Uncertainty is center stage

Did you get my pain?
And where my worry
Is coming from?
I live in fear;
With nothing that’s certain;
Things are happening
Under my watchful eyes;
And so scary they are;
Who can lie to you?
I go to bed
With one eye alone closed;
You get the point?
The other is open;
Uncertainty is center stage;
What gives me hope
Is the Promise;
Do you know the Promise?
What God promised;
He said he’ll stand by
His faithful ones;
Never to abandon
But to protect
And defend them;
That is the source of my assurance;
He is so faithful
To his word.
I know I can trust him;
If not, its scary, really.
The danger is real.
I see how things happen.


This very Saturday

O Saturday!
This very Saturday;
What carries you
In that swollen belly
Of yours?
Uncertainty fills the air,
Doubt, worries and fear
Hang every where;
And keep rocking our
Troubled hearts!
What may happen,
No one knows;
O Lord our God,
Only you can keep us safe;
To you,
On our knees we turn,
In tears and sorrow,
Asking for your help.
Help us O Lord;
Help us or we perish!
Help us this very Saturday!

Who knows what is ahead?

What is ahead is hard to know;
What is ahead is downright
We are going through perilous times;
No one is sure of anything;
What may come may be the best;
What may come may be the worst.
Of one thing alone we are sure;
Which is our hope and our joy;
That we have a God who is alive;
That we have a God who loves;
And who cares;
And who is available
To come to our aid
Whenever we call on him;
As you go out today into the world,
Do not fail to call on him
To show you the best way to go;
To be your guide and your light;
To be your inspiration and motivation;
To be your courage and strength;
To be before you and behind you;
To be by your sides above and below;
That no weapon fashioned against you
May prevail;
That you may end this day standing
Tall in your ivory tower;
Because we have a God
Who never fails
Those who put their trust in him.

It’s God’s plan

If death decides to come to you now,
Embrace it with courage;
Don’t be afraid;
You know not where you go;
And know not what awaits you there;
More so, you have no choice.
It’s God who gives; and God who takes;
It may be better there than here.
When you came into this world,
You knew not where you were going;
And knew not what awaited you here;
The creator had everything planned;
So when you go to the world beyond,
You don’t have to worry
Where you are going;
And what awaits you there;
The Creator has everything planned;
It’s all his plan
Not yours.