What is truth?

Truth is hard to define;
It’s hard to put a finger
On truth;
Let us take marriage;
Let us say the truth
About marriage;
Is marriage sweet or bitter?
Many will say it’s sweet;
They will be right;
Many will say it’s bitter;
They will be right;
Then you talk about truth;
Tell me what is truth?
A thing and its opposite
Are both right.
I am at a loss about truth;
Who can help me out?
What is truth?
Define truth for me.


God is ready

If you have time
For God,
God will have time
For you;
If you don’t have time
For God,
God will not have time
For you;
If you know God,
God will know you;
If you talk to God,
God will talk to you;
If you give to God,
God will give to ;
If you pray to God,
God will answer you;
If you obey God,
God will obey you
by granting you
What you ask him.
It’s left to you to know
What to do, to get
What you want from God.
God is ready for you
If you are ready for him.

Song ‘Truth Lovin’ Woman’ by Michel Montecrossa (audio & lyrics)

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Song Lyrics

Truth Lovin’ Woman (Another Song Of Love)

Wanna be the truth-lovin’ woman?
I need you for that indeed.
Strengthen your loyal mind, honey.
Don’t stay in the street of the beast.

This girl, she learned to gamble early.
And her sweet dirty game didn’t last so long.
Tears always carry a double meaning:
one’s turned away from you, one’s turned to her, for sure.

Wanna be the truth-lovin’ woman?
I thank you for that indeed.
Strengthen your loyal mind, honey.
Don’t stay in the night of the beast.

Funny how waning beauty reaches out for immortality.
Yet counted days first have to fade into dreams.
And you may be much too old to understand birth.
But I hope you are young, and then there is no sin.

Wanna be the truth-lovin’ woman?
I’m a-lookin’ for that, I believe.
And a loyal mind is a bleeding blessing indeed.
Don’t stay too far apart, honey sweet.

Now the crossroads are fadin’ behind.
The eyes are open, no more need to cry.
I catch a glimpse of the lovin’ Grace.
And the silence is warm with the wonders of Her.

Wanna be the truth-lovin’ woman?
Then hit with me planetary roads.
We will be deathless when we reach the stars.
And Love almighty is no distant shore.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Justice will take its course

Many people, the world over, are expecting some spectacular revelations to be made in the months ahead on the 2016 US presidential elections. Many believe that the investigation going on cannot end without some striking revelations. What do you think?

It is also generally believed that when the truth shall be revealed things will no longer be the same again. Whether such an expectation will be met or those concerned shall be disappointed is hard to say. These are surely uncertain times.

The truth is the truth shall be known. The truth will emerge; and the truth shall prevail. Justice will take its course.