Unite the family

A united family
Is a strong family;
When old wounds heal,
Old friends reunite;
And when old friends
There is joy;
There is joy in unity;
Joy in togetherness;
Joy in oneness;
So, therefore,
Heal the wounds;
Bring people together;
Unite friends;
Unite the family;
Make everyone happy.


Praying together

There is power in unity;
When we work together,
We do more
Than when we work individually;
When we pray together
We make a more
Powerful prayer,
There is power in unity;
Every Sunday,
We come together
As a family
Of God’s people,
And pray together.
We thank God
For this opportunity;
For his Church;
That offers us the opportunity
To journey together
To heaven,
Helping and supporting
one another.
Togetherness generates power.

Is unity always strength?

I have never had any doubt about the power of unity.

What you can do alone is nothing compared to what you can do working with others in a team.

The English say two heads are better than one; and unity is strength.

Do not go alone when there are people you can go with.

The more people you have on your side, the stronger you are.

What the world needs is to come together not to tear apart. The fact that the Berlin Wall came down is big testimony of the importance of coming together instead of staying apart.

We have organizations like African Union, European Union, United Nations.

The United States of America is a federation of states. Each of them is strong enough to stand on its own; but stronger as part of a whole.

There really can be no doubt that unity is strength. Accepted or rejected, this is a fact.

But unity may become weakness instead of strength if it is mismanaged. Injustice and other evil practices can mar unity and rob it of its strength.

Hence, we say that unity is strength depending on how it is managed.

Always make unity a source of strength not a source of weakness by how you manage it.

“Unity in Diversity”

“Unity in diversity” is an old, prominent principle of many religions around the world.


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“‘A oneness of being’, namely reality is one, and God is the only true existence; all other beings are merely shadows, or reflections of God’s qualities.” ~ Philosopher Ibn al-‘Arabi (1165–1240)

The 5,000-year-old religion of Hinduism pronounces one unity among all of creation and a diversity in existence. Buddhists believe by honoring diversity and finding unity in it, this forms wisdom. Islam’s Quran upholds unity by encouraging respect and the dignity of all human beings–a moral consciousness of God.

As Christians, we gather to praise the son of God, Jesus Christ, as a brotherhood of believers bonded by a baptism of life. Grasping the complexity of this concept, we should realize the shade of your skin doesn’t matter. I may be light-skinned in the winter but in the summer it turns dark. You may be a practicing Catholic or Buddhist but who cares when we are one in God’s house.

You may remember the biblical stories of God bringing peace amongst the Jews and Gentiles. That was based on unity in diversity. He sent Paul to countries all over the world for twenty-five years. Because God proclaimed the Jews were His chosen people, the Gentiles became irate and slighted. Therefore, Paul planted God’s seeds to all nations:

We have a tendency to brand friendships by the length of their hair, the vehicle they drive in, the community in which they live, and the clothes they wear daily. This, too, is of no consequence. Why should we address such things of little importance for we, as a body of people is so much more in God’s eyes?

In the United States, the Pledge of Allegiance boasts it’s unity in diversity (one nation; under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all). We are a diverse mixture of many nationalities forming this great country. Unity? Some will dispute it because the political arena places a great divide between us, but nevertheless, we are one. It is what makes us stronger.

A man and woman, from very different backgrounds, join in marriage and develop a unity in diversity. They raise children forming the family unit. Though each personality is dissimilar, they should learn to love one another, live and work together in oneness. The family structure is a basic foundation of loving, unconditionally, in God’s divine grace.

I pray my thoughts may be heard – we are a family and world of God’s children. It is unfortunate many still reel from ramifications of previous generations – prejudices, hatred, and labeling our brothers and sisters. If we learned to remove the walls of division, the goodness in the world would have an everlasting effect. Brotherly love, my friends, is all it takes and forgiveness of those who trespassed our way of life. When you set an example, it brings others to eternal salvation. God needs leaders who gather together and heeds His words–unity in diversity.

Honor God, won’t you? The rewards are forthcoming. Christ was, and always will be Head of the Church. His words are anointed so let not the tongue be sworn to the sword. Christ is coming!


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Why don’t we stop?

People of the world;
Why don’t we stop
And killing ourselves;
And instead
Live in peace
Like brothers and sisters?

Why don’t we stop
One another;
And love one another
As brothers and sisters?

Why don’t we stop
The world so unlivable
Instead of
Making it livable
For all of us?

Why don’t we stop
Making as if
We did not know
God intended the world
To be
An excellent place
For all?

Why don’t we stop
Tearing the world apart
Into pieces
Instead of uniting
All the people
Of the world to live
Like brothers and sisters?