Why I like Tuesday

T stands is the first letter of two words that mean so much to me: tenacious and triumph.

In order to triumph, you have to be tenacious.

U stands for uplifting. Never let your spirits go down. Reading stories that will uplift you.

E stands for excel. You can excel. You have what it takes to do so. Do not waste the opportunity.

S stands for Superhero. Anybody who desires to can become a superhero. It takes courage, determination and dedication to a selfless cause

D stands for dynamic. Be dynamic. As a dynamic person, you can do a lot of things.

A stands for amazing. You are, undoubtedly, an amazing person.

Y stands for yellow, a colour which I love because of the way it is shining.


I am happy I know you

Happy today is Tuesday;
What a great gift to me;
Tuesday or Today;
That’s you, Tuesday;
That’s your family name;
You have been given
Directly to me by God;
Nobody else
Could have done it;
That is why I must
Handle you like an egg;
You are more than egg;
Do you know an egg?
A real delicacy;
A super delicacy;
But you are much more;
You are more than silver;
More than gold;
You are life;
If I hadn’t known you,
I would have missed
In fact, knowing you
Is all that was needed
To be here, alive;
Thank God for it!
He made it possible;
To know you;
And now you see;
I am happy I know you.
But that cannot be all;
What do I do with
This wonderful gift?
Which is you?
I will maximize it.

O Tuesday!

What is locked in you
O Tuesday?
What are you carrying
In your stomach?
Invisibly protruding
Like a pregnant woman;
I hope what you carry
Is what is good for all;
Innocent ones want
To live peaceful lives;
Give only what is good;
Nothing that is a danger
To us O Tuesday.
We want a bright today;
And a safe one too;
A Tuesday that is joyous;
Void of fears and worries,
Not to talk of tears;
We are peaceful ones;
Who seek nothing but peace;
Who seek no harm to any;
And want nothing but good.
Be kind to us O Tuesday;
Warn us if danger you see;
That we may know how we move;
On you we place our hope;
Trusting in a God
Who never fails his people;
But always satisfies
Those who rely on him.
Thank you O Tuesday,
We thank God for making you
A safe day for us.