What’s happening?

What is happening?
I don’t understand;
Does anyone do?
Please, do tell me;
It bids my imagination;
And that’s the world;
Many are things
We can’t understand;
And can’t say
Why they happen
As they do;
You may rack your brain,
But no answer will come;
Rack and rack,
Still, there will be no answer;
Just so hard;
One must take
Certain things
As they come;
Nothing we can do;
That’s the way;
The only way;
I agree!
Take certain things
As they come.
Not everything, though.
Certain things;
Take them as they come.
Don’t seek to have
An explanation
For everything.


I don’t understand

I don’t understand;
What is going on?
I don’t understand;
I see things
I can’t explain;
I hear about things
I can’t believe;
Who gets confused
As I do?
The world is turning
In ways
Too hard to understand;
When you expect things
To go left,
They go right;
When you exiect them
To go right,
They go left;
I really don’t understand.
I mean it;
I don’t understand.

Do you understand?

I do not understand
Where the world
Is heading to;
I do not understand
What is wrong
With us humans;
I do not understand
Why the world
Has become so evil;
I do not understand
What is pushing us
To be so cruel
To one another.
I do not understand
How we can stoop
So low;
Look around you;
Look at what is happening
And tell me;
Do you understand?
It’s too complex a world.

Who understands love?

Who understands love?
How does it operate?
I don’t know;
Its operation intrigues me;
Why we love one person,
And not the other,
Bids my imagination;
And all we say is
Love is blind;
One man’s meat,
Another man’s poison;
You see somebody
You cannot resist;
Asked why,
You cannot explain;
Such is the way of love;
Hard to understand;
Sweet it is,
But easy also
To turn the other way;
From sweet to bitter;
From joy to pain;
It is tender;
And needs handling with care.
That is how I understand love.

Is God all powerful?

Many are asking the question:
Is God all powerful?
Some say he is;
And can do and undo;
Some others say he isn’t;
That if he were,
He would crush the devil
And rid the world of evil.
They are very convinced
God is not all powerful.
I am convinced
God is all powerful.
He could crush the devil
If he wanted;
But he has decided otherwise;
He has allowed both good
And evil in the world;
We are free to choose which
To follow;
Who are we to question God?
Do we have a say on how
The world is framed?
It’s part of the mystery
Of God.
God is all powerful.
God can do and undo.
God could end the life
Of the devil if he wanted.
God opted for an active world,
Not a dead world.
God is all powerful.

Who can help me understand?

I don’t understand
Why you are hurting me
So badly
But my heart is sticking
To you;
It’s as if without you
Life would cease to exist;
Have you become
My oxygen?
Whereas you treat me
So shabbily?
I have told myself
I need to be wise enough
And act rightly
Before it is too late;
But my heart fights back
Each time
I want to go.
I keep asking myself:
“What am I to do now?”
“What is happening with me?”
Answer, still to come.
It’s simply intriguing;
Who can help me understand
What’s going on in me?

Rash judgement

Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By the people around you?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your family?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your colleagues?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your superiors?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your subordinates?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your friends?
Are you understood
Or misunderstood
By your spouse?
Many people don’t care
To understand others;
They judge hastily;
And draw wrong conclusions;
Take time
To understand others.
Don’t make rash judgement;
Don’t draw hasty conclusions.
Understand others;
As you want others
To understand you.

That is the world

It’s not everything that you
Can understand;
And it’s not everything that
You must seek to understand;
Many things are beyond human
Hence, do not seek to understand
What you can understand,
What you cannot understand,
Leave it at such and move on;
That is the world;
That was the world yesterday;
That is the world today.

Many things too mysterious

Not everything can you know;
Not everything can you understand;
Not everything can be explained
To you;
Must you know it all?
What you cannot understand,
You cannot understand;
Leave it;
Others may understand;
That’s okay;
Ours is a complex world;
Many things too mysterious;
And no one can know it all;
We will only know some
And leave some.
Don’t rack your brain
Too much to know everything.