Life’s Lies

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The heavens are disgruntled. God’s tears fall through the pastel gray clouds illuminated with streaks of sherbet colors. The veins of rain pour through the morning light. Somber is my surroundings, for God is closing in – fed up with those who doubt His power. His world wasn’t created for dishonest inhabitants. As the Lord spoke, if liars slither about the dirt to claim life’s lies, their salt will not inherit the earth. He will spare only those who endure His land, the meek; His chosen trees will stand straight and tall, showing more integrity than the snakes crawling about the swamp and cattails.

Life's Lies verse 1

Many lost souls think God is a lie. Examine their beautiful mind, now destroyed, as their life is not the truth. The list of false premises is endless, damages insurmountable, crumbling in the fantasy of falsehood. Significant and/or small lies can disintegrate the tallest of gothic creations. As powerful as the truth may be, Satan’s driven lies still consume the heart of the unfortunate, and they will one day wither away in shame and disgrace.

If we are humble with pride in the Lord, He lives in our soul. Our spirit fills with hope and joy as every day we go forward. This is quite the opposite of the man who cultivates fictitiousness. Living their lies, they become unprotected, and Satan moves in for the destruction.

Life's Lies verse 2

The Lord asks us to turn away from the wicked and be not ashamed for the righteous will find a sanctuary. In the morning light, our Father in heaven will wash away the filth on earth spreading as viral as an epidemic. He will rid the world of condemnation and leave only the good.

Life's Lies verse 3

God my ally, I may suffer from the hands of evil, but help me to never cecum to their wretched ways. As for my beloved brothers who will not change your evil tongue, you will live your life amongst the sewer and gases where nothing grows but lies. I pray you give your living to God’s eternal ways for He will forgive you at any stage. Be blessed with your earthly desires, but cleanse your body so God may enter and heal you, for a dirty house is where Satan lives – amongst life’s sins!




Quote (truth/lies)

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“One of the saddest things about humanity is that the truth is often trampled upon instead of being allowed to triumph. People would know the truth, but because it does not serve their interest, they will trample on it, and let a lie prevail. By doing this, we are gradually destroying the world. It is the truth, not lies, that will set us free.” (Romilia quotes)

Characters and Actors

Characters and Actors cover

It’s the third week of August, and our cooler weather is so out of character for Arkansas. Even a nearby chameleon notices the change. He lays in the flowers changing colors so as not to be seen by enemies. I asked God, “Is he acting or is this his character?” I chuckled at God’s humor. Now, my mind wonders to famous, well-known actors, like the John Wayne’s and Clint Eastwood’s, which we gravitated to in their popular years of movies. Were they acting or were some of the characters they played honestly their personality? Were these stars the same both on and off the silver screen? Did their colors when they were out of sight?

Characters and Actors

Furthering my thoughts, other actors of the twentieth century came and went with fictitious credentials, some blatantly spying like a Bond 007 character. They ended up in court with their integrity in question. Today, I observe Christians we know personally, perhaps family members or close friends. Is their character in question or are they, too, acting like standup, righteous people? Are they chameleons camouflaging their colors from church on Sunday to their real character Monday through Saturday? Some people stay in a marriage for a very long time, but one day they walk away from the commitment. Was their life just an act? Did we just see someone that finally came out of the closet? It makes you wonder how long we must live with another before we feel comfortable? Do we ever really know someone?

Characters and Actors 2

Then there are the hypocrites who serve their church faithfully yet walk out its doors and live an ungodly lifestyle. How can one justify this actor’s life with God? What would happen to them if Jesus returned to earth five minutes from now? Yes, we are all hypocrites but some more so than others. A real Christian life is not about acting a role or playing a character. Shady characters best define their integrity for they practice their sins routinely.

We should take an honest look in the mirror and decide where we fit upon the stage of Christianity. Are we the chameleon for Jesus or a Jesse James to those who know us? Are we a Christian in name only? Jesus took hypocrisy very seriously.

