I trust fully in you

My faith in you, O Lord,
Is the source of my strength;
I have full trust in your power;
I know there’s no power
Greater than yours;
I know you always stand
By those who depend on you;
I know that each time
That I run to you,
You are always there for me;
To protect me;
And every time I call on you,
You cater for my need.
That is why I am confident,
And bold;
And courageous;
I am sure of great things
In the years ahead;
If not the months or weeks
Or days ahead.
Thank you for granting me
The grace to trust
Fully in you.


He alone I trust

Who can help me?
Who can help me fly
Who can help me
Do what I want to do?
Who can help me
Get what I want to get?
Who can help me
Go where I want to go?
Yes, who can help me?
Will you help me?
Can you help me?
I don’t trust you.
The only one I trust
Is God the creator of all;
He alone can help me;
He alone I trust.
I know God can help me.

Counting on you

I count on you, my Lord,
I count on you;
I count on you, this day;
I count on you;
I count on you for my success,
I count on you,
I count on you for my happiness,
I count on you;
I count on you for my joy;
I count on you;
I count on you for my protection;
I count on you;
I count on you for my breakfast,
I count on you;
I count on you for my lunch,
I count on you;
I count on you for my dinner,
I count on you;
I count on you for everything,
I count on you;
I count on you because
You have it all.

My king, my all

You are my shepherd
O Lord;
My only shepherd;
You will remain my shepherd
For ever;
In you, I put all my trust;
In this world,
Which is such a hard place,
No one, on their own,
Can survive.
The dangers are many;
Nothing is certain;
Nothing is guaranteed;
But with you on our side,
There is hope
That the best will come
Our way;
No earthly power
Can give us what we need;
The protection
And the blessings
That you can give;
You alone
Can provide our needs;
You hold my life
In your palms;
Hence, to you,
I pledge my fidelity
And loyalty.
You are my God,
My king, and my all.

Never will he fail me

I trust my God;
My creator, I trust;
I believe him;
I believe what he tells me;
His word is true;
At all times, it is true;
Right now,
My fortunes are mixed;
But still, I am happy;
It is not the end;
The road is still long;
And better things lie ahead;
I shall not relent;
Instead, I shall double my effort;
And I know,
When we say yes with conviction,
Heaven too says yes.
I put my trust in heaven;
In He who created me;
I know and believe
He will never fail me.
Never will he.
His word never fails
Those who put their trust
In it.

It has always been you and it will always be you….

Waiting for you

“When you get married, your loyalty, first and foremost, is to your spouse, and to the family that you create together.”  Phil McGraw

When you feel that every person in this world has deserted you,

You are never truly alone,

I am still there for you

Take a moment,right here ,right now,

and thank them for that

No mater how bad your day is,

there is always a happy face

waiting for you

to get home.


Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

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