What I want to hear from you ( Be inspired today 342 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

There’s something
I want to tell you;
And I want you to listen
Very attentively;
It is very important
Both to you and to me;
Listen attentively;
So that you will get
The message;
I want to tell you that
Success is achieved
By those who try;
Success is achieved
By those who work;
Success is achieved
By those who are determined enough
To keep on trying till they succeed;
Are you ready to try?
Are you ready to keep on trying
Till you succeed?
That is what I want
To hear from you.
This is the message
I have for you,
Because I want you to succeed.


Give it a try

man riding white surfboard

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

What if you give it a try?
A dog won’t bite you;
And you could as well win big;
Don’t fear too much
That you may lose;
Give it a shot;
You never can know
What will happen unless
You give it a try;
Of course, it takes courage;
But which, for sure, you have;
I encourage you
To give it a try;
Give that new idea a try;
Give the new venture a try;
Does it look impossible?
Is it risky?
It may as well be,
But give it a try;
Only that way can you know
Whether or not
It is worth the while.

I have won

Do you know what?
I have won;
And I am overjoyed;
It’s not easy to win;
If I had not tried,
I would not have known
I could win;
Thank God
For the courage
He gave me to try;
Thank God
For the grace
He gave me to try;
Thank God
For his wisdom in me;
I tried;
And have won;
It is good to try;
Unless you try,
You can’t know
What you can do
And what you cannot do.
Always try.
My friend, always try.
I am confident
You will make it
If you try.

Try and try

What is it that
is doing?
What is it that
For success;
Wanting to make
At this moment,
Millions of people,
are engaged
In the search
For success;
For money;
A fierce search;
Some search
And find;
Some search
And never find;
Everyone wants
To search
And succeed;
But if you
Are searching
And not finding,
Take courage;
And plunge ahead;
Bear in mind;
No one finds it
Most people try
And try
Before they find.
That will be same
For you.
Try and try;
And try again;
And keep on trying;
Till you pluck it.

Don’t fear to try

Why do you fear to try?
How do you expect to win?
If you don’t try, you fail.
Overcome your fear
And try;
Try with all your heart;
Only then can you know
Whether or not you can win;
And truth is,
Most often, when you try,
You discover it is easier
Than you thought.
Try, my friend;
Don’t surrender to fear;
Conquer fear and try;
It is much easier than
You think;
You will succeed, I assure you.
Don’t fear to try.
Try and win.