there?
  • Do you have any recommendations for me and other readers?

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Celebrate every step

person in yellow and black backpack walking on green grass field under cloudy blue sky during daytime

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on

On your way to where you
Are going,
Every step you take,
You must celebrate;
Do not downplay it;
Or take it for granted:
Each step takes you nearer
Your destination;
And step after step,
Soon, you arrive;
Haven’t you heard it said?
No matter how long
The journey may be,
It is step by step
That the traveler can go?
And one step at a time,
He will finally arrive;


Let me take you on a journey with me. You can call it a LUCID DREAM but it was actually my chance to play around with some MAGIC and some LOVE. Get on with me on this fairytale adventure where a CRANE FAIRY took us on a Blind Date with the world.

My Post (19)

“I think we should take a break so we can have some time to figure it out” I shouted and burst into tears. I thought he would hug me and try to settle it all but instead, Mr husband responded with a “yes”. I marched back to my room, banged the door and locked myself in. Next day I called up my bestie and told her about the fight.  she started laughing and said, “sweety, you guys are an inspiration, your fairytale romance keeps our faith alive in love. Disagreements and arguments are normal, maybe you both are just stressed out. Yes, you guys need a break but not from each other rather from your routine. Why you guys don’t plan a HOLIDAY??? Think about it and I will call you later”.

I was still feeling so angry and ignored after the fight that it was impossible to even imagine repairing the relationship but I really wanted to identify the missing pieces of our bond. The doorbell rang, he was back home and asked me about my day, I just nodded my head in fine with a half-hearted smile. We had our dinner and get into our bed to sleep.

Lying on my bed, I was gazing at stars outside my window and saw an aeroplane flying with its flickering light. I remembered my bestie’s advice about the holidays and quickly wished upon that flight, “Oh sweet world! please take us somewhere on a blind date with you so that I can find those lost missing pieces of my love back in you“. I wished upon that flight like kids wish upon the shooting star. Suddenly I felt his arms around me. He held me tight and said, “Hey love, I Missed you”. Tears rolled down my cheek. We hugged each other and were about to kiss but interrupted by a knock on our window.

There was this smiling fairy with the wings of the crane, with the yellow scarf on her neck and was wearing a navy dress. She gave us a folded map and said, “Wish Granted”. Stamping the crane logo on our wrist she said,

” Follow the instructions and do not delay… we are giving you the wings and your love will find the way”

We opened the map and it pulled us into itself…. whoa! we were standing in a beautiful fairytale European old town, beeping red dot in the map showed us that we were in  The Main Market square in Krakow, Poland.

Main-Market-And-Basilica.jpgThis place brought back the first missing piece CHARM, that fairytale charm of our bond was back. We hugged each other as if we had met each other after years of separation.

Famous Krakow horse carriage was waiting for us. We got onto that and it took us to a big garden through the beautiful Royal Route there we find this majestic Private Jet Fleet. Two magical black ribbons came flying and blindfolded us before we began our journey.


Somebody escorted us withholding our hands to this unknown place. I could feel the cold, smell the freshness and touch the flowers. Black ribbon flew off from our eyes,

I could not contain the joy filled in my heart

by this beautiful land,

And the red dot on map beeped,

wow!!! it was Switzerland.

I screamed with joy and started dancing with the wind on the Mount Rigi, the queen of mountains. I was caught off guard by a romantic Kiss from Mr Husband. He cuddled me and said, I fall all over in love again with this beautiful smile of yours”. In that very moment,……… TO READ FURTHER, PLEASE CLICK HERE 


Vehicles drive along Ocean Drive in South Beach as Hurricane Irma arrives at south Florida, in Miami Beach, Florida

I hear the diesels in my head as I awaken in a sweat. This hurricane is pounding; the rain is coming down in sheets, even in the dark. Now exhausted, the highway waits to take me home. I fight to climb through the winding elevations of the tall timbered forests. It’s a marathon, and I’m too old to compete; my heart is for the giving, not for racing my fellow man.

My God, oh how I love thee! You grant me a sense of peace in this treacherous darkness and guide me far from the unknown lights. Lead me where I know not for your faith in me is more abundant than mine. I try to keep up, but my body is worn out so please carry me, Father, as dawn draws ever closer. Protect me, for I have not a license nor a permit to follow you through the encompassing forest. Only my faith leads me through this mess. I’m torn – I’m homebound where home isn’t my dwelling anymore.

You led me to higher plains and shown me routes of straining engines and taut muscles. I come to be with YOU, dear Lord. I am yours forevermore. Take my hand for I am weak; my strength relies on You. But the faith I find in the early morn is where wisdom remains sleeping. So, I awake in prayer and am homebound with you beside me.

My gracious God, who teaches us patience and a faith that can move mountains, I ask you to help me when the dawn’s light arrives. It is there I’ll be showered in your love and dressed to prepare for your Word. I’m yours Father… I’m homebound.

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Dreams and hopes

What are your dreams?
And your hopes?
They may be similar
To my dreams
And my hopes;
My dreams and hopes
Are, some day,
To travel
All over the world,
And enjoy myself;
I hope
That life will improve;
That the economy
Will pick up;
And money will start
To flow again;
That will enable me
To save money
For my trip;
How wonderful
That would be!
That is my dream;
That is my hope.

D+14 Days Of Camping In Hills

Republishing an old post to relive an adventure. Read-through to experience the thrill!

Click on the title below:

Living Out There: The Tale Of The Patwa-Dangar Camp

6 Kms to the south of Haldwani is Patwa Dangar, a place so high that you could touch the clouds with raising your hand just above the shoulders. This is sort of an unexplored hill station which surprisingly has a circuit house and a small village scattered over the highs and lows of steep hill.

12440 ft. (3792 m) above the ground you have to be really tough to live out here.

This is one of the first accounts of my adventures starting from college days. I shall post the series in continuation of the same. Watch this space for more!

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #101&102

I have recently had a truly worldwide mix of people to associate with.  Through work, travelling, going to shows and attending courses, I think I have enjoyed watching this spectacle.  Two events made it even more interesting.  An industrial action and Christmas.  Whilst the former would have resulted in many grumpy people for the disruption in their journeys, the latter has made people quite charitable and happy.   So it balanced out.

In  fact I should say on an Underground Tube journey people talk to each other less than on Trains.   Even so with lots of people shopping and usually in groups of families or friends, there is chance to listen to them.  It’s not that I want to know their business but I do love listening when they are speak about their day.and when they chat in different languages.  I may not understand what is being said but the atmosphere is enhanced.

Including the places where we are spending time in groups to interact, learn or exchange ideas, I am having a round the world trip.  Would you like to join me?  Of course, we are already on one here, on WordPress.