God’s Glorious Creation

Women are God’s glorious creation who fit perfectly into His grand plan. She expands His temple by giving birth and training her family to live adult, productive lives. How incredibly valuable mothers are to the Lord! But this nurturing reality didn’t exist for women in biblical times.

When God created Adam and Eve, he gave them equal reign of the earth. But as the forbidden fruit was eaten, so too, was the woman’s rights to help dominate the land. As the Judaism religion developed, they overplayed this scene – women had no rights. Their primary purpose in life was to give birth, raise children in the Jewish faith, and attend to all the needs within the home and for her husband. She was never to be seen outside socializing with others, nor within the temple walls.

However, under Mosaic Law, Israeli women enjoyed an honorable status, and men recognized their rights. Though husbands were head of the household, the wife could freely express her religion and work a job.

So, who made the world change their view of women? Jesus loved the female genus, and He highly respected them. He healed their ailments, allowed them to travel with Him, and made disciples of a few. To express their importance to Jesus, He even chose a woman to bear witness to his resurrection (Mary Magdalene).

Proverbs 31: 25-30 expresses God’s deep love for mothers:

God also gave guidelines to husbands and children:

“Honor your marriage; keep it pure by remaining true to your wife in every way.” Hebrews 13:4

“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect…” 1 Peter 3:7

“My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching.” Proverbs 6:20

Mothers mold their offspring with love and integrity. In moments of illness, strife, or despair, their children remain foremost in their thoughts. They adorn their families with our lasting memories. Mothers, the Lord chose YOU to rear His creations and to love them as you love His Word. You are truly a gift.

To all the mothers who grow God’s kingdom, may you have a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day! Know you are so special and loved!

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Mother sweet mother

Mother, sweet mother;
The first person
Who taught me love.

Mother, sweet mother;
The first person
To ever give me
A tender touch.

Mother, sweet mother,
The first person to wipe
My tears when I cried.

Mother, sweet mother,
Always there for me
When I need you.

Mother, sweet mother;
Never tired of caring for me;
Your patience amazes me.

Tribute to a living legend (Be inspired today 82 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who do I see glowing
Like a fire
In a furnace?
Who is this living legend?
This super woman;
The like of Mandela,
Luther King, Michael Jackson,
Mahamat Gandhi,
That is no other than
Oprah Winfrey.
The woman whose smile😁
Beams light like
The rays of the sun;🌙🌕
A woman of mettle;
And dignity;
A role-model,
Founder, owner OWN.
From humble beginnings
To ivory tower;
Wining and dining
With kings and Queens;
A superstar;
The pride of many;
Leader and mentor;🎧🎤📻
To you Oprah Winfrey,
I doff my hat.
Truly, you are heroine;
A living legend.
Millions are better
Because there was
A giantess, Oprah Winfrey.
Millions listen daily
To Oprah Winfrey.

You are a blessing

So sweet, indeed;
You are so sweet;
You are a blessing;
My blessing;
A blessing to me;
But not to me alone;
Too good for me alone;
To others also;
You are a blessing
To your family;
Your lovely spouse;
Your kids;
Your neighbours;
Your community;
To the whole world;
As he commanded,
I love you so very much.

(Inspired by and dedicated to the lovely Yamina of love- Faith- Soul)

Tribute to Yesterday

Yesterday was Yesterday;
I never before had someone
Like the lovely Yesterday,
Except a long time ago;
Yesterday was Yesterday;
Yesterday was good, and I am Grateful from my heart;
For sure, she had her downs,
But I saw mostly her upside,
That warmed my heart;
Yesterday, you have to note;
Left her mark in my heart.
Thank you, Yesterday!
You were so sweet.
Great tribute to you I pay.

Tribute to a great man

You were a great man;
You were important;
You were a great thinker;
You were a great heart;
You were special;
You were unique;
You were an inspiration;
You were a role-model;
You were a leader;
You were an example;
You were my kind;
You were my friend;
Many loved you;
You are gone;
Yet, you live on.
Many think fondly of you;
Many will remember you
For a long time;
Your name has been
Engraved in the annals
Of history.

World shapers

Tribute to the:
Great thinkers,
Great artists;
Great writers;
Great leaders;
Great politicians;
Great poets;
Great philosophers;
Great teachers;
Great inventors;
Great scientists;
Great explorers;
Great musicians;
Great thinkers;
Great communicators;
Great motivators; and
Great inspirers;
Who have shaped
The world;
I thank them;
And feel motivated
To contribute
My quota to shape
The world.
What of you?

So sweet of heart


Do you know this lady
Who keeps us informed
Whose pen ever flows?
Who inspires us every time?
She is no other than
Our darling Susanna Dziworshie;
A lady so sweet of heart;
And of beauty both in and out;
Caring and committed;
Daily, she gives us
SIWO Global News;
We love you Susanna;
So dear to us you are!
We pray
That the good Lord who started
So great a job in creating you
May keep you shining to the end!

Dedicated to Susanna Dziworshie with love

You’re a darling

You are a darling;
So amazing;
So lovable;
Wonderfully creative
I like that you are
So smart and sharp;
Such a brilliant one is you;
If all were like you,
We would be flying;
You leave no opportunity
To go unexplored;
You have an eye
Super fast to see;
Where others are blind,
Your eye is open;
Your enthusiasm is high;
You are highly motivated!
And so loving and caring
You are;
I am so proud of you;
You are a winner!
You have a place
So special in my heart.
Thank you for all your love;
Thank you for all you do;
Thank you for everything.