I like people I can trust;
If you cannot be trusted,
Don’t get near me;
If you cannot be trusted,
I am not for you;
If you cannot be trusted,
If you cannot be trusted,
How can anyone believe you?
You have to be someone
Someone can trust.


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Justice will take its course

Many people, the world over, are expecting some spectacular revelations to be made in the months ahead on the 2016 US presidential elections. Many believe that the investigation going on cannot end without some striking revelations. What do you think?

It is also generally believed that when the truth shall be revealed things will no longer be the same again. Whether such an expectation will be met or those concerned shall be disappointed is hard to say. These are surely uncertain times.

The truth is the truth shall be known. The truth will emerge; and the truth shall prevail. Justice will take its course.

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Romila Quotes vol. 2.13

“In almost every country, during electoral campaigns, you will hear people claiming to have what it takes to fix their country, and in some cases, to fix the world. Don’t just believe them because they have said so. Look at what is happening in the world today. Some lousy leaders who claimed they would fix the world are making mistake after mistake and making the world a worse place. Nobody can say for sure what awaits our planet. We may pay dearly because some people believed someone they would not have believed. Watch out for hollow promises during elections. Politicians have no qualms about making empty promises; promises they know they will not keep.”

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Just a sliver?

And then there was one

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There are portions of my heart that I may not want to give out just yet. The vulnerable piece, the trusting piece, the loving piece. There was a time that I would give out those pieces easily but time and wounds have made me a little more cautious. Trust must come first and it must be earned. Once trust happens everything else falls into place. Right now you can have a small piece of each, a sliver, and in time I trust you will earn all of me and treat each piece of me as if it was the best thing you ever had. But first I have to trust myself.


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Coming Soon!

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Be sure you are truthful….

As because….

Ultimately Truth only prevails….

I was going through some one’s blog ! A lady had written a blog “Bitter Me”.

I have seen many people i have come across in my life….but with passage of time ! Most have faded away except a few…

They prevail…..because they are as as truthful as Rising Sun…..

The time may vary but Sun will rise……

Many a people while making friendship expect a lot in return & thats why a friendship not lasts for long.

Not just friendship even any relationship where we expect beyond a reasonable limit it wont work.

Theme : lets love ❤️ the human being for his/her being and never mingle expectstions with relationship.
Words from heart ❤️ 


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