Quote (reaping)

“If you want to live by reaping where you did not sow, you are heading for inevitable trouble. You may do it and go free once or a number of times and think you have made it. You haven’t. Eventually, you will be caught up.” (Romilia Quotes)


Our problem is greed

Can we not love one another,
Instead of hate one another
In this world?
Can we not live in harmony
Instead of living in disharmony
In this world?
Can we not stop fighting one another
And live together in peace
In this world?
Instead of being at war always?
What makes it so hard
To live with others in peace?
Can we not share the fruits
Of the garden fairly among ourselves?
Why do some people want to grab
Everything only for themselves?
Some people want the Lion’s share;
But why such greed?
Because that is where the problem lies.
The day we remove greed
From our hearts,
And replace it with generosity,
And think of others
When dishing the food,
So that each one has an equal share,
Peace will start to reign
Among us in this world.
Our trouble comes from greed. We want to eat alone.

Trouble makers, Please!

Trouble l-makers, please,
Leave peace-lovers alone;
They want to enjoy
Their peace;
Cheaters, please,
You are trouble-makers;
By cheating,
You create trouble,
Can you stop cheating
And creating trouble?
Peace lovers want
To enjoy peace in peace.
Unjust, crocket people,
Stop your injustice!
You are creating trouble;
Greedy people
You are making trouble;
Stop spoiling our world;
Over-ambitious people,
Your ambition is harmful;
Causing so much trouble;
Can you moderate?
Please, pipe down;
Allow the peace lovers
To enjoy their peace.
Trouble makers, please.

In trouble,who can help?

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We are having some troubles. Who can help? LOOK AT THIS:

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Trouble is looming

If I tell you I am happy,
That would not be true;
I am not at all happy;
I have worries and fears;
Worries about the future;
I can’t say what is coming;
What looms in the air
Is frightful;
The sky is dark;
I see trouble blowing;
But I can’t say, for sure,
What kind of trouble it is;
Disaster hangs overhead
For everybody;
Death seems in the horizon;
I see shooting and killing;
I see war impending;
And what’s worse,
We cannot help ourselves.
We have become a helpless lot;
Who count on God alone;
Help us O Lord.
Without you we’re finished.