Characters and Actors verse

With acting and our characters aside, a true believer’s heart loves and trusts Christ explicitly. Hypocrites want Christ for the good He might do them in the world. A true Christian will love God sincerely and strive to keep His commandments; a hypocrite will clean up their act for men to observe and relieve their subconscious mind. God is sitting in the wings with His arms crossed, shaking His head at the bad character.

But, for some lucky few, He smiles and sends blessing after blessing along with a stamp approval. Your one of His children appointed to walk in His Son’s light. God bless you!



The Truth About Conspiracy Theories

The Truth About Conspiracy Theories

I recently read this comment responding to an article about Rep. Devin Nunes threating legal action against Twitter for shadow-banning conservatives:

Go Nunes Go!! This guy is about the only guy in Congress with any real guts. Too bad the others won’t get behind him & also do the right thing, just proves how bought & paid for they are by those that control every aspect of our existence!

I share the enthusiasm for Nunes efforts. I don’t necessarily disagree with the ‘bought and paid for’ portion, at least for many in Congress. That is the unfortunate truth.

The part I disagree with is that these people who do the paying are somehow ‘in control of every aspect of our existence.’ The reference to an all-encompassing conspiracy is wrong on both reasonable and moral levels. That is the sad truth.

Conspiracy Theories and Occam’s Razor

IMG_1343The reasoning of conspiracy theories is attractive to many people. Human beings have a natural curiosity about how things work.

When the circumstances of life are going against our wishes and plans, there is a strong temptation to blame factors outside ourselves. The notion that other people are joined in some large effort which frustrates my individual efforts to succeed can be comforting.

However, conspiracy theories are inherently unreasonable. They violate a principle of reasoning known as Occam’s Razor.

The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred.

The complexity of most conspiracy theories simply makes their operation impossible. Moreover, the explanations for events that seem sinister can be easily seen, if we look. In fact, much of the time, we already know the answer to the evil conspiracy ‘mystery.’

If We Listen, People Will Reveal Their Intent

In my experience, I have noticed that most people will tell what they intend to do before they do it. They might not tell you exact plans, but their aim will be clear.

3133347219_4c16658dd5_qTheir words will reveal the overall intent of their acts. Here are two recent examples of what I mean, and they both have to do with U.S. Presidents.

The first example involves a particular statement former President Obama made just before he was first elected.

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” So declared Barack Obama in Columbia, Missouri on October 30, 2008, on the cusp of his historic presidential election.

From that point forward, all of President Obama’s actions could be tied to that statement. The implementation of Obamacare is the pre-eminent example of this.

Obama used a fawning media and leftist political allies to get his legacy program passed into law. In the end, it just took Justice Roberts to join the party by rewriting the Obamacare statute to make the individual mandate a “tax.”

No conspiracy theory is needed to explain any of it. Additionally, since Obamacare is a Socialist type of program, it is no mystery what Obama was trying to transform the nation into.

The Leftmedia and President Trump

492034969_9745b840e5_qSince the nomination of Donald Trump, the Leftmedia has acted toward him with scorn. And since his election, no one network has been more consistent and vehement in criticism of the president than CNN.

The bias and hostility are so extreme that some conservative commentators openly wonder how this level of opposition came about.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo told everyone just what they were going to do right before they started doing it just weeks after the 2016 election.

I see it all proof of a very simple notion, the media cannot yield. This administration is going to demand constant fact checking and opposition because otherwise you don’t know which way it’s going to go from day to day. That’s just the fact.

The cable network has kept true to that goal, and no one has demonstrated more negativity toward Trump than CNN. No conspiracy theory needed here folks. It is all plain to see.

This is not to say that conspiracies have not existed or do not exist now. However, a secret system that has successfully conspired to control everything we do, say or think does not exist. In fact, it can’t possibly exist.

Only God Controls Everything

This is the real crux of my plea. Any person, and most of all any follower of Christ should understand that no man-made system is capable of total control over all people and everything they do. Whether it be Marxist or Muslim in place of authority, they pale before the might of the living God.

