Today’s daily prayer to make our trials draw us closer to God 65

Almighty God and father,
You are a loving father,
You made the world so beautiful,
And handed it over to us,
You intended us to enjoy it;
But we have messed it up,
And continue to do so;
You know how to turn bad situations into good;
Continue to help us O Father,
To transform the evil
Destroying us into good;
Grant us the Grace to persevere in our effort;
Guide us not to stumble
On the stumbling blocks
On our way,
But to stand on them
So that we may see further;
We continue to face trials,
Make them draw us closer
To you.
We offer you our hearts this day O Lord,
Help us to live the faith
In truth and charity;
Help us to build our belief,
To be strong and solid;
May we love you more
Than all else;
You know our needs;
You know our problems;
You know our challenges;
You know our weaknesses;
We hand them all over to you.
Open the way for all your children crying to you;
Among us are people who are very ill at this moment;
Touch them with your healing hands and restore their health;
Also with us are people who are in serious financial problems,
Give them a solution, O Lord,
Because on you alone they depend;
Great God, Master of all the universe,
Our words are not enough to praise you;
We are insignificant,
But in your loving kindness
And compassion,
You pay attention to us.
Thank you God.
Thank you sweet God;
Thank you most loving Father.
To you, through Christ our Lord, we pray,


Endure the pains

You will never become
A great warrior
Unless you go into battle
And fight;
If you run away
No victory for you;
Facing an enemy
And fighting hard
Is the only way
To become
A champion;
A battle is both
A challenge;
And an opportunity
To emerge victorious;
In life,
When trials come;
Count yourself lucky,
They offer an opportunity
To build your muscles
And become stronger.
If you fear to climb
A mountain
You cannot get to
The summit.
Unless a woman is ready
To endure labour pains
Let her forget
About child-bearing.
Endure the pains!

Trials and troubles

“If trials and troubles assail you, there is reason to jubilate. That is an eloquent indication that God has a big plan for you. Through these trials and troubles he wants to fortify you in preparation for your future responsibilities. The bigger the trials and troubles that inundate you, the bigger the responsibilities that await you.” (Romilia Quotes)

Opposition? Shatter it!

Opposition should not stop you;
Trials should not put you down;
Challenges should not discourage you;
Failure should not kill your determination to win;
Whether it be
Or challenges,
Put them off!
Shatter them!
Or let them make you stronger than ever;
And with that renewed strength
Pull down any mountain on your way;
And win.