Trying moments

Many trying moments,
You will face in life;
And many times,
You will be tempted
To give up;
But I urge you, dear one,
To stay on;
Keep pushing;
Have faith in God;
He will never abandon you;
He will be by you always;
And will help you
In time of need.


Keep on trying

Keep on trying;
Do you know who
I am encouraging?
Try to guess;
I know it will be hard
To do so;
I am encouraging myself;
I am working on a thing;
It’s not easy at all;
I just thought
I should give up;
Then came the advice
I give to others:
“Keep on trying”,
Timely advice to me.
Ask me
If I have followed it.
Yes, I have;
I have not given up;
I have kept on trying.
I am sure
It will bear fruit.
When the going is rough,
What do you do?
You keep on trying;
When the going us tough,
What do you do?
You keep on trying;
When the future is bleak,
What do you do?
You keep on trying.
Yes, one thing
I encourage you to do:
Keep on trying.

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