Unfathomable world

What an unfathomable world
In which we live!
The world is a wide world;
Wider than
You know or think;
The world is huger than
You know or think;
It extends far and wide;
Longer; and thicker and deeper than
You know;
When you think of the world,
Do not see only yourself;
Do not see only
The people around you;
Or the lands that surround you;
See people far and near;
People you know
And people you don’t know;
People you never will know;
See people of different colors;
People who have your color,
And people who have other colors;
Don’t see only people
Speaking the same language that you speak;
Or who have the same culture like you;
See people of different languages;
And different cultures;
Put together to form a world community;
With a world mind and spirit;
The world is wider than you know;
It has places you know;
And places you don’t know,
And never will know;
It’s a deep, wide world;
Wider and deeper and longer and thicker than
You know;
And ever will know.
What an unfathomable world!