33048442920_e46153d5e0_zOnly the LORD God Almighty has the ability to fully control everything. If I believe that there is a group of people in high places on earth that control my life completely, I am saying by default that God is not in control.

When I think that kind of thing, I am for that moment actually denying God. After all, if God is not Omnipotent [all-powerful] then God is not really God.

The best and most moral thing anyone can do is to have faith in the only all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful being there is, the LORD God. Ironically, those who believe this the most are often suffering persecution in places where evil people have tried to control them all of their lives.

Of course, we must be aware that people do plot and try to conspire with evil intentions. However, we need not give them power over our hearts by believing they are in control. As David assures us in the Psalms,

The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; he frustrates the plans of the peoples. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage! Psalm 33:10-12 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources – The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Technology

I’ve made another observation lately. (I know, an observation by the blogger of Wordsmith Observations? So surprising)!

But this, my friends, was an observation I’m not entirely proud of. The observation? That the very first thing that happens in the morning is my arm reaches out, like a pre-programmed robot for my phone. The sad thing? I’ve only recently realized that’s a big problem.

In the morning, I don’t jump up and go to the window to see the refreshed morning landscape, I don’t twirl in a wildflower field like Anne of Green Gables…I don’t stretch, I don’t read, I don’t pray. No, instead I reach for something to numb the sweet morning light, and later I’m left wondering why the feeling of emptiness crowds in all around me so intrusively, no matter how many blessings I know I have in my life.

So, yesterday I chose out of necessity to ignore the screens. The moments I normally would be staring at a YouTube video, I picked up a book; and the moments I normally would be scrolling endlessly through social media feeds, I cleaned the house. I took time to think and I took time to write.

It’s funny how much time I had to be productive and get things done, when normally I’d just shrug and reason that I was just too “busy” to do this or that. As a result, of this newfound productivity, I felt less…awful. Honestly, less useless.

I mean, it’s sad to think that the creations that we were meant to use to our advantage have started to control more of our everyday life than it has given substance. So, I challenge you- and me, from this point on to be conscious of the uses of these screens and…

Place the people in your life before social media.

People are valuable and people need your support. You never know what another human may be going through, so that’s all the reason you need to give your full and undivided attention to your family members, your friends, anyone that comes along your path in life.

And…unfortunately, people are temporary. We are here today and gone tomorrow. So, enjoy every precious moment with those you love.

Take necessary precautions to remind yourself of the importance of real life.

If you’re noticing screens controlling you more than you it, there’s a problem, my friend. One precaution I’ve started to do is charging my phone in a place that is not directly next to my bed. It usually gives you time to choose real life over the virtual first thing in the morning.

Be patient with yourself.

Just because you had a day controlled by social media, doesn’t mean you should get discouraged and let the bad habit continue. Nope! We aren’t giver-uppers like that!

Old habits die hard, they say. But consciousness about a problem is key.

Realize too much screen usage encourages apathy.

What is apathy? Good ol’ Merriam Webster describes it as, “a lack of feeling or emotion, impassiveness.” or “a lack of interest or concern, indifference.”

I don’t know about you, but that is the last way I want to live my life. I want my life to be spent being a light and encouragement to all around me. That, in and of itself, demands a higher level of feeling and emotional intelligence, (not to mention motivation) unlike any other!

Being mindful of the effects of our choices is extremely important. I’ve noticed social media getting in the way of things I love the most. My faith, my family, my writing, my art. I feel like I don’t “have time” for anything, when really I would have plenty if I would place what is most important first.

Another thing apathy does is wiggle its way in front of the goals we want to accomplish in life. Or, it could be preventing goal-making to begin with! I mean, with all this time on screens who even has time to think about what they really want to be doing in life? Apathy is a pro at doing its best to prevent fulfillment and feelings of fulfillment in what we do, what we create, and who we are. It’s a pretty well-rounded villain.

