Message “The wide consciousness of true understanding unites the world..” & painting by Michel Montecrossa

“The wide consciousness of true understanding unites the world.
Let us always be liberated in the vastness of the Lord.“

– Michel Montecrossa on 17th February 2017

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Let’s reconcile

Let’s reconcile!
Let’s come together and reconcile;
Are we not brothers and sisters?
We differ;
But it’s normal;
And we shouldn’t tear ourselves apart
Quarreling or fighting;
That won’t help us;
The world is looking up to us
To separate their quarrel;
And their fight;
How can we ourselves
Be quarreling so bitterly in public
And fighting so fiercely
With one another?
Who will bring us peace?
Let’s be mature
And stop quarreling and fighting
And reconcile.
What has happened has happened;
No one laughs all the times;
And no one cries all the times;
Sometimes we laugh
And sometimes we cry;
Let’s sink our differences and reconcile;
No provocation;
No bitterness;
Let’s live and work together
In understanding;
And tolerance;
And harmony;
And peace.
Please, let’s reconcile!

Song ‘Best Choice’ by Mirakali (audio & lyrics)

Song ‘Best Choice’ by Mirakali

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Best Choice

Consciousness changing, growing, expanding,
speeding forward like your world of sensations.

Old experiences fade away.
Like a drop flowing
into overwhelming wideness
and feelings in you.

Visible and invisible worlds surrounding you
like a mighty ocean,
embracing you like a mother embraces her child.

You move in waves of light.
The new world grows inside you.
Your fire is warm, your mind is bright,

your love is strong and your thirst for freedom infinite.
Infinity is freedom itself.
Eternal the love of soul,
eternal the love
of bliss of body and body moving in the wideness.

Everything is intense, strong, deep and tender.
Understanding and satisfaction:
this is the beginning of a new love.

The love of the Divine, all living beings,
the planet, all that is known and unknown.
Joy surges in you and you want to embrace the whole world
and want to give your love to all.

It‘s the best choice to turn to the light.
It‘s the best choice to be in love.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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A visit to your country

Are you proud of your country?
If I came visiting your country,
Tell me some of the places
You would proudly recommend I visit?

Are you proud of your city?
If I came visiting your city,
Tell me some of the hotels
You would recommend I live in.

Are you proud of your people?
If I came visiting your country,
Tell me some of the people or communities
You would recommend I visit and talk to
About my own country?

Thanks for giving me this vital information
The world is a global village; one family.
I should feel at home if I come visiting
In your country as you should in mine.

A love world

Imagine that we were supporting
One another
Instead of fighting one another
As it is the case with may people today!
What a wonderful world that would be!
That is the world of my dreams;
That is the world of my friends’ dreams;
That is the world of the dreams
Of people who think like you and I;
And that is the world we must
Work for;
And why not fight for?
Who is ready to fight for such a world?
All it takes is to be spreading
Good thoughts;
Good words;
Good ideas;
In short, love.
Let’s fight to make our world a love world.

The Family

The family bonds together,

With understanding,

To get things done,

Otherwise we all get stuck,

There is no progress,

There is no solidarity,

With singular successes,

With individual successes,

There is no collective success,

It is as it were broken pieces of an erstwhile strong bond.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World

An understanding spouse

IMG_20151108_154309I have a spouse who is understanding;
I try to be understanding myself;
With spouse who’s understanding,
And being understanding myself,
I can say we are an understanding couple.
And what a blessing when husband and wife
Are understanding;
If you are married, be an understanding spouse;
And pray that your spouse may be as well;
And if you are still to be,
May God give you an understanding spouse;
You must be understanding yourself.IMG_20151108_154155