If you trust God

This thought just popped into my mind:

“If you trust God, you will work hard but not worry too much about what you get out of your hard work. Worrying too much is a sign you do not trust God to give you the results you deserve. Meanwhile, if you take God as your Senior Partner in the business of life, you will do your best,  and leave the rest to Him knowing He never fails those who trust Him.”

Does this make sense to you? Who does this inspire?


In God I trust

To a power greater than me,
I surrender my life;
Not in my power but in his;
I brought not myself here;
So I have no personal plan for my life;
He brought me here for a purpose;
And that purpose He knows better than I do;
I will trust him,
To carry to the end
What he has begun;
I will put my trust in him;
All my trust in him;
I will put my trust in the Lord.
In God, I trust.

He’s not my friend

He calls himself my friend;
Yet he’s not loyal to me;
Is that what friendship
Should be?
I don’t trust him;
He’s not made himself trustworthy to me;
He doesn’t support me;
He works against me;
How can I be sure
He’ll not stab me on the back?
I see no reason our friendship
Should continue;
It’s not worth it;
He’s not my friend;
He’s a fake friend.

True friend

What a joy to have someone
You can call friend!
Someone you can trust;
Someone you can lean on
In times of difficulties;
Someone who can hold your hand
Through the stormy waters of life.
What a joy indeed, that would be!
And if you find it nice,
Why not be such a friend
To someone else?
So that they may have someone
They can call friend;
Someone they can trust;
Someone They can lean on
In times of difficulties.
Someone who can hold their hand
Through the stormy waters of life.
What a joy indeed, that would be!

Who is he?

He is in me, by me, above me,
And below me;
He is my best friend;
I love him;
I spend my best moments with him;
He is the last person I talk to
Before I go to bed at night;
He is the first person I talk to
When I get up from sleep in the morning;
I put my trust in him;
My full trust in him;
In him alone I put my trust;
He comes with me to work
And wherever I go;
I turn to him in need and when not in need;
I sing praises to him;
I adore him.
Indeed, He is everything to me;
Everything I need;
Everything I will ever want.
Do you know him?
Do you know who he is?
If you do, please,
Say it loudly and clearly.


It’s mine

If what I want from life
Is mine,
It’s mine; or
It will be mine;
Let it be millions
Of kilometers away,
It will come to me;
Right now, what is mine
Is on its way to me;
It’s coming to me;
And yours is coming to you;
It may be long to come;
But it will come to you;
It will come to me;
It’s mine;
Nothing will stop it;
No one can stop it;
As long as it’s on its way,
It doesn’t matter how long it takes;
It will come to me;
It will be mine.
It’s already mine.

On God I fully rely

In God I fully rely;
He stands by me at all times;
Of that, I am sure;
He guides me;
He lights up my path;
He gives me strength,
To sail through my day.
If everything does not work out
Just as I want;
My faith shall not shake;
My faith shall remain strong.
He is by me;
He is in control;
He gives me light;
He gives me
What is good for me;
Not what I like;
He knows what is good for me
More than I do myself.
In him thus I trust;
On Him I fully rely.