You will never regret

If your spirits are down, Take a sip of inspiration
and encouragement;
That is what I do;
Yesterday was a busy day
for me;
I was drawn away from
my friends like you;
Now, I am trying to catch
up the time I lost;
And by the grace of God,
I will;
God is always on my side;
My helper in time of need;
His help is always available
Appropriate, adequate;
When any thing is more
than me to bear,
If I find life overwhelming,
I turn to him for help;
And he is always there
for me;
How can I ever thank him enough for his daily grace?
He is ever so good; ever so faithful; loving and caring;
He is a compassionate God;
Whenever you feel devastated,
When you are battered,
Overrun by the worries of your day
My advice is you do
like me;
Turn to God for help;
Tell him your problem;
Pour out your heart to him;
and trusting in his goodness,
Beg him to wipe you tears;
And show you the way to proceed;
You can be sure
He will never fail you.
He is your God,
The most trusted friend
you have;
He is reliable; dependable;
A father and a friend.
I want to assure you,
If you put your confidence
in him,
You will never regret.
You have reason to feel good!
Your God is alive and active.
Always turn to him in prayer.

I used to fear

I used to fear;
I no longer do;
At least
No longer as before;
I do experience fear.
But it is minimal;
And normal fear;
Positive fear;
And do you know
Why I no longer fear?
Because in God
I have put my trust;
I used to fear
When I on myself
I depended;
Then I became wise;
I thank God
For the grace
Of wisdom
Which chased fear away.
Truly, I used to fear;
I no longer do.
In God I trust;
The one who trusts God
Has no fear.

Stop fearing

Sometimes, we fear for nothing;
In fact, a lot of times,
We fear for nothing;
Because what we fear
Often doesn’t happen;
Or never does;
Fear shows lack of trust
In God;
We really don’t have to fear;
Trust God;
Trust that he is awake
And active;
Instead of fear, believe;
That He is in control;
And will never let you down.
Because, truly, he never does,
Those who wholly believe
He will never do.
Please, from this day
Stop fearing;
Stop it;
Stop fearing, start trusting.

In God I put my trust

To God, I give my heart;
And will go about my life,
With my head high today;
As a satisfied man;
One heart, one mind;
I do not say all is well;
All is not well for me,
But still, I am a superstar;
Because I have God with me;
Not all things go as I want;
Many go the wrong way;
I miss scoring my goals;
But, misses are not my focus;
That is not what matters
To me right now;
I have one thing I want;
To be right with my God;
To look at my Creator;
And know we are together
In harmony;
Relationship with my Father,
Solid faith in him;
That is my heart’s desire;
To be in love with him;
I focus on what is eternal;
Not on what is temporal;
When I center it on God,
Everything falls in place.
I pray for the grace,
To turn to him always;
As I start and end my day.
I will bother not
About things of the world;
They all pass away;
In God alone, I put my trust.
And look forward
To everlasting life with him,
In his heavenly Kingdom.

On our knees in prayer

Almighty, most high God,
Fully I count on you
O my most loving Father,
For all that I desire.

I know from you alone
Hail my blessings;
I rely not on humans,
For whatever I need.

I know at any time
Fellow humans can fail me,
I depend totally on you,
Whom I trust.

You never fail anyone;
You are both my creator
And provider of my needs;
In you, full is my trust.

I thank you O Father,
For loving me as you do;
It’s never ending love
You have for me.

May you always be so kind
As you are, to me,
Despite my unworthiness.
Glory be your name.

Now and for ever,
May your name be hailed
And praise and glorified
For ever and ever, amen!

How do you know?

How do you know
Your future is bright?
How do you know
You’re bound for success?
How do you know
You were born to succeed?
How do you know
Your time has come?
How do you know
You must stop it or blow it?
How do you know
You are at the winning point?
How do you know
You have found
Your partner for life?
How do you know
You are on the right track?
How do you know
When you’re on the wrong track?
How do you know
All you need is perseverance?
How do you know
You have come to the end
Of the road?
How do you know
Your spouse loves you?
How do you know
A new idea is better for you?
How do you know
You’ve taken a good decision?
How do you know
It’s time to quit?
How do you know
Staying on can ruin you?
How do you know
Your faith is strong or weak? Yes, how do you know?
Tell me how you know;
I ask because I want
To know how you know;
I ask because it’s hard
For me to know;
So how do you know?
I ask because
I guess you know it;
And I want you to tell me;
I ask because
I know if you know,
I will.know,
Becsuse you will tell me;
Do you know?
Tell me if you know;
I really want to know;
How do people know certain things?
I really want to know
Why some people tell lies;
I really want to know
How one would see black
And call it white;
And that happens daily
Under our very noses.
How do you know
That someone is someone?
That someone is someone
You can trust;
And how do you know
That someone is someone
You cannot trust?
How do you know
When your closest friend
Is stabbing you on the back?
Let me tell you something;
In God alone you must trust;
Take it or leave it;
In Him alone, I do trust;
We, humans, will fail you;
Your most trusted person,
Will fail you,
But God will not;
He will never fail you;
He will always stand by you;
At all times, in him, alone,
Put your heart;
Put your trust;
He will never fail you;
Neither let you down;
He will always hold you up;
That is how wonderful
Our good Lord is at all times.

You are the final O Lord

When you say yes O Lord,
No one can say no.
I am still to see
Who can counter your decision;
Your word is final;
Your yes is your yes;
An unchangeable decree
From your heavenly kingdom;
The Devil is a liar,
A specialist in deceit
And failure;
Who labours in vain;
Day and night, he labours;
But for nothing;
No matter how hard he tries,
He always fails like Goliath,
To pull down the young David
Who put his trust in you;
He goes home empty handed
From all his hunting expeditions;
You stand strongly by them
Who rely on you;
Who are faithful to you;
Who are loyal to you;
Who surrender their lives
To you;
Those who depend fully on you,
Make a wise choice;
They are safe – divinely protected;
That is why I depend on you;
I rely on you;
I count on you;
Let the whole world see O Lord,
That all those who put their trust in you do laugh.
That they do laugh and loudly;
They do laugh from jaw to jaw.
You are the final, O Lord.

Today’s morning prayer 51

I count on you O God,

I look up to you

To bless this day for me

And make it fruitful;

I count on you fatherly love,

That ehen you see me

Going wrong today,

You will put me back

On the right course;

I know you are always there

For me,

And are there

For me today;

I know no body guard

Is as good;

A thousand body guards

May fail me

But you alone will protect me;

Help me therefore, O Lord,

To put my full trust in you

This day

In everything I do,

And everywhere I go

I make my prayer

Through Christ our Lord,


Your people

I have some people
Who are so very special;
I call them my people;
I trust them;
They are
The people I rely on;
The people I count on;
The people who never
Let me down;
They are the people
Who make things move
For me;
They are
The engines of my life.
Do you have such people
You can rely on?
Whom you can trust?
Whom you can depend on?
Who will serve as
The engine of your life;
You cannot go far in life,
If you don’t have
Such people;
They will make things move;
They will pull you along.
They will help you succeed.
You can call them
Your people.