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Ego Avenue

The giant oaks turned golden in the fall, shading the avenue of homes trimmed of gold. The walkways of washed aggregate and stained concrete floors in the garage smell of money. An oriental rug lies squarely beneath the oil plug of the minister’s Rolls and Bentleys. It’s a lovely life – a weekend cabin in…

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Love: The Chief Virtue

Number seven of a seven-part series on virtue The culmination of this series on virtue is an examination of the chief of virtues, love. There are more words that have been written or spoken concerning love than perhaps any other subject. It is safe to say that most of these words have to do with…


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A Change

Your lips curl upYou are thinkingYour nails are bitten downYou are nervousThis world comes at a costA great one indeed You came from a loving familyAnd were raised with a silver spoonYou were always healthyBut you were sadPeople tried to helpBut they could never fill your need Then one day you broke downAnd lost everythingYour…

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Random wisdom thoughts

It hurts indeed; When you are wrongly judged; It hurts, indeed, When you are unjustly condemned, It hurts, indeed, When justice is trampled upon; Injustice is wicked; Unfair treatment is unkind; If you play double standards You are a hypocrite; Cheating is to be denounced; Greed must be condemned With all the force; So too…

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Beware of fake news!

You must shun Fake news;Beware of fake news!Fake news doesn’t build,Fake news destroys;You never win by telling lies;Stop trying to find your wayThrough fake news;With fake news, you lose;You may appear to winThrough manipulation,Which is fake news;But in reality you lose;A plane conveying fake news,Is sure to crash-land;Beware of fake news!It is as dangerous asA…

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