We are so close

We are so close
To the D-day;
We are so close
To our destination;
We are so close
To the end,
And can’t
Be discouraged;
We’re long past
The time
To be discouraged;
We are at
The winning point;
Only a fool
Will give up here;
At the winning point,
When the trophy
Is at arms reach.
You have to persevere,
And cross the line;
And carry the trophy.
Indeed, you are close;
So close.

Do you know what is ahead for you?

Do you know or guess what is
Ahead for you in this world?
Who can boast they know?
I do not;
Some have greater things
Than they can imagine;
Isn’t it great to believe
Something incredible
Awaits you?
And it might just be so.
Truth is
Awe-inspiring achievements
Are lined up for tomorrow
All over the world;
And hard to know
Who will be their authors;
One of them
Could well be you.
Big possibility;
Don’t undermine God’s plan
For your own life.
No one knows God’s logic;
If he decides to put you on top;
To let your team carry the trophy,
Who can dare counter him?
Just keep doing your best;
And hoping for the best.
It’s possible to have a big
Pleasant surprise;
Having the world stand up
To salute you.
Hahaha haha!😀😀😀👍

Wait till the end

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I see you in real jubilation;
What is the good news?
Did you win the trophy?
You have to watch out;
Don’t dance lame before
The real dance;
I know you scored the first goal,
But that does not make you
The winner?
You will be mistaken
To think it does;
You could be the winner
If that is the only goal
Scored in the match;
Or, if you score more goals;
And your opponent doesn’t
Score like you;
You don’t celebrate victory
Until the match has ended;
Your opponent may score
The first goal
And the second goal
And third goal,
When you are still
On your lone goal;
Haven’t we seen this happen?
Take nothing for granted
When you play a match;
The winner is only known
At the end of the match;
Not before;
Things have appeared to be
Going wrong when they are
Going right;
And things have appeared to be
Going right when they are
Going wrong.
You always wait till the end
Before you concede defeat
Or celebrate victory.
If you start celebrating
When the match is still on,
You may make a fool of yourself;
Make no fool of yourself.


Go for a win

Do you have something

You want to do 

Which you know is right?

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Go ahead and do it.

Don’t fear. 

Don’t doubt. 

Don’t listen t

to discouraging messages

from people

Who will tell you

Not to try it. 

Do not  let fear

Or doubt take control of  you,

You will never do it

What you like to do;

And what you can do.

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Fear and doubt

Are great dream-killers;

Discouraging messages

Are dream killers;

There are people

Who seem to specialize in

Discouraging people

And killing dreams;

They will stand on your way;

Inject fear and doubt into you;

And tell you it cannot be done.

They will tell you,

That you must not try;

That you will fail.

That you will lose.


Tell them you will not lose;

Tell them you will not fail.

Tell them you will succeed.

Tell them you were born to win.


Then go ahead and win.

You are an achiever;

Achievers defy all odds.

They close their ears

To discouraging messages.

They turn off fear and doubt,

And courageously march

Forward with their dreams

Until they win,

And carry home the trophy.

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Fight for First place

If you fight so hard,
Like the World Cup team,
That fought and won
The coveted trophy,
Who can stop you
From carrying a medal home?
Fight like the champions;
Fight like the winners;
Fight like the superstars
Who won the World Cup trophy;
Don’t fight to come out
In second place;
Fight to come out on top;
Fight to be the best.
Fight for first place;
Fight with passion;
Like the world Cup champions;
And come out on top.

Meditation and Sharing no 2

Theme: Heaven is our Trophy

All the participants in a⚽world cup competition want to win. 🏆

The reality of life is whenever there is a title and a trophy on the line, motivation runs high and even amateurs want to finish in first place and beat their more experienced opponents.

For us Christians, Heaven is our trophy: but how many of us are highly motivated to win that trophy? How many of us are preparing to get in (not just as individuals but as breatheren in the Lord) and be part of its eternal love and happiness?

The final whistle blows when we die⚰. It will soon be 90 minutes for you and I. Are we fighting hard to win and carry the trophy?

Are we evaluating our spiritual progress?

On the field of play, there are rules and guidelines. This is same for other arenas of life. Are we living by the rules?

One danger about a competition is that it can promote a me-first attitude. And selfishness can destroy families, friendships, and team work environments.

That is the risk we face in our present world.

But Jesus models a life of love and humility for us. Matthew writes, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)

Our attitude should be the same as Jesus’ attitude, looking for ways to care for one another and putting the general interest first. That is love. That is humility.

Real love sacrifices, serves, and is marked by generosity.

In this world where there is competition🏆 every day between good and evil; God and the devil; light versus darkness, if we make it our primary 🎯goal to be faithful to Jesus, relying on the Holy Spirit, and seeking to serve the common good, we will consistently win as we can see with the teams with a strong team spirit and a good manager.

We ought to have confidence in God as our team manager and declare: ” *Thanks be to God! He has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:57)*

May we learn to work for the common good, following Christ our able team manager and keeping selfishness aside.
shalom AMEN 🙏🏼

Author: Suh Edwin Igwacho.

Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Bonamoussadi,Douala,Cameroon.