A lot of the times when we wonder, “why am I feeling this empty?” it is because we are choosing what is empty.

Instead, become intrigued with life again. Start seeing the beauty in the little, in the flowers you see randomly while you are walking the streets, in the kind words exchanged by people around you, in the art of the world, and the words that poetic souls come up with.

Which leads us to our another tip to overcome this unbalanced view of media…

Use screens to your advantage, not disadvantage. 

By all means, I am not telling you that media is altogether the antagonist to your protagonist, but it will be that that way if you allow it to be!

We spend hours and hours on things that are virtually useless to us, in the long run.

And as a result of doing this, we neglect the fact that we are in an age that has a remarkable amount of resources at its fingertips. We have the freedom to grow in our knowledge or artistic capabilities, by the availability of countless videos showing tips and tricks.

If we wish to be better writers, we can go online to study vocabulary and poetic forms..If we want to become better painters, we have access to millions of videos of talented artists that give perspective on ways they’ve grown in their art! If you want to learn about history, about carpentry, about architecture…newsflash: you can.

It’s proven that some of the BEST learning is indeed done by our own want to learn, outside the classroom. So, why are we not taking advantage of this? This should be making us jump out of our seats, and yell, “YES!” But that apathy has kicked in, hasn’t it?

See, we humans are very prone to simply wanting the entertainment side of media. We are a nation seeking amusement. Amuse literally meaning to “not think” or to “distract”. That is something we have to make a distinct effort to unlearn.

So, now that we are informed of a well-rounded approach to the technology bombarding us in everyday life…

I wish for you to be in control of your screens, not the other way around.

Search for substance, my friend, even in your screen usage. Find documentaries you think would intrigue you. Search for knowledge. Write! Read! Use all these resources for your creativity. But never let the incessant media presence cloud your mind of what really matters.

Not saying there aren’t times for memes, or cat videos, or Netflix shows…but it’s always a temptation for us to ONLY view these things, losing sight of the real purpose of this life we live. Make the time you do spend on screens less frequent and more useful by viewing it as a tool to grow you as an individual, not to hinder you from any real human connection or growth.

Thanks for listening to my little observations.

Until next time,



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The truth about you

Since repetition is a good way
To drive home a point,
Let me repeat what I have said before;
You are amazing;
You were born to win;
Nobody who tries to stand
On your way will succeed;
All obstacles will be cleared;
Your most cherished destination
You will reach.
This is the truth about you.
Know it;
Believe it;
Live it.

Comparison Kills Contentment

“No one makes you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

When I knew I wanted to write on this subject, I was a little intimidated. For good reason, I believe.

To uncover and call out all the destructive forms of “comparison” in all its layers and intricacies? That’s a big task to take on, for anyone. But out of all the things we need to address to ourselves, comparison is the elephant in the room. So, here we are.

Let’s start with a little bit of reflection. How exactly do you think comparison has affected your life lately?

You are certainly not alone if the only thing comparison contributes to your life is mostly negative. Feelings of discontent, jealousy, unworthiness, and sadness often stem from when we ourselves compare our behind the scenes moments to the social media highlight reels of another.

So, why exactly do we continue to compare if it has such awful consequences?

Well, first off, because it’s easy. It’s the most second nature thing that we can do. We are always wondering how we rank with people. But, again…it would be so much easier if we didn’t concern ourselves with the constant need to be best. Why do we do it?

Is it because we feel our worth somehow increases if we have the perfect hair, the perfect teeth, the perfect job, the perfect home? Is that why we idealize those we feel do have all those things and more? Do we really think that’s the end all of living? Or is life really about who you are, first and fore most?

It’s easy to say to yourself, “yes! Life is about who you are on the inside, not the outside.” But, when it comes down to the way we live? We contradict ourselves completely, by glorifying any well dressed, rich, and beautiful person like they aren’t entirely as human as we are.

