We Work For God


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The blackest of clouds stalk the night’s evening sunset. A phone call interrupts my joy of dreams. The update took precedence for a mother lost her young son to the practicing world of medicine. God forbid the professional caretakers who made the misdiagnosis! Her innocent child died of a curable cancer at the tender age of twenty-six. But, God anoints those who stay in prayer when questioning the validity of why He allows children to die young.

So full of mixed emotions at the devastating news, it’s ironic God brings my home and future so much love, and making Him happy is a priority. My wife and I share the miracles God gives us every day. But, it is times such as this, working for God is difficult… consoling the less fortunate, reflecting with the very ill, and nights spent reminiscing memories of those who passed.

In the gloomy daylight, we put our galoshes on and troop through the storms along with high expectations of a better tomorrow. God willing, there will be a rainbow at the end of the heavy rains. We become an armored troubadour on tough days, preparing to meet the tidal wave of life. So, let us rejoice!

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It is not known to us, yet, why death occurs at any age. But, it’s safe to assume when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God cursed the ground of humans on earth. The Tree of Life fell prey to sin, and none are indestructible, including our offspring. A lesson to learn – there is nothing of this world we can count on for true contentment. Instead, we must look to God for our ultimate and eternal fulfillment. We should worship and trust in Him who is wiser than we are, knowing our final rewards are in heaven.

Sworn to work for God, I pray our faith waves like Old Glory in the winds of the stormy seas. Batten down the hatches from Satan’s wild, destructive forces which seep through the cracks as we proceed on our current course. Remember your faith as you cross life’s treacherous roads and stay humble.

God loves each one of us. So, let us unite when the fear of catastrophic winds attack us. As Christians, resist temptations when Satan closes in, and restore love in each other and our Lord. We work for God. Be that pillar under His wings.


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Thank God for Green Lights

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It’s 4:10 AM, and the streetlight quickly turns green at a big intersection. Great – no waiting! I cross a six-lanes where traffic will soon take over. It’s clear sailing! I approach the next juncture, and again, the light immediately turns green as I approach it. God is with me, controlling things I cannot see down this long, dark road. Every light turns green as I’m heading out of town. They quietly whisper, ‘Safe travels! See you when you return.’ I thank God, for the green lights in life.

In the rearview mirror, it’s lonely and dreary, with an occasional red or yellow glowing in the dark, but they quickly fade away. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? Sometimes we wonder if we’re headed in the right direction. We must build trust in Jesus’ to lead us through life’s traffic by navigating turns of faith. But, we have to discern and be obedient to His signals. God loves us so much that He will give us warning signs, a yellow light. Perhaps impending disaster is drawing near. He wishes that no one perish nor succumb to Satan’s ploys and traps, and suffering major consequences.

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Daylight is now approaching, and I’m greeted with smiles at every destination. God makes every single day worth smiling about in the grander scheme of things! I return to my domain where my angel awaits me. She’s my bride for life, you know? I just thank God she’s another green light in my life. So, I pick up a pen, listening to the Lord’s message, and I begin to write. It’s a terrific time to be alive! I reverently give thanks.

Are you steered by green lights, or do red or yellow precede your direction? It was once said, “If you don’t change your course, you will end up where you’re headed.” Those words resound in me as I look to God, always expecting the lights to be green. The guiding words of our Almighty Father is the only power that brings us comfort in daily life. I, just thank God for the green lights!

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The Lord shall restore to you

Do you know that all that is yours by divine right but which you lost or which did not come to you can be restored to you? It can. God said it,

“I will restore to you the years that the locusts hath eaten.” Joel 2:25.

We see this on a daily basis don’t we? The child who does not go to school but later becomes an outstanding success. The poor parents whose children succeed in a great way. The last who becomes the first. The one who goes from rags to riches. The ugly girl who gets married to very wealthy man. The list can continue.

What it demands is that you put your trust in God and keep asking him until he does it for you. Repeat his words with an appropriate adaptation ten times, one hundred times; as many times as you can every day believing.

“Th Lord shall restore unto me the years the locusts hath eaten.

In God I trust

I may not have it now;
But nothing stops me from
Having it tomorrow;
In God I trust;
Why do you laugh at me?
You laugh at me,
Because I don’t roll in a big car
Like you;
You laugh at me,
Because I don’t live in a mansion
Like you,
You laugh at me,
Because all my friends occupy big positions
And I do not;
So what?
I don’t mind that you laugh at me;
Who knows what God has in store for me?
Who knows tomorrow?
Laugh at me if you like;
I shall not mind it;
I shall not be discouraged;
I shall not give up;
I shall keep on trying;
I shall keep on doing the best
With my life;
And I shall wait for my God to decide;
In Him I trust;
No one knows tomorrow;
The first may be the last;
And the last may be the first;
Laugh at no one;
Or laugh at me if you like;
In God I trust;
At his right time,
He will lift me up;
The best is still to come.

Going to bed satisfied

I will go to bed tonight satisfied with myself and with my work; satisfied that I have given the world what I desired to give. It was a busy day for me, indeed. In addition, network was not the best. I saw myself unable to accomplish my mission for the day. That made me a little worried.Thank God everything has worked out well; and I am going to bed satisfied.

This is a confirmation that with God on your side, everything will always work out well. What a joy indeed to go to bed satisfied! This is my prayer for you who are reading this. May you go to bed every night satisfied with yourself; with your day’s work; with your creator!. 

He chisels me

When difficulties knock on my door;
I shall not be shattered;
I shall not say the Lord has forgotten me;
For, indeed, he has not.
With each trouble,
He chisels me;
With each difficulty,
He chisels me;
With each disappointment,
He chisels me;
And as he does so,
He prepares me
For the great things he has
In store for me;
Why then should I detest
Any difficulties, hardships or sorrows
That come my way?
I shall take them with a smile;
And wait for God’s plan for me
To mature;
I shall take them with a smile;
And wait for God’s fruits in my life
To get ripe;
And get ready for harvest.

The wisest thing to do

“Fast runners do not always win the race, and the brave do not always win the battle” (Eccl.9:11).

The ways of God are very hard to understand. It is not uncommon for bright sunshine to be followed immediately by a down pour of rain. The answers are not always straight.

The Bible says, “Wise men do not always get rich, and capable men do not always rise to high positions.” (Eccl. 9:11).

You cannot say what comes next in your life. God alone knows. Trusting him with your destiny is therefore the wisest thing to do.

Why do you labor in vain?

There is no reason for you to labor in vain. Many people, indeed, labor in vain. Do you know why? Read this:

“If the Lord does not build the house, the work of the builders is useless; if the Lord does not protect the city, it is useless for the sentries to stand guard. It is useless to work so hard for a living, getting up early and going to bed late. For the Lord provides for those he loves while they are asleep” (Psalm Psalm 127:1-2).

What is expected of us according to these two verses so that we will not labor in vain?