Treasure Island

You are my treasure island;
My silver and gold;
My everything;
You put smiles on my face;
What would I be
Without you?
You are my oxygen;
The source of my strength;
If you leave me,
You impoverish me;
Being with me
You empower me;
You energize me.
You enrich me,
You are my treasure island.


Treasure’s hideout

I love the storehouse
Of knowledge called books;
And wonder if anyone doesn’t;
And why they wouldn’t;
Except from ignorance;
What books have done for me,
Is hard to tell;
No human being has done;
And I know it’s same
for many.
Books are more than
A gold mine.
And nothing can be compared
To a good book.
Some books have magical power;
Or let me say
Something like magical power;
They can transform someone;
Some books can take you
From the bottom of the ladder
To the top;
From the foot of the mountain
To its summit.
That is how powerful
Books can be.
Books are treasure’s hideout;
A store house of everything good.

These amazing souls (Be inspired today 100 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to be like these
Amazing souls;
These men and women
I meet on the blogosphere,
Who teach me
To go out
Of my little self;
And meet people;
And give to fellow humans;
It’s not just about me;
About me alone is selfish;
It’s greed;
And what is ruining the world;
It’s much more about others;
Others are the treasure
I desperately seek;
That gold I want;
My golden crown
Will come from others;
Many don’t know;
That’s it – others;
They hold the key;
No others, no access
To Treasureland.
When shall I have this
Indelibly printed
In my skull?
Are you aware of this?
Take it in;
No others, nothing;
No others, no treasure;
No others, no success;
No others, no victory;
Help me O Lord,
To be like these
Amazing souls
Who know
The value of others;
And put others ahead,
Not behind me;
And go for others
Not waiting for others
To come to me.
I strongly want
To be like
These amazing souls.
I want to love others;
To treasure others;
And go for them always.

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If my happiness is your joy, your happiness is my joy.

I am amazed at the number of people who like to see me happy. It’s so wonderful how caring people can be. That is the kind of world we need; a world where love prevails; where we like to see others happy; and actually do things to make others happy.

Do you like to see how many people would like to see me happy? CLICK HERE. If you like to see me happy, it’s easy to do it; and will make me very happy. All you need do is tell me so or you click ‘like’ here. Thanks to all those who like to see me happy and all those who are making me happy. May God abndantly bless you!

You are my greatest treasure.

Where is Treasure Island?

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Looking for Tresure Island;
The land that is full of treasure;
Where is Treasure Island?
Who knows its location?
I want to go to Treasure Island;
I want to get some treasure;
Which is found on Treasure Island.
If you know where this Island is found,
Do me the favor to take me there;
Take me to Treasure Island.

You’re mine

See how brightly you shine;
I am so proud you are mine!
A mere look at your smile,
Makes me mad for a while;
Your teeth white like snow;
As you make my heart glow;
Every single word you say;
Is enough to make my day.
You are, indeed, a treasure;
Your worth, beyond measure.
If what you want is my love;
I promise to give you enough.

Make yourself a treasure

Make others treasure you;
I’ll treasure you
If you are a treasure to me.
We treasure people
Who are a treasure to us.
We treasure kind, and loving people;
We treasure anyone
Who will stand by us in need.
If you are kind and loving,
People will treasure you.
If you are valuable to people,
People will treasure you.
You can make others treasure you.
You can make yourself a treasure.

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