The thing is, if we base our worth on feelings of worth, we will always be on a see-saw of emotions. We will never have a firm foundation of identity and we will never grasp our real worth.

So how are we going to address this comparison monster?

By getting to the heart of comparison, and debunking every little lie it whispers in your ear.

The perfection illusion

The people we compare ourselves to seem to have it all. At least, all that we think we are lacking. Whether that be the looks we think we don’t live up to, or the travel photography we wish we could have taken in person, whether it be the friend that seems like they have it ALL together…

We all are attracted to the ultimate “if only’s” in life. If only I looked like that. If only I had that job. If only I were that outgoing ALL the time. If only I were that perfect. Every time we allow ourselves to think like this, we are bashing who we are in the worst way possible, and truthfully…undermining all the good parts about us as humans.

The truth is, the same people you may be comparing yourself to in everyday life could just as well be comparing themselves to you, just in different ways.

When have we become so harsh on ourselves that we create an observational task force on what features look better on others, than the ones we own? Or the aspects of our life that seem to be less than ideal, compared to the ideal in other people’s lives?

We are not continually in competition with our fellow man.

Believing we are in constant competition will most definitely have detrimental consequences to our own personal growth. Or at least our CONTENTMENT with our own personal growth.

Viewing life as one big competition is a mistake that threatens to take away all the potential encouragement and genuine happiness we could be feeling for others when they succeed!

All of us humans, are at different stages in growth and development. When you hit a certain age, usually many of your friends are at different stages in life. So, don’t beat up on yourself for not being at a certain stage yet, or not feeling you “have it all together” right now. Seriously, who DOES have it all together right away? We learn as we live.

When you remind yourself that you are not in competition with every person that comes along, gives you room to SUPPORT others! Be encouraging of others! Love others! It’s extremely freeing to realize this.  This struck me even more, when just the other day a friend was telling me about something new and important going on in their lives, and I got so overwhelmingly and genuinely excited for them!

They told me, “I’m so glad I could tell you and you’re excited about this! Because I told someone else and they weren’t excited. Actually, I think they were jealous.”

I thought, wow. I’m so glad I could be supportive of this friend. What IF I would’ve let the comparison game dominate? That would’ve been an awful mistake. Because the way I reacted is exactly how I would want my friends to react to excited news I would share with them! Support your friends. Be happy for them. Don’t compare. Don’t compete. (And trust me, this is coming from an athlete. You know how hard not competing is for me sometimes)!

Comparison Kills Contentment 

This was told to me by one of my favorite middle school teachers. Comparison kills contentment. I’ve carried that with me ever since then, and it has become so much more prevalent when I realized just how true it is through everyday life. Keep this knowledge with you and pull this saying out from the corners of your mind whenever you need that reminder.

Don’t ever allow yourself to feel inferior by the good qualities another soul possesses. The good qualities in another does not equal the lack of good qualities in yourself.

You yourself have a billion gifts and good qualities about you. Many you’ve yet to learn about! So, please, take the time to hone them, focus on your growth, and embrace all the unique aspects that make up yourself as a person.

There are indeed forms of healthy comparison.

Have mentors and role models before you, that exemplify a life worth living. There are indeed healthy reminders of how to live life. So, follow those healthy reminders wholeheartedly, because your life is a life worth living well.

So, how should we go forward and conquer UNHEALTHY comparison once and for all?

By following these steps every time the comparison bug starts to rear its head.

Remember to…

Acknowledge we are not in constant competition with our fellow man.

Acknowledge that we are on a unique journey and timeline of life, all our own.

Acknowledge comparison, more often than not, kills valuable contentment in our own personal growth.

Acknowledge that the existent of good qualities in another person does not equate the lack of good qualities in yourself.

I hope you can carry these lessons with you, as I try to carry them with me, as well.

A lot of times a writer writes something important like this, they are writing from experience, and they are also writing to remind themselves. So, you are not alone in this journey called life!

I wish you all the best and that you live a life content in the progress you are making.

Until next time,


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